Why are normies impreased by this

why are normies impreased by this

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Why do you think this is smth to make a thread about?

Because normies use symbols in the form of consumer branding to signal to other normies their status or worth.

If you deconstruct the normie in this picture down to the objective level, it is a normie with a shitty leather bag made by child slaves in Bangladesh with two letters printed onto it, and with a hoodie made in the factory next door by child workers with a 1 inch logo sewn onto it.

Objectively these items are no better than any other hoody or bag produced from a similar sweatshop factory, however to the normie these logos provide them with the ability to impress other normies. They go through life from a young age having their neurons relentlessly under siege by advertisers, celebrities and other normies, which creates neural pathways in their brain that associate these symbols with a dopamine reward pathway which is further strengthened by the approval of other normies.

This self-reinforcing system propagates throughout the brains of normies and we end up in a situation where people circle jerk and take value in things that are objectively not valuable at all.

As an outsider, you can profit massively from normie herd behaviour. Most of business is understanding herd psychology in order to produce sales, and tailoring your business strategy to net the most amount of normies who willingly dispose their shekels in order to satisfy some perceived need - usually a need implanted into their consciousness by the very players selling the means to meet it.

This is why autists, NEETs and most here can not understand the way in which the normie conduct themselves. It is alien to them, since the majority of their actions rely on the approval and reinforcement of others in their social and wider network.

This poor user is trying to validate himself by showing “he doesn’t succumb to the falsehood of materialistic validation”. Sounds like he’s “englightened” lol.

If I had to wager, op is poor fag who couldn’t make it in crypto, but wants to feel better than other people, so he points out the faults of others.

Post something related to making money or fuck off op you poorfag

Good post


Couldn't have said it better myself.
Excellent response.

what am I even looking at?

Kino post m8

Someone with a jacket holding a bag... so what?

Op u got btfo

People like things I don't like reeeeeeeeeee

I like the Versace and Gucci ones better. Fucking tasteless normies

sucking up to nig "culture" is like a badge of honor for the retarded people in this country

If you can afford it and need a bag then why not buy an expensive bag? I dont really understand shitting on materialism while sitting on Veeky Forums trying to get rich. What are you gonna do if you make it? Just play with more monopoly money because you'd be a disgusting normie if you bought anything expensive?

For all anons interested, watch "The Century of the Self" documentary and marvel at the insidious manipulation of the modern world. Do note who is responsible.

Most people who buy fag Supreme shit are poor normies.

You will never make it if you think it's better to buy product with !!!!LOGO!!!! rather than just product. Fucking idiot. It's one thing to be rich and enjoy life and buying frivolous faggotry because you think it's worth the premium the !!!!LOGO!!!! supposedly adds to the product.

Kind of like with crypto, amirite?


Don’t forget redditors, they’re just as bad and easy to manipulate (see: loot crates and faggot fashion subreddits)

This is why I come to Veeky Forums

the power of branding and marketing


You're a dumb normie, I don't even know what the fuck I'm looking at

This reminds me of those videos where they interview kids who’s parents are wealthy and all they do is wear supreme and $300+ outfits and post on Instagram. “How much do you spend a month?” “I don’t know, maybe $30,000?”
At that point it’s not even about giving your kids the good life, teaching them restraint is the more valuable lesson.
As Reddit-tier and cope as it may sound, I truly feel like Veeky Forums is their parents generation.

interesting thing i read:
you'd think advertisers would target to their audience but not all the time
expensive watch commericials get shown to everyone, the poor and the young etc so that EVERYONE knows that expensive watches = cool
this way when you go buy that expensive watch everyone knows about you're buying the branding all those ads paid for, not the actual tech or precision of the watch
the stronger the association the poor have between rolex = cool or lambo = cool the more expensive the brand
NOT the other way around, as one would think



Niggers have to prove their worth with this shit to improve their “status” - meanwhile they’re broke ass negros going into debt to buy this shit.

>If you can afford it and need a bag then why not buy an expensive bag?

>people reply to an actual pajeet seriously
This board is fucking dead.

You can almost taste the bitter jealousy of poorfags and autists in this thread. The same kind of people who genuinely talked about buying lambos in December.

