I have €5,000 to invest into low cap cryptos. I intend to hold at least until the winter of 2020

I have €5,000 to invest into low cap cryptos. I intend to hold at least until the winter of 2020.

Shill me on your best coins for this purpose.

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link and req

All in on TBC thank me later when we reach singularity

I'll go €1000 LINK and €200 REQ. Still 3800€ to go.

Never heard of it and can't find anything on Google.

The Billion Coin
Oh dear

>The Billion Coin
No thanks.

But desu if I had your money I’d go LINK, AMB and ICX because I believe in the projects. maybe OMG and NANO since it’s shilled a lot.

And since I don’t have that money I went $1k all in LINK.

€2000 NANO
€1000 LINK
€500 OMG
€500 AMB
€200 REQ
€200 ICX


If you srly wanna hold until 2020, then check out JNT.


Don't bother with JNT if you cannot hold several months.

I could put €500 on it.

Spend the last €100 on GRLC.

Jibrel is dead with trueusd a tether alternative. Add to that that tokenizing assets makes no sense. Same reason why ppl do not like to leave their coins on exchanges.

Buy some XRP in case (((they))) win

It's not small cap enough.

Your taste in images is as bad as in coins. Expecting nothing less from a furry.

Well at least you have Nano.

You could pump them into sky. Price is low and the projected growth is pretty high

COSS and Envion both have payouts to the holder's addresses

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Literally what is the fucking point?

I think Skycoin is a scam.

What would you recommend?



You'd be crazy to miss this opportunity. Perfect timing, price now is only x2 ICO!

shet up

>Add to that that tokenizing assets makes no sense
If you don't understand something, it doesn't make it useless. Offchain Onchain arbitrage will be so fucking lucrative once everything is established.

The only question is, can the deliever. Right now, they have the connections, the money and the first mover adventage.

Literally only one answer at current valuations