Just beautiful.

Guess I need to flip my monitor to see this bullrun.

lol this guy is just wrong time after time

theres always a shake out before a bull run

this is when you buy idiots

strap in


always do the opposite of what this guy says

He could be right this time. Btc dumped like it used to dump before going bull. It's been a whi since we've seen that. Probably not since August or September.

Listen to these guys they're seasoned professionals, buy the quickly depreciating asset they desperately need to appreciate in price




At least you're screencaped this, before he deletes it like every wrong call he's made.

In 2016 and 2017, BTC took a big dump during the first week of march. Just take a look at the chart on CMC.
While this time there are other factors in play like government FUD and the japanese whale dumping, it's still something to keep in mind.

>data indicates


just inverse him and you become rich

>Sold at 11k
>Buying in again at 9.3
Feels good man

>go sideway til he sleep, then crash it!

>hey I'm just guessing and sweeping all the times im wrong under the rug but pls go ahead and buy my $20 word document

Even based Trump supports Marius Landman

>this happens every mebuary

He was no expert back then but now he is!


this. such a fucking hack

he already said he was a few days off regarding the crash. if you don't nail him on exact numbers but on changes in tide, you guys would realize that by end of Sunday overall btc sentiment will be positive as fuck.
read between the lines idiots, of course he's no new oracle ffs

Yup, it’s Tweets like these that make me dead sure that the market’s gonna keep going down the shitter.

he called a dip to 8500 before a boom to 13k

The Bitcoin bullrun has already been happening and it's just about over. From 33% MCAP to 42%. AT MOST its maybe got another couple % it will pick up before it goes back down and the value feeds into alts. The market bull run we're still waiting on.

>based Marius


I mean.. it's so stupid to suggest this stuff based on "data". But I want to believe, so let's believe.

BTC ain't gonna do shit at least until summer.

I agree.

But what worried me is Mt Gox.

They can crash a bull run whenever they want, and they seem like idiots.


although patience is definitely one of Veeky Forums' virtues, all I can say is this:
wait til end of the weekend, stay calm everybody. this isn't the right time for lightheaded action.
take a step back from crypto, leave emotions aside.

*definitely NOT lol

except there won't be a bullrun in March

there won't be a bullrun compared what we saw at the end of 2017. but middle to end of march will show a more positive outlook for the rest of 2018. simple as that.
a lot of you guys don't want to hear this, but: the biggest challenge and chance for crypto in 2018 will be REGULATION. this week has already shown the outcome of governments trying to cope with the crypto space. once there is some legal outlining that suits both investors AND governments alike, THIS will be the start of the ultimate bullrun that will make last year's market cap seem laughable. but there's a lot to happen before that.

March 8 is over in all of the civilized world