Your thoughts will change if you ever deal with manufacturers and especially marketers. This shit is not expensive to produce and is often made in the same exact factory as generic items. The difference being that luxury items have tighter quality controls (ie they throw more of them out) that doesn’t mean they’re magically worth 1000% more. A hoodie like that can be made and shipped for something like $5.
Why are the prices high? Because its how they position the brand above others in the marketplace. Designer is no longer exclusive when it costs the same as generic items, so they price it higher to create exclusivity. It is not related to the value at all. It is 100% to make it feel more special. Once you know that it just becomes cringeworthy watching people blow two weeks pay on a logo and genuinely feeling superior to others when in reality, they’ve just overpayed for a product.

I actually have a bit of respect for Supreme. They are fucking their customers hard and with unwavering eye contact.

They released a brick with the Supreme logo on it and it sold for $30.


That is jedi-mind-trick levels of marketing.


lmao you pay money for some shitty brand to signal to other retards what little tags attached to your shitty clothing you buy.

p a t h e t i c

the only thing that really matters is your body. and mine is Veeky Forums and well-oiled. how about yours? did you just slap some branded clothes on your skinnyfat dumpy disgusting body and pretend it makes it better? top cuck

Of course they dont "target to their audience", if you think that high end fashion labels audiences are the rich and famous. They sell handbags to rich people for 10k+, but that is just for the prestige; they make their money on $200 pairs of sunglasses and $80 belt buckles that they get made for pennies..

I only buy and wear hugo boss, lacoste and tommy hilfiger clothes, usually avoid the ones with the massive logos on it and only wear the ones were it is subtle.

i agree completely BUT there are some brand exceptions. i mean brands that are known for quality or durability rather than for status. for example, i will buy carhartt work clothes because they are durable, of high quality, and last for years. brands matter in other areas like tools, electronics, etc. it ends there, though, and if you buy brands simply for status then congrats on falling for obvious marketing tricks, brainlet

OP BTFO he will never recover

I agree with pretty much everything that youve said, but dont kid yourself that we are outside of all of this anyway. Just because we dont seek validation by wearing clothes with a certain logo on it, doesnt mean that this whole mongolian trout fishing noticeboard isnt just a big circle jerk of people proving how different and special they are to each other, and how unlike everyone else they are. Even using words like "normie" is seeking validation from other like-minded people. Seeking validation is a natural human instinct, just because you do it in a different way from the mainstream, it doesn't mean you are exempt.

That's hilarious.

top tier post man

What the fuck is Supreme? The clothes look like shit and so does the logo, I've only seen it on leddit

So why don’t we use their herd mentality to shill them a specific crypto we can all pump and dump? How hard would it be for us to get a few famous IG models to shill ETH or ICX for a month or two and wear a shirt come around next fall preparing for the winter bull run?

Ever notice with these brands, the smaller/more subtle the logo is on the garment, the more expensive it is?

That's no coincidence user. They think you're a fucking billboard. You have to pay extra to appear less like a walking advertisement.

Buy clothes at Costco. High-quality wholesale items with near-zero “brand tax.”

shitty "streetwear" brand. People wait in lines for their releases, pretty much just stupid trend followers wear it

Commies should start up their own luxury brands and market to the 1%. After they made their millions, use all the profits to help the needy. There, wealth distribution. But of course, that'd require work.

Crypto is weird and not sexy to normies. Also it is “too hard” to set up wallets “too scary” to do research when you can buy a $30 brick

i exclusively buy clothing from costco and second-hand thrift stores with no regard for branding except for work clothing in which case i buy carhartt which will last for years like this user said

t. hippie-liberal soyfaggots and dindus
Silly niggers. People like nice things.
What you dindus don't get: designer / "name" bags are objectively nicer than the cheap shit. You don't know because you don't carry bags.
They use manufacturing techniques & constructions (types of stitches, certain materials) that you won't see in the chink knockoff being sold in the ghettos you niggers hail from.
Sure approval-seeking might be a part of the demand but it originally stems from superior quality and worksmanship.

To put this in terms you might understand better:
It's the difference between your $10 chink shit keyboard and a $200 corsair or topre.
Between your $30 Gaymer-brand "headsets" and a pair of $500 Sennheisers.
All those faggots only like mechanical keyboards so they can get approval from other faggot geeks right?

>People like nice things.
and brand != nice. please try to understand this and escape from your marketing-induced brainwashing.

Youre on to something. But how could we possibly adapt to their syntax and steer the herd?

>He didn't even read the post
Please try to understand it and escape from your brainlet "counterculture" mindset.

