I have two updates for you. First, just what's been happening over the last 10 days in the top 100. No one in the top 100 is selling at these prices. Lots of people are buying and a few are transferring out of Binance. Second, I have some news about the 2 million LINK that were transferred out of the dev wallet 28 days ago. This will be quite long, I will make a couple of posts in this thread.

>The guy with 3.5 Million LINK, who accumulates 20/30k every so often, he transferred it all to a new wallet yesterday. Possibly getting funds out Binance.
>Nothing to get excited about

>Holds 1,861,390 LINK
>He bought 1.8 Million LINK from Binance yesterday
>New in top 100, although he used to be a top holder but last year he sold 2.7 million LINK

>1,596,439 LINK
>Transferred everything he bought from Binance to a new wallet, I think

>1,008,845 LINK
>Bought 300k 10 days ago

>1,007,081 LINK
>Bought 1 million LINK from Binance yesterday, after selling 730k!

>853,946 LINK
>Bought 270k 5 days ago

>794,921 LINK
>Bought 317k 7 days ago

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>746,181 LINK
>Been accumulating about 170k in the last 9 days

>720,405 LINK
>new wallet from 9 days ago, bought 720k from Binance

>720,000 LINK
>New wallet from 6 days ago, think someone just split his funds between 2 wallets

>610,197 LINK
>bought from Binance 9 days ago, he has bought/sold LINK a bunch of times, seems like a pretty good swing trader

>Bought 3,200 LINK yesterday. Swing trade, he sold 3000 17 days ago.

>450,000 LINK
>Sold 100,000 8 days ago.

If you remember, this wallet (etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0xf37c348b7d19b17b29cd5cfa64cfa48e2d6eb8db), which belongs to someone from the ChainLink team, transferred 2 million link to another wallet 28 days ago. He transferred it to this wallet (etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0xc059a1ffe290de70f4dca3333e5aecf3d3746b03) and has done it before a few times too. I noticed that this wallet split the 2 million link between 6 wallets, in amounts ranging from 99k-547k. I don't know what this means and I don't think any other anons could figure it out either. I also reported when one of these new wallets started making 30k LINK transfers - he made 13 transfers of 30k exactly over the last 10 days (etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0x9a5054b356451ffc717ba83c01b849c4d8ed7d29). Quite strange, because if you were just an individual transferring to a new wallet, why would you do it in this manner? It almost appears automated.

Well, the new activity I have to report is that another one of those wallets that received 400k of the 2 million (etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0xb581b9f6323dbf02cdc9e84e2ab174fab6cb59c3) has sent some of that LINK to 4 wallets. 3 of them are new. Again, I have no idea what this means. It could just be someone splitting his funds between 4 wallets - the transfer amounts seem a bit random, and not automated, like the other one. And the mystery of the 2 million LINK transfer still remains. You can look at the transfers yourself by going to the link provided.

I welcome any wild speculation.


have you drawn any conclusions based on your observations?

Good work OP, keep it up.

its a scam

Some people buy link... Some people sell link


this is the type of autism I like thanks OP

Whales are accumulating is not a meme.

As for the dev wallet transfers - no fucking clue. But I don't think it's muh exit scam

Possibility of it being wallets of new team members. Or just an autist splitting his funds.

>gives a fuck about LINK

Dude if you're autistic enough to make such research give us data about BTC, ETH or NEO.

Fuck Link, it's shit. Noone is falling for this shit meme

let's not forget Sergey is sitting at close to 100MM usd. The ICO got 32MM usd at a very low ETH price, they have a huge bank right now. Plus all the LINK they have.

I doubt they spent a fraction of it as of yet.

What are your speculations on this? Are they saving for a huge marketing campagin? To get a much bigger team eventually?

Knowing Sergey, this is definetly a trick up in his sleev. I think people do not pay enough attention to that fact.


He has said in interviews that he intends to maintain chainlink (with like, staff) and that's why he would take a fee when people use the network. AFAIK the tokens he retained are one he wants to give away for free to node operators, and money to develop/maintain the network, I guess that would include anyone they hire, including the marketing manager. Nothing tricky about it.

tfw your wallet is listed above ;/ Guys I am an average joe just buying some stinkies. Nothing to see here.

Also I can shed a little light on the team wallet transfer and other transferred. This advisor brought someone else on board (this person/company) will be using (not partnership) chainlink. The reason the links are getting split up is to run different jobs from different accounts vs all jobs from one main account.

For some of those transactions I wager it was a test of the swift bank Nostro transfer talked about in another thread earlier.

Superb forensic work user.

Captain Dan should award you medal for your tireless service.

We can't know whether they sold or not.

Even 30mil by itself is a HUGE amount, they don't need 100 million to launch a marketing campaign and hire a few programmers...

thx user your threads are always a comfy read ! thx alot for the work

>I noticed that this wallet split the 2 million link between 6 wallets,
could be testing multiple nodes?


We are after information sir, please there is no need for violence

You are a MANIAC!

Can someone please explain the you are a MANIAC? I finally figured out sminem unfortunately it was because knowyourmeme posted it 9 days ago.

Thank you for your service


its just a meme


Godspeed walletautism. You are a blessing to linkies.

