I turned $200 into nearly $4000 in 2 days shorting bitcoin

I turned $200 into nearly $4000 in 2 days shorting bitcoin

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Pls gib tutorial.

But how? In biz we are supposed to lose money

keep doing it until you lose it all again

I turned 200 dollars into 180 in 5 minutes longing bitcoin.

What's the leverage?

>go on tradingview
>search 'cm-ultimate_ma_mtf_v2
>set it to 7 (triple ema)
>use 8 hour candles
>short when it turns red, long when it turns green


What do you mean by set it to 7? Found the template on tradingview. Thanks user, looks good


fuck yeah ty user



In the indicator's settings under 'input' set it to 7 like in pic related


i dont have pro for 8 hour candles.
sounds like bait desu.

Good shit, thanks user

Why do you think this is bait?

Also you can just do a free 30 day trial of pro then cancel your subscription and create a new account and do it again. If you don't wanna do that though then you can just use 12 hour, I think that's in the default

Np man, good luck. See you in lamboland

Oh wow, that's nice. Want to teach me, master?

Thanks for sharing op

Intredasting. Teach us senpai

No prob, thought it was a change from the stinky link spam

where do i search for the cm-ultimate?

OP, are you opposite me?
>turned 0.34 btc into 0.05 in less than 10 days

i think its bait because everything can happen in 8 hours

thanks op!! how does stack up against the stochrsi? or do you use both?

how do install the script? not paying for pro

But if it's correct more often than incorrect and you have stop losses, you will profit. It's not about always being right, it's about usually being right


In the indicators library

Also it's not cm-ultimate sorry, it's cm_ultimate with an underscore

Aha sorry user

You don't need to pay for pro, you'll just be limited to 3 indicators per chart

where do i set 8 hour candles?

I used to use StochRSI but I actually don't rely on it much anymore. I prefer WaveTrend. Other indicators I really like are the Fisher Transform, the Coppock Curve, and Squeeze Momentum

>Using TA to anticipate when the market will move

Why are you TA-fags around? Literally every dip turned out to be because that Kobayashi faggot dumped a massive amount of BTC on the open market. And every minor dump has been because of bad news related to Korea, India, China, Binance, etc.

Your bullshit TA can't predict any of this.

My 1000% gains says otherwise

Post your trades i dont believe you

You've been gambling for 2 days. And had it not been for everyone thinking Binance had been hacked yesterday, you most likely would have been liquidated by now.

You don't need TA to do this shit. Just wait for BTC to approach 11k and the short it down to 10k.

And by all means, continue your gambling session.

Just don't trick gullible mongoloids on Veeky Forums into making the same mistake.

Congrats OP, thanks for sharing

Pic related

It's not gambling if you know what you're doing

What the fuck is short and that stuff? i don't understand shit, can someone explain? i want to daytrade

Longing: Buying with leverage - You want the price to go up
Shorting: Selling with leverage - You want the price to go down

CM_ULTIMATE_MA_MTF_V2 search yields no relevant results on tradingview no matter what search i try
also not logged in if that makes a diff

Don't worry buddy, as soon as you see the damn interface the couple neuron that you have will automatically meltdown. Then you'll go back to pol

Yup I did a killing on the testnet. I knew this was comming but never did the due to move my lunchmoney in there. FML

how much % of your capital you use per trade?
when do you take profit?
when do you cut your losses?
thanks op

and how the fuck do i install that script?

I used to look at charts with RSI, MACD and CCI

Op, what's your point to shill this here?
New fresh meat on bearish market?

basically, when you short an asset, you borrow units of that asset and sell them at the current market price. Then, when the price goes down, you buy back the asset at the lower price, pay back what was borrowed, and pocket the difference.

are you bragging about knowing TA? lmao the Veeky Forums state

Is there anywhere I can practice this stuff, like a BTC trading sim that uses historical data?

Hmm, curious

I go all in, then after a few trades I cash out 50% of my total funds. Then I carry on going all-in with what's left. I don't cut losses because my liquidation price is meant to be far enough away that I won't have to. E.g. my liquidation price was 10200 and the price rose to 10100 but I didn't close, then it plummeted to 9100. If it had come to it I would have just added more margin to improve the liquidation price because I was confident it was going to dump again

You use BitMEX to margin trade

I'm not shilling, note how I haven't posted any referral links

Yeah, search 'bitmex testnet' to practice with imaginary funds

Worthless imo. You already know the major moves and you'll subconsciously follow them.

what do you look for when trading with the wavetrend and cm_ultimate? your screenshot looks different on the wt_lb do you have special settings on that as well? thanks

This seems to work a lot better than other indicators I tried, which seem to give no edge. Care to explain how this works? I figure ma is moving average and mt is multiple time frames - but how does it actually work?

So does it have to be 8 hr OP...thanks for the tips I've done all the steps except add Pro because I don't want to give those jews my CC info but I just might anyway and cancel as you suggested. So final question....which BTC/USD exchange pairing have you been tracking? Bistamp Coinbase? thanks

First of all, thanks for sharing this.
Have you tested this only with BTC?

Nice. I turned 1000 dollars into nearly 30 dollars going long on bitcoin.

> you borrow units of that asset and sell them at the current market price.

And if the pice goes up? how are you going to pay what you borrowed?

OP here I'll be back in 30 mins, keep the thread alive and I'll reply when I get back

Then you fucked up and have to pay the difference yourself. You still owe the assets.

Does this really need to be explained to you? If so, then go google "margin trading", and stop bothering everyone with your dumb questions.

