$38,008/BTC in May?

>Be me
>Spent $99 on Clif's report
>It says to expect $38,008/BTC in May
>Bought the "dip" yesterday
>I'm seeing nothing but red candle atm

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>kills self in March
yeah, why wait? go get rope now

>paying for insane boomer ramblings

You should have bought a rope the moment you considered paying to be bullshitted at

$13,888 by Feb right guys?

this is the truth

He also said 14k by the end of February


The guy is a fucking phony. Ever asked your self where and how he gets his data?

Protip: He is making it up in his head.

>paying a literal madman for financial advice

It's March!?

yeah, so?
he probably just meant by 2019.
data sets are not exact with the timing

Should I buy his April and May reports?

What the fuck is up with the reports actually? It reads like a bad AI or the ramblings of a madman, with huge blocks of text and every fourth word 'marked' like 'this'. Why would anyone pay him money?

$99. PBC costs $2500. Gotta pay if you want the real deal. Big T is my jesus.

>Jesus is always right

It was in Canadian dollars... just saying...

this lol

He's not mad, he's smart. He's bottom feeding off you degenerate gamblers, $99 a pop.

Every mania ends with the cloud of scammers descending and selling their services to the last crowd of remaining true believers, who will use their last dollars to get that 'sure thing" that will lead them to riches. Watched it happen a million times, especially in real estate.
The guy who The Wolf Of Wall Street does the exact same thing. He made a second fortune selling self help bullshit.

You fucking idiots buying these reports. There are telegram channels that leak the reports.

Im feeling nice today email my throwaway with your telegram username and ill invite you stupid sacks of shit to the leak channels.

[email protected]

hi sir i cant meail you right now

pls send invite to your special group

[email protected]

I bought at 13K


@cliffhighleaks in telegram you brainlet

Hold for 5 years and you're going to make it.

>what is nonphysical energy

Does anyone have a copy of the new report?

Get his recent predictions here, also small donation to him wouldn't hurt anyone.

Share the PDF, please?