Who else comfy looking at the number of coins they have know they will be $100 EOY and $1000 each in 3 years?

Who else comfy looking at the number of coins they have know they will be $100 EOY and $1000 each in 3 years?

Not comfy at all when you can't buy more because you already spent all your fiat.


7500 ICX reporting it. Hopefully the good times return this year

how does it feel to be a future millionaire?

do you reckon it could hit atleast $40 end of year

It's okay I'm here with you guys.

>No more spare cash to set on fire.

On the bright side if it pays off we can meet on our lambo moonbase

I'd say its at the very very least going to hit $20 a year, but probably much more. We're looking at neo @

if i accumulate 1000ixc
w-will i m-make it?

iCon bagholders are still alive?

Feels like shit because I want it now. Speculation is a cancer

i thought the supply was meant to be 800k. Feels mcuh better having it capped at 400k.

It will fall more. Buy at 20k-25k.

50k ICX here. Hoping for at least $20 within the next year or so.


not everyone can be rich
with a stack like that you better leave at least half when you sell. You are going to be fucking loaded in 3 years
I don't doubt it but I will be buying more

Just sold my ICX stack. Its literally been the worst investment I've ever made. Hope it does well in the future but I'm out.

I have over 200k ICX and Im pretty sure we will go even lower than this in the next 3 weeks, but starting april 1st prepare for the biggest pump in the history of top 50 crypto assets, by june 1st we are in top 10


ICOs coming on ICX network and staking system, im gonna lock my 200k and just reap the free money

because icon has staying power, use case and will generate enormous passive income for people who own it. Blockchain isn't just a meme and even if icon interconnects with the few partners they have now, staking and nodes alone will make the coin worth up to $100 per token. As it expands and maybe even develops and catches on outside of Korea we could be seeing $1000 a token pretty easily.

and I mean this for long term, like 10+ years before you go sperging out telling me $1000 is dumb

This Is the first coin I've been this JUSTED on. Holy shit it hurts

only those who are JUSTED can make it. I have a friend who dealt with ETH crashing to shit, held on to all of it, and now has 300k in crypto. People back then were saying it was the end as well. Stay strong brother.

I fucking wish I had more experience before going all in on ICX. Those who knew how market reacts probably sitting comfy as fuck cause they sold near the top and tripled their stack

no one knows how market reacts, they are just memeing bro

this. even whales are getting justed. The biggest whales get justed by their own weight, most literally can't cash out because it will just destroy their sellout price in the process. That's why they go on to use their wealth to do things for the community or open up exchanges or for BTC to cashout some BTC shitcoin fork without crashing BTC

>bought in a few weeks before main net launch at 7 dollars
God damnit I have invested about as much as I am willing to lose in crypto but these sales are tempting to throw more money at so I can at least make my bags a little lighter. Anons did we get GOOK’d or is this a real project? It all seemed so legit why had it gotten JUST’d this hard?????

i wish i had more jew currency too :(

exactly because its a real project, they are doing work instead of fireworks and light shows

>selling the bottom
lmao never change Veeky Forums

Sounds interesting. Can you name a coin this has happened with? One being crushed by the weight of it's own whale? Would like to research this further

Turtlecoin for sure

how exactly are they justed? whales must've bought ICO that puts them 30x in profit

Psychologically it hurts having over 3m$ in icon go back to under 1m

Since whales by definition have tons of coins and their multimillionaire dollar portfolios have lost 60% of their value as well. Keep crying about your measily 4 figure loss though

Maybe I should clarify, has this happened with an actual, respected project and not a meme?

Literally any coin. Winklevosses for instance can not reasonably cash out completelt. Lots of 2011 miner whale hodlers cannot either. This is why they become part of the community and do stuff, help alt projects, make exchanges, forks etc

Buy high, sell low.

Have we reached the denial stage?

Damn son I’m jelly. Tfw only 25k ICX

Panic or Capitulation seems more likely

does anyone know if binance will handle token swap or we have to move everything to the ICX wallet?

People said the bottom was 50% ago too.

70 icx here major poorfag hope this rises by the end of the year or I'll be holding some heavy bags

Binance will handle it most likely


I know the feel user I’m down like 700 bucks on ICX

ITT ICXcucks try to justify their losers

Prepare for the massive dump when the token swap is initiated and normies realize the mcap doubles. This shit has nearly as many coins printed as fucking REQ ffs.

every day i see posts about "the end of icon".
now im fairly new to crypto (8 months or so) but this is one of the projects i believe in the most.

Why? It was massively overvalued at the top. One of the most overvalued in all of crypto.

maybee it was overvalued, but it is still a great project to hold.
im not a trader, im just a holder.

75% of the new mainnet ones are locked, but nice try

airdrop is priced in
I think when it hit $10 at the time, it was overvalued but right now i think it is about right until further development.

It doesn't matter. They exist and can be utilized with inflation. The mcap doubles instantly.

I think they're burning the old ERC-20 once all main net are out

I like bbc

no it doesnt, market cap calculates circulating supply not the total supply, since ICX is getting only 25% in circulation then its current market cap*1.25