Looks like you only shorted and got lucky in the last few days. Do you think you can profit from long/short when the market is not volatile?

well obviously you'd take a loss.

As an example. Say the price of BTC is $10000. You short 1 BTC, meaning you borrow and sell 1 BTC at market. If the price goes down $500, you'd buy back 1 BTC at $9500, return the 1 BTC you borrowed, and pocket the $500 difference. But if the price increased $500, you'd have to buy back at $10500 and pay the difference out of your pocket.

On margin trading platforms like BitMEX you have to put up collateral before you can borrow, so if the price moves against you it comes out of your margin balance.

I'm too scared to gamble on that shit, lets say I bet $100 on btc going back to 10k until the end of day, how much I can get if I'm right?

This seems legit with a trailing stop but the question is on what criteria...are you just letting each trade ride for awhile or scalping quickly? I'd assume let it ride, but so far I've only looked at 4hr time frame and not 8hr as suggested, it does seem like you have to give yourself a good bit of room to breathe so to speak and not have the stops set all that close?

look, just sign up for a BitMEX testnet account and play around with margin trading. You'll figure it out (assuming your IQ is above room temperature). testnet.bitmex.com

depends on your leverage
just research margin trading/leverage, its not that hard to understand really, dont ask us to spoonfeed you

>You use BitMEX to margin trade
Well, when the site isn't completely fucking borked, you can margin trade. Unlike yesterday, when the site went down conveniently at the same time as the plunge, and a bunch of people got fucked right in the ass getting liquidated and unable to change their positions. And it's also convenient that the site offers NO refunds of any kind for site crashes.

But yeah, you can margin trade there. Most of the time. And if you have any questions, be sure to ask the mods in their chat, who will link you to an article from December 2017, that says "we're looking into the problem".

depends on how much leverage you use. At 100x, you could borrow up to $10,000 with your $100. But if the price moves against you even 1% you'd lose everything.

Think about it like this. Take the price change in BTC, divide by the amount you are betting, multiplied by price change times your leverage.

So if the current price is $9300 and the price increased by $700 and you had bet $100 using 5x leverage, your gain would be 100/9300 * 700 * 5 = 37

Is there other sites to margin on?

fahrenheit or celsius user

pls be celsius

OP must have gotten an alert from his indicator! lmao


Aren't burgers banned from bitmex anyway? Can I fug on bitfiniex?

using meme lines to predict prices kek.

The only brainlet is you friend, the current dip was easily shortable when it broke the rising bearish wedge at the end of a 5th wave.

TA fags keep making bank while Veeky Forums hodlers get dumped on endlessly

Fuuuuck how do you not get this? Please educate yourself on probability and statistics, then look into pattern analysis, once you grasp those learn about economics and the financial industry. History repeats motherfucker.
TA doesn’t “predict the future” it indicates the likelihood of x or y or z or whatever happening

How can you make fast trades on such long candles (8hrs)?

Keeping thread bumped. also looking for complementary indicator/s to prevent long entry into positions like pic related

Download the app for iOS, even with your free account you'll have access to all timeframes

This indicator looks pretty reliable, going to try to make a bot out of this.

OP here, back. I was thinking of becoming a tripfag. My name is Abstract. I gave one other call with this trip a few weeks ago but that's it.

It's basically just a highly-customisable moving average, yeah. I'm not sure of the specifics though

There are two different ones but it's just aesthetics really

Yeah, only with bitcoin so far. I imagine different coins have different timeframes that this indicator works well for. I prefer margin trading bitcoin to altcoins though

I think I can, yeah

It's good to time your entry within the bigger candle itself. So you might use 15 minute candles to time your entry within the context of the larger 8 hour candles

I don't make fast trades, I leave them open for maybe 12 hours on average?

Just use longer timeframes so those fluctuations will be insignificant and you won't fomo into them

Good luck, wish I knew how to code stuff like that. You would make a killing

>Keeping thread bumped.
How about no

Why fast trades? Trading on bitmex is best done in a 3-7 day pattern. No need to rush.

reminder to filter all tripfags

Go for 4-12h candles. In can happen there as well of course, but the likelihood is far smaller. If you want 100% certainty you better stay out of this market


I use:
Guth 3x Confirm
Simple multiple EMA script I made out of someone else's script (lol why waste one of my 3 free indicators on a simple script when I can load a bunch of stuff on a single custom script)
Suport and Resistance V2

when this happens just log through their mobile site

Are Amerifats banned from all margin trading websites?

Fucking sucks.

Yeah we are, but it's easy to vpn into registering (no real KYC) if you want to get liquidated a bunch.

I like it too yea, what do you look out for? the usual cross on the extreme ranges?

Mostly just the cross, but you can also get a feel for when a cross might be due when it gets to the extreme ranges, in which case you pay special attention to price fluctuations or stalls

When you say sell on red and buy on green, do you mean the candle or the line turning that color?

you'll lose it all again. trust me.

Also, thnx for the tips, OP! Do you have a discord, twitter, or email where we can follow you?

The line turning that colour

Of course, one can't just blindly follow that indicator, you have to take it in the context of the situation and other indicators. But it is a darn good indicator

It's probable that I will make a bad trade eventually. That's why every few trades I'm cashing out 50% of my account

Another Bitmex shill thread.

More subtle this time but fuck sake FUCK OFF BITMEX

If you're going to trade on candle color, just take your money, set it on fire, throw it in the toilet, and flush it. Same outcome.

Any way to get this in the tradingview chart on bitmex?

Just made a twitter and discord




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