There are two ways to signal class status and that's the simplest way. You spend your money on expensive things that people recognize as expensive, which signals to the common person that you have money. Most people are impressed by that, but people who have always had money typically aren't because that also signals that you have nothing but money to distinguish yourself from the common person. Most old money types have various sets of experience from living abroad and familiarity with high culture (plays, ties to prestigious institutions, higher learning) to go along with various rules of etiquette that signal higher social status. Anthropologists call it signaling by non-signaling, because one is so assured of one's social status that one doesn't need to overtly signal it.

What's the difference of buying for quality or buying for status? Both ways you are getting something in return. I know it's stupid, OPs post is spot on but at the same time the social reward does exist for having certain status brands. Just have to use your knowledge of this to not fall into the Jew trap too much and pick and choose your spots where it's worth the extra sheckle

>OP asks a question that is actually a pretty fair question
>The question is on topic
>Does not make any other statements

Why are you kids such faggots?


ERC20 token with real utility. These hypebeast types can use it to skip the queue on sneaker/hoodie/collab drops.

Instant 100x no joke

because theyre dumb domesticated animals to be fattened up for slaughter on behalf of their masters

I agree it’s weird but if we shill ETH super hard even retarded normies are capable of downloading coinbase and buying, then we slowly meme them towards alt coins
I mean Katy perry painted her nails in crypto logos and 50 cent made millions off it that’s a starting point. We do what /pol/ did during the election, use normie memes and have a few autists flash some dough on social media and like I said pay an IG model or two to shill some coins to their millions of brainless followers. Imagine if we got them all to invest in FUN?? We time it right around when a big bull run towards December is about to start.

you don't understand the point, its not about the product itself, its about the brand and stuff and why normies are impressed by that, in the picture you can't see a good jacket or anything, you are just seeing a part of the jacket and the brand,People love the brand because of status, thats all,of course you can buy expesive stuff that is worth it more than to show it because of the brand
Didn't you see the supreme brick? its the perfect example

there's a world of difference between buying a brand for functionality/quality/durability vs buying a brand to signal to other people that you bought the brand

ITT: NEETs with gaymurr stations not realizing the irony of their own words


When I read posts like this I realize:
I could never be a normie
I don't want to be a normie
I couldn't fake being a normie
I cannot understand the normie way of life.
I cannot stand the normie way of life but I have to endure it because I live surrounded by them
Crypto gains won't change those facts.
Veeky Forums is the only place I don't feel out of place.
The ride never ends.

Godspeed user. Hope you make it

>brands matter in other areas like tools, electronics, etc. it ends there, though,
But it doesn't end there, nigger.
ITT: a pack of soy-drinking contrarian faggots.
It's amazing really. All these really smart, critically thinking people who don't fall for brainwashing... yet not no one thought to seriously ask: "Is there a physical difference between a Louis Vuitton bag and the $15 handbag my mother carries to her tricks?"

And the LV brand is known for quality and durability. OP pic was so happy to be able to afford one, she couldn't resist showing it off.

why waste time and money buying a brand you are told to when you can make a brand and sell it to the idiot masses for profit and power

>The ride never ends.

i agree to an extent.
it's come to my realization that I'm a half breed autist/chad.
my fiance just got a louis bag and its way, way nicer than the kate spade and michael kors bags she's had in the past.
i'm also obsessed with watches. got a couple quality fake rolexes in the past and they're nice. but the real deal, is so much more upon close inspection. the quality, finish and details really give my soul satisfaction. opposed to the at a glance impression that the rep can pull off.

certain brands are worth their premium, just get what makes you happy.
with that being said, i've unfollowed most of my "Friends" on instagram. they copy paste the same shit everyone else does and are all copying the cancer.
"be the reason someone smiles today"
"impossible is just an opinion"
"you just have to believe in yourself"
that's why you're taking pictures of yourself in your underwear, with that dumbass expression, right in front of a public shitter?
unfollowed. and go fuck yourself. i can't be bothered seeing this shit

pedo and kiddy diddler and member of the tribe ((((((bernais)))))

You mean like the countless brand loyalty wars that show up on boards like /g/ or /v/? Even fucking Veeky Forums is filled with that sort of shit, stop thinking Veeky Forums is some kind of """enlightened""" community lmao.

