Coin roll hunting

Has anyone done this? It's where you go to banks and buy half dollars hoping to find silver.
I just came away with a roll of 40% silver coins, 1 90% silver coin and a roll full of mint coins, I'm almost certain some of which are silver. This is at least the third time this has happened.

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The nice thing is, if you hit the jackpot it's basically free money with zero risk since you're trading money for money.

no, i just buy bulk siver or gold from a reputable bullion dealer.

I’m very intrigued.

What do you do when you find the silver ones?

How do you tell they are silver?

Teach me these ways

Dude it's not that common you nigger. They are rare as fuck

Bong this is old hat. People have been doing this for years and it is increasingly difficult to get results. I guess you just got lucky the banks are wise to this

>What do you do when you find the silver ones?
Keep them or sell them depending on what you want to do. I'll probably sell my 40% stack I just got today.
>How do you tell they are silver?
You can tell by the years and the edges. Dimes, quarters and half dollars dated 1964 or prior are 90% silver. Kennedy Half dollars dated 1964-1969 are 40% silver.
The silver coins will also have a bright white edge as opposed to a standard brown copper edge.
They're not as rare as you think they are. Most of the times when I get large amounts of silver, I have a suspicion that someone turned in grandpas coin collection not knowing what it is. Almost every trip I go out and do this I usually at least find a few 40% coins but I've found entire rolls on multiple occasions.
In my area I get lucky quite a bit. It probably depends where you live but I live around a lot of seniors, so that probably helps.

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I used to do that too before I got into roll hunting.

Sick so how do you sell them? Just a pawn shop or what?

Also do the banks charge you to do this or you walk in the 1k and tell them to convert it??

Well keep stacking while you can and try keep it quiet if possible good luck

You can sell them on ebay or a pawn shop. Either way you're going to make more than you spent although you'll make more with ebay but you'll have to wait for them to sell.
I really shouldn't be telling any of you this but I'm assuming none of you live in my immediate area. Normally I don't give this information to people in my area.

Depends how much you value your time. I used to do this in Canada with quarters and nickels. Very time consuming. Worked out to like 2 dollars per hour. I couldn't justify it anymore.

I did this with quarters back in 2007 and made about 100 dollars in a weekend ($10 roll of silver quarters). I tried again for the hell of it this past year and didn't find a single silver quarter. Never tried with half-dollars. Might have to give it a shot in my area.

Some years ago Kyle Bass a hedge fund guy in texas bought a million nickels with no intention of selling them. He surmised that the metal content of the coins exceeded the face value and assumed at some stage the us would abolish the coin and he would melt down for profit. Cool guy is Bass

I've been roll hunting for almost 10 years now. A bit harder to do in Alaska with smaller supply, but I've managed alright, though currently on hiatus to let coins replenish. I stick to dimes and halves, mostly dimes.

I also forgot to mention, if you walk in with 1k you might come across some hurdles. Usually I just go out with a couple hundred dollars and hit about 4 or 5 banks till I get something big. Now with that said, if you want to order 1000 dollars in halves they'll probably do it (I haven't tried it yet) but if you go in there every day ordering hundreds of dollars worth they might start asking questions.

I learned the hard way that anything other than half dollars isn't worth your time. You'll almost never find silver. Unless you strictly buy halves.

I prefer dumpster diving

Ok cool deal,

Now what about returning the shit coins? Is that hard?

When you return shit coins you want to have a place called a "dump bank". When you return them they'll hate you unless it's at a bank with one of those free automatic coin counters. If that's the case you can just dump them in the counter and get a receipt. This is a pretty interesting video on the subject:

Silver is due huge gains this year its wise to look for these gems before it really catches on

Ok cool, so I’m mainly thinking halves for the first few times I do this

What is your win:loss on halves for the most part?

>Ok cool, so I’m mainly thinking halves for the first few times I do this
Yeah, halves are the only real way to go.
>What is your win:loss on halves for the most part?
I haven't really calculated it to be honest but today if I had to guess I'd say I spent about 42 dollars on halves all together and ended up with about 90 dollars in silver plus a bunch more for some of the non silver mint coins I got as well. Although I'm not an expert on the latter.
With that said, I don't want to set you up for disappointment, so don't expect to find big stacks of silver or even anything, especially the first time you do this. I usually come home with at least 3 or 4 40% silver coins which just ends up paying for my gas but I don't do it that often. Although like I said, I've also gotten entire rolls full of silver on numerous occasions.

With that said, it's also dependent on location. I'm lucky in that I live in a location where silver halves just happen to pop up. Some people do this for a long time and come up with nothing, others like myself have a tendency to get lucky quite a bit.

It's a fun hobby. I've heard of some people making a living off of it but for most people it's just a hobby.

so you walk in and say "may i have some half dollar rolls please" and specify the amount and walk out?

I usually just walk in and ask the teller if they have any half dollars they are willing to sell me and I buy everything they have on hand. If you do try to be as nice about it as you can since they're technically doing you a favor. Also, don't expect all banks to just hand over their halves. Some banks will want you to open an account with them which can be extremely frustrating. Although other banks will just sell them to you because they're eager to get rid of them but the number 1 rule is to be as friendly as possible.
Oh and one more thing is when you ask for halves. Don't just say "do you have any halves you could sell me". Ask: "do you or any of the other tellers have any halves you could sell me". Otherwise you'll just be checking with one teller when the teller right next to them could have a drawer full of silver.

Oh and another thing about banks that ask you to open an account. Sometimes if you come back a few months later and you get a different teller they'll sell them to you anyway. So even if they don't sell them to you the first time, still try to be friendly so they don't remember you next time as the "guy who threw a fit" because then they'll probably never sell you any again.

How much is a silver half dollar worth?

Google says $3 per 40% half dollar

90%ers are with a little over twice what a 40% is worth. See above.