VeChain is just another scam

VeChain said their BMW "partnership" was under NDA to make their token holders think it was some big important BMW Group partnership

BMW's international communications director shares details, making it clear its not under any NDA. Should have been clear it wasn't under NDA because obviously they would have voided any NDA by presenting the logo. I don't know why I didn't consider this

What's more, its a shitty partnership that any start up can get just from filling out a google docs form successfully

I sold the last of my VEN because of this, so I'm spreading awareness. VEN isn't what we thought it is. CCK, X nodes, paid shills and now this fake NDA and paid/fake partnership are evidence of this

Fuck off. You post this exact same thing multiple times a day.


I will happily alert the community to scam coins.

Yeah, like I'm going to believe some YouTube roastie who was likely paid off by salty walties to manufacture FUD.

Nah, multiple people got the email, including VEN fans. They, like you, are happy to bury their heads in the sand though. This is for people who haven't been indoctrinated to the cult yet, as a warning to be cautious

Can't you walties think of some better fud than the exact same thing Walton actually did with the Alibaba Cloud? It just reminds us that Walton did that when I see this fake VET one.

Waiti did I miss the part where VeChain scammed their twitter followers with a fake give away and then faked and Alibaba announcement? Did the pull back the PwC partnership announcement and the DNV partnership?

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>I will happily fud to buy your cheap coins.

dat tasty walty salt

I have yet to see credible proof that these emails exist. If multiple people had received this email, screenshots would be plastered all over the subreddit.

>BMW's international communications director shares details, making it clear its not under any NDA.
Post proof. You are just posting the site.

All that misleading info. If you’re comparing any mishap to Walton every time someone someone calls it out than it says a lot about your fear of the competition otherwise you wouldn’t give a shit.

Why are you talking about Walton?

Do you genuinely believe the emails are fake? Asking sincerely

Pic related, from a regular in the VEN telegram. Also see @gemcrypto for her separate screenshots. She is also a VEN fan.

this sounds like a pilot program, not really a huge deal. BMW is just exploring the options and learning the space. Also sounds like they are working with others too. Not a strategic partnership by any means.

That's my point. But what's worse is that they lied and said it was under NDA to make people assume it was some big thing. It was weird that at their biggest ever event all they did was flash the logo. Now we know why

weak fud

I'm not selling. Idk why you are even posting this shit. If you don't see the potential than you are stupid. I'm so far in the green I don't care though but I think I'm going to purchase 100 thousand units now that I saw this post.

It's been confirmed by other admins in the group that this was fake.

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i wonder of the mentality behind retarded faggots like OP

Worked in Hong Kong for two years, so far from an expert. The first thing you learn there though is Chinese companies are like dudes at a bar telling chicks how successful they are.

The whole country has a serious competition and inferiority complex issue. When you are in a sea of similar faces and people you need to do desperate shit to stand out and get your cut. This mentality carries to all aspects of life all the way down to waiting in line for something. There is no order people will throw an elbow at a 70yo woman just to get on a train before them.

When these animals leave their country they need to be herded around like cattle with a flag or stuffed animla on a stick to follow. They have no idea how to interact with normal human beings.

Long story short never invest in Chink hype, they are always lying or exaggerating. Only ever invest in Chink results, they are capable of exploiting their people and government programs to make serious profit.

Breyer is a pretty damn good result so I'm all in

thanks op just bought 100 million