>a pack of soy-drinking
i made that post. i absolutely guarantee that i'm more Veeky Forums than you. i don't buy brand-name shitty clothing because i don't extend my identity to some rags i wear.

let's settle this: timestamped shirtless selfies. if you're not a fat/skinnyfat then your argument has some validity. if you are a soyboy nigger then lmao at you trying to cover your fat tits with shitty branding.

i'll go first with the picture. do you accept my challenge?

lmao newfag

>paying IG models
We would have to trust a single Veeky Forumsraeli to handle our money and pay the ho?
>50, Katy etc
We could create twitter/insta/whatevernormiesusethesedays accounts, use bots to gain followers then shill the shit out of /ourcoin/ using a mix of real and fake articles and photos

>OP pic was so happy to be able to afford one, she couldn't resist showing it off.

Yeah sure because it is showing clearly the jacket and not the brand, sure

What? I’m not materialistic. I’m saying OP isn’t trying to “show how much better he is than the common folk” and he sounds like an enlightened fedora fag.

Also yeah I’ve been lifting for a good few years now. I literally get comments on my physique every day. Been a miscegenation since 2011. What does that have to do with anything?


>no timestamp
not you. try again, sweetie

It's called Bitcoin, and you're too late.

Looks like hes balanced the dumbell on his head a little too often and rubbed his hairline out and how long did it take him to learn to stand like that - the guy deserves a medal for overcoming his knock knees and riding through the pain

Now your thinking user. The IG hoe situation is sticky I agree but if we really put our heads together in a discord or something we could figure it out. This website has serious potential to monetize this shit with weaponized autism, instead we all run around like pajeets trying to FUD and shill whatever we are holding. If enough anons agreed on a single coin (ETH would be easiest to sell to normies) and really used some memes, fake news, and other social media outlets I could legit see us pumping it to 10-15k this year unless something terrible happens to the market.

lmao post your pic i want to see if you look how i imagine you look


because that shitty nigger-rapper tier brand is mocking Patagonia, which is actually good.

>Veeky Forums is the only place I don't feel out of place.

what is this

I think some faggot on my mobile provider got us banned

If not: we need to rally, new thread for the cause?

>Veeky Forums cbt on Veeky Forums
DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm waiting for that soynigger to respond

>Because normies use symbols in the form of consumer branding to signal to other normies their status or worth.

Lol reminds me of the biz fags and their BMWs. Biz is half normie chad fags and half red pilled neets

I don't get the point of a $1000 jacket. yeah it's expensive... but anyone can buy something for $1000 on a credit card... and there are fake watches and bags, so on one will even believe you are care. now a Lamborghini... it costs money most can never get and it's hard to fake... plus everyone knows what it is. a lambo is the only fuck-you-im-rich item id ever buy

You dumb fucking nigger. Social media in itself is indentured servitude to multinationals who are holding your friendship and interaction hostage and quantizing social approval and self esteem.

You shouldn't be using any of it at all. It is cotton candy glass garbage for the brain.

If you can't stop social media cold turkey you are but a useless eater and should probably go back to sleep and getting excited for NBC's Tuesday lineup.

Smart contract fuck face

fight me irl faggot

im also a model so its part of my job to have one. i dont post dumbass comments like this so i dont have a gorillion followers and gay dudes sending me dick pics

people who say "you shouldn't" OR "you should" can get brazen bulled.
go fuck yourself in the dick hole with shit, bitch :D

How does one convince an insta ho to accept a smart contract?

My sister's cuck boyfriend bought her an LV bag.

I am not exactly a bag aficionado but to me it looks like a leather bag. Not sure where the magic stitching is or super secret rituals performed by Bangladeshi children are which make it so much better than any other machine-sewn brand.

It is a few segments of cow skin sewn together and then the letters "L" and "V" printed on it. The average raw material cost and labour going into one of these things is like $200.

They can still unload their bags (excuse the pun) on normies with massive markups due to the herd status factor.


I love Normie analysis, there needs to be a board for it desu.

Oh that's cool lil man, you're a pinup model for deflated gumball machine money.
I am very impressed. Please post picz of your pouting lips.

this is good analysis user! you took some red ones during life right? but the price to recognize things like that is high. i bet you would change your life with a person you described in your post immediately. i would, i would take the blue pill after all.

implying it doesn't cost money to get my photo.

tip top kekaroo

protip: you can't hate what you can't relate to. little feller ^_^;;