Wew, that volume tho

What's it going to do?

30k in.
Rek'd ?

Yrah, I guess so. I didn't look at the bottom.. Well, first bust. Life goes on.

It brings me great pleasure to see this shitty coin fall. I warned you faggots during its ATH. I said it was going to be worth .05 come summer.

Who's laughing now.



Take you're own advice you REQ buying brainlet. You could see that scamcoin from a mile away. I tried warning faggots like you but MUH FUTURE PAYPAL INVESTMENT.

As if paypal wouldn't immediately hire a team to make them crypto relevant the moment crypto is out of early adopter phase.

Get some rope user, you're lose all you kept in this shit coin.

What does this mean?

Request will be the first blockchain solution to gain mainstream adoption and thus the first crypto to bring in institutional investors.

The delusion of reqlets

Honestly, it's just a weird token in general. And frankly it's pretty fucking creepy that the token isn't even needed to use the platform. Like...okay????....then why does the token, heh, y'know, eXisT????

A whole 75 btc? Wow!

The amount of autism the average REQ bag holder has is amazing. You seriously think REQ of all things is going to be the one? Jesus christ. I don't even know what to say because I actually feel bad for you.

Any business that has to equate themselves to another service (like saying they're the future paypal) is clearly not going to deliver. They want buyers to equate their non-material/service to something that actually works so you impulse buy.

What they plan on doing is already being done by a bunch of other coins that are further along then they are.

You're going to lose it all if you stick with them user.

nice fud in here

just bought 100,000

I love watching deluded reqqies get reqt.

This is the STRONGEST fud I have ever seen on REQ, ever. Someone must know something about main net, or something else. Because it went from just trash talking to real, serious and aggressive fud right here.

Buy signal.

>Weird and CREEPY!

>Market goes up REQ goes down
>Market goes down REQ goes down

Wew lad, you're right. All FUD, no truth in there whatsoever.

If you give me your email, I'll hit you up for your address when it hits .05 and come show you how to tie a noose. I wouldn't want you to suffer by incorrectly tying it on your way out.

which fud are you referring too?

>it went from just trash talking to real, serious and aggressive fud right here

Don't forget people got out of REQ and lost lots of money from it. Shitposting it and seeing it go to 0 makes them feel better about leaving.

I agree, the fud has went full on. $3 EOY.

People have been saying REQ is a shitcoin on it's way out forever. This isn't new you faggot. We're not fudding we're just reveling in the decline of such a shit coin that was clogging Veeky Forums's traffic for so long.

I'll be so happy when I see no REQ threads this summer because you'll all have killed yourselves.

Yes because vendors will keep using paypal and waiting 2 weeks to get their money when they can use Request and get their money instantly.

Request has easily the most professional team in the industry and is backed by some of the largest players around. Stay poor.

why are you so mean?

>memetoken in march
whoa, who would have thought

>req is the only alt thats down since january

priced in

Nigger have you used paypal? 2 weeks for what? My business uses paypal. I get the money same day it's paid by the user. I can have it withdrawn to my bank same business day.

Jesus christ I need to start an ICO, normies are downright retarded.

Totally on the money. Imagine you’re an Airbnb host, accept request, and all your taxes are done. That’s super insane. The only sad part is i need time to get more money to go deep in REQ

Because REQ has been and always will be a scam coin and I'm sick of seeing threads on this board. I've been warning faggots since ATH to get out of it because it was going to crash hard. No on listened, and even now faggots think they're being smart for HODLing a worthless coin.

Very nice get


Scam coins wouldn’t be backed by Y combinator. And before you take a shit on that- imagine all the connections they have to implement mass marketing strategies for adaptation.

This is the YC club that REQ is going to join


ALthough to be fair a lot of coins are getting JUST recently many good ones have bounces back
REQ is shit, it is trying to get in a space that is incredibly difficult. In a space that is working just fine how it is
>muh paypal 2.0
Sure faggots, stay delusional


>what does high volume on green candles and low volume on red candles mean?

Kek. All Those were backed by Y?

People aren't selling :)

Look at the top wallets...they've never sold a cent even at highs. The people who bought into this and backed it early know it's true value.

Anyone who calls REQ a scam is downright stupid...they are the most profesh team in crypto since ETH, by FAR