Maybe you should try investing in an actual business instead of betting against the banks?

Maybe you should try investing in an actual business instead of betting against the banks?

PinkDate is making an anonymous escorting platform and it's tokens pay out a portion of all profits every 3 months.

Token sale starts in 4 days. Use my code to get a 10% bonus:

Thanks just bought 100k gold pressed latinum

A wise investment Nagus.

Surely you're aware of how difficult it is in these modern times to get our women in their traditional role of remaining in the home and completely naked?

This PinkDate could be exactly what we need! They'll send a woman to your home to be unclothed at your leisure!

fucking nerds


What do you know about...tullaberries?

> putting all of your paid fuck sessions on an intransmutable ledger


I'm just about ready to call it quits myself and just try to invest in the technology actually being used.

I've lost enough money with this bullshit. I'm here to make money, and I did last year. This year has been complete bullshit though.

>fucking nerds

God I love that fucking image.

Why would you ever want a hooker in your home?

Don't bring them to your home then. Meet them at a motel.

The technology being used is worthless, and has no real world applications.

It's been a decade, and all it's amounted to is an easy way to scam retards on chinese cartoon boards.

You didn't make money last year. You made a shitty investment that seemingly paid off in the short term, but is now effectively worthless. Welcome to the real world.

If he's anything like me, he made damn good money last year. Even considering this years losses.

The technology isn't worthless either. Plenty of big companies picking through it.

Same here.

Went big on Cardano when it was $.03, was also holding a lot of ETH from $300 until it hit $1200.

No, there are no big companies picking through it. Some are using buzzwords in their marketing, but that's all there is.

None have delivered any product or tool that uses 'the technology,' because it's complete shit, consumes vast amounts of energy, and it has no real world applications other than scamming fuckers on the internet.

You didn't 'invest.' You got conned. Now you're sitting on a pile of shit that you can't do anything with, but you're hesitant to get rid of it 'because muh gains, and it might get pumped so I'll be rich.' Don't forget to pay your taxes this year.

Uncle Sam especially is really hard for those supposed mad gainz you may have made.

Already paid my taxes, made sure to account for it all along.

I'm not sitting on anything anymore except USD.

You're just mad because you bought at ATH and panic sold. :(


How to buy gold pressed latinum? I'm tired of these inflationary credits.

Btw, Mastercard, Nestle, and IBM are already using this technology.

not wanting to show off all the thots you've banged

They're actually not using it. IBM has a tech fetish project that may or may not end up using a blockchain, but there's nothing out there that uses this shit.

Because it provides no advantages or benefits over a normal fucking database.


kinda wish the sale had started already. oh well, this gives me more time to research.

>BTC crashes
>Ferengi activity

Wow, not even a rudimentary knowledge of blockchain.

That was genuinely hilarious.

Pepe and wojack at Tanagra when the coin fell

>tfw can't mine a gf

So you can sniff the toilet seat after she's had a piss?

The absolute state of newfags

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