Prove me it is not the best country in the world to retire

Prove me it is not the best country in the world to retire

>everyone accepted
>you can legally have sex with a 14yo even if you are a 50yo
>high class places with virtually no crimes and no niggers (rio de janniger is a jungle don't go there)
>underage prostitutes in the extreme north of the country
>cute traps
>nice people with big butts both men an women
>easy to spend money without the gov asking about your money
>lower taxes than in the US
>minimun wage is $260
>you can fuck a 14yo until they ass start bleeding and it is ok if they consent
>low cost life

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What are the high class, low crime places in the north, out of interest?

Rich places in Amapa, Maranhao, Amazonas and some other north states with sea exits

hey im thinking about moving to brazil
27 yo german, in university becoming a conference interpreter language combination german english portuguese
do you think there is enough demand for language professionals for me to freelance and make it in brazil?

I would consider Florianopolis, because it is nice, safe, clean

The rest of the country is too dirty and dangerous, you would have to live behind a wall with security.

OP mainly wants to bone underage trannies for small monies

hey wanna switch our nationalities?

Uma delícia

ill marry you for 0.5 bitcoin so you can have residence in europe

Depends on your competency. I know a few conference interpreters in SP, but the market is locked up by red tape for translators. You need to be 'juramentado' to make a living.

How pathetic can you be? As soon as I get my degree I’m moving to Canada. Brazil is a shithole.

>Ajuramentadois a man who takes an oath to die killing Christians. The Friars in the Philippines Ambrose Coleman. That night as the Americans swung along under the dome of brilliant stars, a question arose as to the meaning ofjuramentado.

I'm br, its true what you wrote specially about the cost of living and for many months we had a huge premium on BTC/BRL here, way over what Korea had, being in crypto since 2013 I made bank and I'm pretty much set for life but I still want to move out this country.

clubs in brazil (even the "rich" ones) are so fucking trashy they make ameriniggers look high class non-degenerates

Yeah, don't come to Rio unless you wanna get stabbed by shirtless 13 year olds

This. Canadian here who has been to Brazil. Florianopolis is safe and good. Goiania too.

that sounds kinda hot actually

i rather not get killed or catch a new virus but thanks

Tradução juramentada:

Utter shit hole. Had to flee from this godforsaken place

There are no jobs, the economy is completely destroyed, government will rape you with taxes. It's a dystopian bureaucratic shit hole

I take it you never been to Brazil. You're so fucking delusional it hurts. t. brazilian who fled this utter hell hole.

If you want to get dragged into a jungle and then beheaded then it's a great spot.

Want to gay marry I'm looking for a way out of this frozen Pajeet infested wasteland.

It's a complete shithole country. The folk is shit. The culture is shit. All is shit. Don't come, you will regret it forever.
Att: A brazilian.

I advise everyone reading not to fall for this shilling. I live in Brazil's most developed, least niggerish state and still am counting the days until I can leave this shithole.
>Taxes are absurdly high considering the available infrastructure and public services
>Expect to pay double for any and all electronics due to said taxation
>Same thing with cars. A brand new honda civic goes for 30k usd, 50% more than in the us
>Have to buy a car in any decent-sized city because public transport sucks
Stay away

Not to mention the fact you can get mugged and stabbed by a 13 yo inbred pretty much everywhere. No place is safe in this shithole.

Brazil is Europe in a few years, without the ragheads. You guys will get it worse kek


Brazil is a shithole for POOR motherfuckers
If you have money Brazil is heaven

>lower taxes than in the US

t. POOR motherfucker who can't even affort a single bitcoin

You've never been in the US
Receita Federal is a kitty cat compared to the IRS

>muuh 50% tax on good
You can pay the tax with your crypto profit that won't go to the gov

Brazil crypto tax is 25% and drops to 20-15% if you hold for a year and they only tax whem you cash out while in the US you have to pay tax on EVERY crypto-to-crypto trade

God i fucking love Brazil i will never return to United Tax of Feminism A.K.A USA

I've been in Curitiba for almost 5 years and i have never been assalted nor robbed
There are some haitian niggers in downtown but they are very friendly

I also never have seen a snake nor a monkey on the street and that is kinda sad because i thought that Brazil would be a jungle-like place Bulshit it is just like my neighborhood in South Lake City but with no jews

Brazilian here. Tbh I've always wanted to flee this place and I've spent a good amount of money trying to get an Italian citizenship, but it'll take some time.
With the way things are going worldwide it sounds like Chile might be a better option. It's a bit like Brazil but with looser restrictions on the economy and less government meddling. But it's not so bad here, really. The government is shit but the quality of life in the Sao Paulo countryside is not bad at all.

I wanna go to SP everybody tells me it is good and better than Curitiba

You should go user. I'm sure you won't get murdered.

Having niggers break into your luxury condo with automatic weapons and bulletproof gear, then fuck your wife and make you watch it just for fun since no one goes to jail and you're not allowed to own guns, yeah, it's a real fucking paradise

I've never been to Curitiba, but SP is really good. I prefer the countryside but I used to live in the capital and it's a good place too.
My only complaint: Noguns (as stated). That might change in the coming months, though, thanks to Temer. This guy has been a reverse Trojan Horse, in some aspects

4 years 8 months 2 days and i am still alive
i'll return to SLC to sell my car my stuff and return to Brazil
Go to Curitiba and you will know why i don't wanna live in the US anymore
When you are walking om the street girls come at you and ask for a kiss and they tell you to grab their butt while you kiss then and jesus they are great at kissing

Lived here all my life. Never actually robbed (though they have tried it 3 times).

At least they won't throw airplanes into my condo

>When you are walking om the street girls come at you and ask for a kiss
Dunno how things are in Curitiba, but I'd call LARP if you were in SP for sure

Be careful. Our violence rates are stratospheric. 60k homicides/year. Unfortunately our common folk can't solve the most banal things peacefully, or without killing/injuring others.

Op iS a degenerate nothing more

U mad feminist?
Now fuck off to leddit