How much LINK do i have to HODL to have enough passive income to afford THIS?

how much LINK do i have to HODL to have enough passive income to afford THIS?

>baby isn't black

i call photoshopped


>Crib in the same room, shitty low end Walmart brand lamp with some Target bedding.

Probably 500 LINK


Good news! The wood flooring looks like some fake shit. You could pick it up at home depot on the cheap.

A thot will always stay a thot, you can't wife a hoe.

She's so pale. She looks like she is dying. How can you fap to this?

buy MLK

>How can you fap to this?
by not being a homosexual. you should try it some time

if your white yourself and dont browse facebook ez

Hhaha stupid faggot kys


>she's too white, something must be wrong


>oy vey a white child this is not part of our plan oy vey oy gevalt oy muh shekels

fee: 1 LINK please

>White knighting a whore on Veeky Forums

Fucking gross. I bet that vag is hammered now.

Something about her makes her seem like a zombie, nose and mouth combo I think.

>blaming his failure at finding a cumdumpster on niggers

cocaine whore

>when you're so addicted to internet validation that you take selfies every time you breastfeed

Jesus, women were a mistake.

she's beautiful

>Doesn't know what white knight means

So I'm a whiteknight for stating that her skin tone is atractive?

get this ugly kid out of there

Imagine putting on your best whore dress, your slut high-heels and full thot make up just so you can use your kid as an accessory for your selfie. White women were a mistake.

Tell that to McAfee

>I bet that vag is hammered now
It was hammered by 8th grade duder. That child literally crawled out when he was ready.

found the virgin
she's beautiful


>taking a selfie breastfeeding
Absolutely disgusting. I feel sorry for the person that kid is going to grow up to be.

who is this whore

>How much to afford a slut single mom
Not much desu user.

I didn't say she wasn't beautiful. She's just a slut with no moral compass and will 100% leave whoever the sad sack is that married her for some nigger.


yikes, your issues are showing user

I don't know but I sold 610link to buy 266itc did I make a mistake?

>mfw sub 27k link

you want a single mom?

nice rebuttal

the obsession is real with these cucks

wtf why do you have these photos saved on your computer

>Wanting a stupid cunt that cares more about her Instagram likes than her baby

why you talk like a fucking cuck?

Poor baby.

You don't have a folder of hot thots on your computer?

suspicious amounts of boomer like phrases on biz lately.

all the boomers from /pol/ came here. They did a good job of fucking up their economy now they want to bleed this one dry too

Hello my nigger subhuman.



In case anyone wants to follow

Is there a LINK discord?