If U don't Know What Cup & Handles are, why are you here?

This coin is in a cup & handle. This coin is at the bottom of the handle now. If you are new, this means it will shoot up massively anytime; this is your last chance on this (google it). I stopped going to biz because of all the faggot pajeets shilling Link, turtle, & useless funfair. (((Plebbit))) ruined biz so fuck those faggots-
(((they))) can fomo later. I'm back to show you something real:
The coin is DGD. It's been doing the opposite of BTC. When BTC goes down it rises & it moves with the price of gold because it is designed with gold in mind. No it's not fully backed by gold. It's brother coin, DGX is (1 DGX = 1 gram). When DGX is released, DGD will blast off; leaving you behind with the Plebbitors. Get in before the volume pushes this up. see next few pics for sell targets to PlebbitFags

that's not a handle

volume looks about right

here's a better picture

look at the next pic.

thats not a cup and handle u fcking autist

go look at post and tell me that.

yeah, look at that last candle where it starts dumping into oblivion

buy that candle, sell at 3% gain 30 minutes later, and leave that shit alone

Here's the buyzone. It's time If you want to be the early bird while it is still on sale.

You mean when Binance took a shit? it's ok. you can fomo with the Plebbitfags when I sell to you at the plebbit targets. Which I will post so you can buy with (((Them)))

Pretty sure cup and handles don't have such deep handles

it's ok. you can buy in the Virgin buy zone with the Plebbitors if that makes you feel safer. The Chads are buying now.

Here are where you can sell to the plebbitors and pajeets. The sell targets are fibs where it will be bound to meet resistance and come down a bit. then buy back and ride this to the Here is the chad sell target.
Remember when DGX is released, this coin will be massive because this coin will be used as a reward system for participating in DGX which IS BACKED BY GOLD!!!! a ground breaking coin.

the handle can retrace up to 50%

Fuck off with your contrived shilling, nobody wants your bags. I'm guessing you bought about where the cup meets the handle? Good luck with that, I've never actually seen a successful cup and handle going bullish. Go ahead, find one on Binance, I dare you!

no. I bought when I realized it was reacting in the opposite manor of BTC. which was 1/4 up the rise of the right side of the cup. Then I noticed it was forming a cup. I sold the top of the cup and now I bought in on the chad buy zone.

and no one in biz believed me back then that it would go that high again. This is your last chance or buy with the plebbit virgins and pajeets. I'll gladly answer any questions on my fib placements. I am one of the few who also don't count wicks when doing TA because I believe it is way mor accurate when discountint the pajeets- it gives me an extra edge over (((them))) too.

>last chance
>no one believed me
>incorrect use of echoes
You are a walking, talking meme, your posting is pure memes with no real content. This place has rotted your mind, take a break from Veeky Forums before you start shitposting IRL.

I'll be back to post later. I will screencap this when I share my next big signal

>le cup and handle

OP you should go back to your textbook. Volume does not match for this to be meme TA cup and handle.

You did not check the most important indicator to validate the patern, and that is volume. The volume absolutely invalidate a possible cup & handle. If you do not know that, why are you here?

If you want serious charts, why are you in Veeky Forums? leave. go to (((Tradingview))) or (((plebbit)))
>mommy!!! the internet man is trying to have fun and it offends me!!! mommy! I need some more steel wool to stuff inside my mangina that the OP made bleed.

I am here to sell my gains to you pajeet ass and then buy them back from you when they are finished correcting. Wjhat's wrng? scared of a few red candles? I love red dildos.

Your ta means nothing. Until bitcoin recovers absolutely nothing is gonna moon.

wrong. DGD is the inverse BTC. BTC down = DGD up. pic related Then why are you here if you believe everything is like that?

BTC is crashing. Someone go check how DGD is doing.

You must be blind or seriously fuckin retarded.

it was at 0.037 whe I posted this. bc is sub 9.1k and dgd is now 0.039. See you at the virgin buy signal.

This is it. Volume is moving in. I tried to warn you.