Can someone find out if theyve sold the ICO eth? Shouldnt be too hard.

If they didnt, theyre fucking rich right now and can make whatever needed happen so the project develops.

>Also I can shed a little light on the team wallet transfer and other transferred. This advisor brought someone else on board (this person/company) will be using (not partnership) chainlink. The reason the links are getting split up is to run different jobs from different accounts vs all jobs from one main account.
How could you know this?


You can see it in the top 100 wallets, I assume it's wallet #1...

>He bought 1.8 Million LINK from Binance yesterday
bullshit. there wasn't even this much volume yesterday. and the price was dumping all day

This is all absolutely irrelevant considering that hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoin is getting dumped over the coming months.

Tell me where will the buy pressure come from among plummeting BTC value and constant FUD from the SEC, Germany, France, and China? Even Japan is fudding exchanges right now

Jo bro, I can do some weekly data analysis. But I need a list of all the wallet ID's and amount of tokens. Could you deliver? I could provide box plots etc.

not really. Everything is tied to bitcoin but still has relative evaluation, i.e. chainlink is rank 80 something but could be ranked higher.

It will be .35c in a few months.

Holy shit how hard is it to check it on etherscan yourself. You are an ungrateful retard. Here, I'll make it easy for you


15 hours ago he received 1,859,990.8 LINK from this wallet (etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be) which is Binance's wallet. Pic related.

Literally irrelevant to this thread... I'm holding link because long term I think that smart contracts will be a huge deal, and LINK will be really useful in enabling that. I don't really worry about the price day to day. I am interested in the top wallets because some of them will surely become node operators, though

maybe, by the looks of it the main network going on line on the ethereum main net let alone hyperledger and others will be some time given the fact they haven't started writing the contracts. Once it starts though the token valuation will become independent of crypto because it'll be used largely for USD. This was always a long-term project.

So he WITHDREW link that he already had. He didn't "buy" it you retard.

everything will be tied to bitcoin until it suddenly is not.

once tokens start appearing with REAL products, capable of generating income for it's holders, bitcoin will only be a minor influence on price.

i feel we're getting there with CL. but yeah, while everything is pure speculation, bitcoin is gonna keep on fking us in the asses

No, that's a transaction from Binance to his wallet. That's what it looks like when someone buys from Binance.

Always a pleasure to read your updates op,doing god's work keep it up don't let the autism levels drop. Kills me though that I'm unable to buy any serious amount of link.

are they running different nodes if you're not full of shit

Chainlink isn't for short term capital gains, it's for people willing to hold until 2021.

>That's what it looks like when someone buys from Binance.
No it's not you literal brainlet. That's what it looks like when someone TRANSFERS from Binance. Only Binance has buy timestamp information in their private database cluster. How are you so autistic yet also so retarded?

What in the everloving fuck are you even talking about?

yea you can't tell when someone buys on binance only what they send and withdraw.

it only means the guy made a withdrawal yday. doesnt mean he bought anything.

A lot of the time you can see when someone transfers from cold wallet, to binance account wallet, to binance (sell). They always occur in 3 stages steps that. Why would anyone transfer from 1 wallet, to another wallet, before transferring to binance wallet to sell? That doesn't make sense. Same pattern for buys - comes directly from binance wallet then gets transferred to another later.

then why this

It's almost as if batching is a thing fucking retard.

OK, I stand corrected then.

I have been collecting PDFs of the top wallets every day since Feb 12. Let me know if you want me to upload them for you so you can look and compare any activity using the PDFs. There was this website I have used before to compare PDF files for changes you can consider using with the PDFs also.


Yeah, the only thing we can infer is that they withdrew from binance. But it's an obvious sign that they are at least not selling and intend to have close to a million dollars tied up in link.

Thanks for sharing your autistic research user!


Could be anything, youre right not to make a call on its interpretation. Could be one of the devs transferring smaller (but still large amounts) to new team members. Could be one of the devs selling to corporate partners. Could even be giving to corporate partners for staking purposes.

>Hur dur
You know why you're wrong. Observing movements and transfers of these assets can reveal something huge, interesting, or devastating. It's a pity exchanges are pooled because it limits the scope of what we can assess.

Is your autism able to track the wallet that sets up huge sellwalls lately? I hate this behavior because it blocks the market in favor this blocking individual.
Thx wallet autism!

Added information: he did place 1,2mil like 5 days ago.... Followed by another 800k like 2 days ago. I am in fear, he might market sell something like 15btc worth of link to crash and place a new sellwall at this point to accumulate the shit out of it.

Holy fuck user this is the autism I come here to see.

Please do upload (especially if maintained) and I'll run through some models.

uplload them

this is fucking nice, someone please make some graphs out of this

>this thread

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please mr. friendly autist upload it

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Hey goys, Here is a RAR of all of those PDFs for you guys to look at and compare. ufile.io/l6iw5

He fucking did it! He stole all my linkies with that link!

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the link is safe nerdos
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holy shit, amazing. will try to make something of this

whoops didnt sage, stuck from ripple thread

I have 30k link where do I stack up OP? Should I accumulate more or do I have enough to where if this shit works out I'll be set for life?

30k is pretty good. go for 50k tho.