Could BTC be dead because of the mega whale with 1.9 billion worth of BTC which he REALLY WANTS TO SELL?

Could this mean, alts FINALLY detach from BTC prices, since no sane person would try to pump up the BTC prices just to get dumped on by the mega whale.

Why would this detach BTC from alts tho?

People would stop selling alts for BTC, maybe exchanges would allow more pairings than just ALT/BTC.

Seriously, unless Japs change the way they are returning the scammed BTC (by selling them at exchanges), BTC prices won't ever recover.

Because every faggot with more than 2 brain cells realizes BTC is a shitcoin, and it can't be pumped when someone with that much money wants to get out.

Face it BTC bag holders, you lost on BTC. Most of us here bought BTC early and cashed out with big profits already. We don't care about it anymore, we are looking for the next coin that can actually have widespread adoption because it doesn't have caveman tech.

Just dump your bags, get the fuck out of BTC and buy ETH or some other shit.

What I'm saying is, if you bought above 11k during the big rush at end of 2017 you will NEVER get your money back. BTC is going down. Just cut your losses, and jump in the next coin. I realize that may be 50% for some of the very unfortunate, but that's how this game works.

Like it or not, BTC is the petro to the crypto dollar. The crypto gold standard. It will NEVER be dislodged from influence over the entire crypto market. Ever. Get that shit out of your head.

The best use for crypto doesn't involve people making money off it I think what Stellar is doing makes the most sense even if it's not going to make any one person rich it could save a lot of people a lot of money

BTC does over $7 billion daily volume. He can sell all of it if he wants to without affecting the price at all if he spreads it out over a few days.

Like it or not, AOL is the petro to the google dollar. The search engine gold standard. It will NEVER be dislodged from influence over the entire search engine market. Ever. Get that shit out of your head.

This shit is hilarious. I remember when BTC crashed from $1200 down to $200. Same dioshits saying the same fucking shit. Probably the same assholes who short.

It's not going to happen. Even though btc is a total shitcoin it's still the golden standard for crypto and everything is paired against it.

Or maybe, just maybe, the whole market has been overvalued this whole run-up last year by hype from stupid 22 year olds thinking they will become millionaires by doing nothing valuable.
>Just HODL breh and you'll make it

AOL was never in the search engine market you massive faggot.

you do realize that you can reach $7 billion volume by just buying and selling to yourself? It doesn't mean that people are actually putting 7 billion dollars into trading.
I mean BTC as a technology shouldn't die, but don't expect for it's price to reach new ATH. Speculation with it might be over.

You don't get it. It's not the same thing. This is not stock in a tech company. It's closer to currency. Use historical currency examples within the past 200 years. Good luck.

>$7 billion daily volume
A lot of this is known to be wash trades.

This. The future looks great for us!
Normies have to pay AOL to access the internet, how can any internet company beat them?
AOL stock will reach 100k per share by 2000. Everyone on this chinese penny stock forum will be able to buy a flying car.

user doesn't realise all alts have mega whales also making his theory redundant

Right before the stock market crash the market cap was 100 trillion adjusted for inflation!
We're not even 10% of that. You just have to find and HODL the Coca-Colas and Fords of the internet.

What do you think about

Holy shit how heavy are your bags faggot?

Did you buy at 18k or 19k?

damn, your kinda right :

you brainlets still don't realize that BTC does what it does perfectly well. It doesn't need to be a cheaply transactable fast currency. that is not its value proposition. It is a digital store of value transactable with no middleman proven over the years to be completely secure; backed by the most robust cryptographic network of any crypto. It will always be the reserve currency as long as crypto exists.

Ethereum cannot become the reserve currency. There is inflation and if it moves to proof of stake the network becomes fundamentally less secure than BTC. ETH has successfully forked in the past to reverse a transaction. There are bigger eth whales than BTC whales. Not to mention eth is fundamentally not a currency; ethereum is a smart contract platform and ether is the fuel for using it.

BTC works just fine. Alts have a bigger problem than BTC when it comes to large equity holders who can potentially dump.

every alt has even worse distribution of coins. ffs op think

but it's not like they are forced by law to sell all of it, like with this mega whale

he cant sell anymore for years.Took 4 years to agree to sell the amount he did, will take another 4 years IF he is even allowed to sell at all.


If that's true, we're saved.

The flippening is a meme bitcoin and alts are moving 1:1

Notice, that he sold more BTC (legacy) than Bitcoin Cash.

except theres 450k btc currently controlled by an "unknown entity"

aren't his addresses blacklisted by exchanges? And even if he tries to send it to different addresses everything is still traceable.

Once fiat->crypto becomes a thing, bitcoin loses relevance. BTC and Ethereum will be around, but they'll lose their role as necessary pass-through coins to get into the alt exchanges. Speculators aren't going to pay 20k for dinosaur tech which, on any given day, is more likely to lose 90% than gain 500%.
When direct fiat- alt pairs appear without coinbase/gemini/kraken, then fiat becomes the default and btc gets passed by. Mega supply coins like Stellar will become the default 'stable' currency and might actually profit by being the grease behind 100 trillion transactions at 1 millionth of a xlm per transaction.


Mfw if you win you cant cash out.

Im just guessing, but seems logical. He would need to trade them off exchanges.