1000x still out there?

Let's have a discussion... crypto's market cap is pretty large at 400 billion but for a global market with maybe the greatest potential since the internet still room to make huge profits.

I'd say 80% of people here have 1,000-10,000$ in crypto so a 100x is really nice but in order to make it you'd need a 1000x.

Do you think this is still possible? What coins are your picks for that to happen if you believe it can happen?

I think unironically req and link are two good candidates but I don't believe in a price singularity and that it is extremely likely (dependent on adoption, crypto succeeding, goverments, actual development of the project).
If a 1000x is out there it will probably take 5-10 years.

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Its over kid dream is gone it was all a ponzi from the start

Coins hyped on here that I would believe can do at least 100x:

What I think can do 100x:

Yes, it's called REQ

OMG could very well be a 100x

There are some high risk/high rewards like ETBS, XBY and RLX

VEN 10000x

Right forgot to mention, some for sure 10x's:
TRON (seriously)

Did someone say ponzi? Better get in on this ponzi for some nice returns my man! powh.io/?masternode=0x7ac74fcc1a71b106f12c55ee8f802c9f672ce40c

400 billion is a fraction , you could say market cap is pretty big if it was a couple trillion

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Good chance of that actually.

Interesting choices... that brings me to another group of cryptos, extremely low cap platforms like NULS or an even more extreme example Lamden TAU. I think the risk is mega high with those but if you buy right now and they pull off their plan you made it.

REQ and the digits goddamn...

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Internet of things coins will be huge in the future.

ENG, RLC, some IoT chinks maybe, LINK, REQ. Not sure about the last two.

Yeah, there's 3, and 3 that you never see shilled on biz. All less than 30 million dollar cap, all potentially 10-20 billion dollar companies.

Origin Trail TRAC
Tomochain TOMO
Peerplays PPY

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My price target for XRP is $1000.

Shill me on tomo and trac? Might buy your bags. Also op I like ambrosus. Basically ven/wtc but without the shady chink factor. Sitting around 50c and they just picked up a real partnership last week. I'm expecting it to run to at least 5$ even in this shit market

Trac has just been shilled in the newest London Letter thing and is in general an actually good product (traceability of food supply chain from producer to consumer).

So it's a direct competitor to amb it sounds like. Might have to carry a little of both. Cheers user

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you will be able t buy pic rel if you hold LINK at least till EOY

Bunch of idiots in here. If you hold a coin waiting for 1000x you deserve to be poor. 50-100x'ers are relatively frequent, so the trick is jumping from one to the next. Getting a 100x then a 10x = 1000x, but getting a sole 1000x is too time consuming.

As for your question, my current 100x'er is MAN, and I will move on to the next once it reaches around $4b

Yeah, but opposite to AMB the project won't fail due to narcisstic people inside the project.

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There are quite auf few x1000s out there, if you do some research in the #500-1000 ranks on CMC.

I even know a very probable x10000 (if you can wait for 5 years or so) coming out of China.

They all have been mentioned on /biz once or twice. You just need to stay away from these usual shill threads.

So what's your strategy? And how long does it take? Are you waiting for price targets or you just sell after a set time in a good market/news cycle?

Share plz

How do you filter out dead coins or scams down there? Because most legit projects already get over 20 million dollars in an ICO. And come on, give me a hint on the 10x1000x

I sell after my goal OR until something surfaces which leads me to believe its no longer capable of my target, in this case 4 billion

Lamden already peaked.
Now it will only get down



Same nigga. Litecoin to $100,000 after Bitcoin hits $1M

Its not a direct competitor. Its a protocol, so in theorey it can link all supply chain tokens to aggregate data acrosee them regardless of what token companies use

DYOR tho

Poolerex.com for whales

My pick is Sugar Exchange. It appears they are trying to get a bitlicense to sell alts to normies. If they pull it off, they could cuck coinbase. Not a guarantee, but the fact they have private venture funding and airdropped all their tokens gives me some hope they might pull it off.



Lost 6k on that, it's time to move on

kek doesnt lie
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I know one. and i will let you guys know when i am done accumulating...


hold tight. this is a great coin.

if (its a big if) a major company adopts a coin, that one will be x1000 and a shit load of others will x100 too cause crypto starts to be adopted by the market. until then, its hard to know.
during the bull market, there will be stuff that might those figures (off course it will also devalue 70% or more during the bear market).
req and link are definitely two projects that, long term, look crazy profitable.

It is difficult sometimes, but you need to look at the team that is building the project

+ also you need to take into consideration the aesthetics of design.

I know that may sound unusual, but in this world there is a clear correlation between aesthetics and success... for example compare original Nazi party with fascist aesthetics with todays unsuccessful neo Nazi movements.

Hint for that 10000x one: Asian tree for big data/blockchain data fusion/integration into AI.

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Devery is the next moon shot. 8 million market cap currently and just partnered with JD.com with their accelerator program. E-commerce supply chain. DYOR.

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>Don't worry guys the patent is coming
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This is literally a long con with cult like tactics, I'd advise you to get out now

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yea but london letter is a meme and shilled BAT with a buy up to $1

Just trade with leverage on Bitmex. It's the only way now.

>unironically LINK
>maybe RLC (not familiar how big the market for that one)
>IoT project (not sure which one, IOTA still drags with developemnt and the rest are bunch of chink coins, maybe something like ITC or CPC will pan out).
>Some supply chain with low market cap - AMB, TRAC etc. I excluded Modum because of their token model. I see some gains in this one but not 100x.


Dero/IPBC are the projects I expect to pull a 1000x

My main moonshots are MAN, CPC, TRAC and COV.
Also hold small bags of SPHTX, BTO, MWAT, EVE.

Only expecting something out of MAN, CPC & TRAC though. The others could very well be shitcoins that are worth nothing in a year or two.

I doubt it's a 1000x or even 100x but HST seems to be one of the safer 10x.

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OP, you dont need to 1000x in one shot. stop being a lazy fuk and learn. put the work in and research. its a series of jumps, or you need to find passive income. you wont nee to 1000x if you can 300x and get good passive income.

The only answer is Lomocoin aka Lomostar. You never hear about this coin yet it has a working app and a grand vision. Only on bittrex and coin exchange. Low market cap. HOLY SHIT.

first time seeing IPBC on biz. its one of the only coins right now that will survives the purge and will do 100-1000%. german devs, streaming platform and a clear roadmap for coin burns etc.

400 billion is a pittance

Ven will 100x within 3 years

BitConnect will 1000x

TKY and ONT should be pretty close to that

the only 1000x this year will be Nimiq. you have until the end of the month to accumulate. pic related