Req is done. There is no fucking bottom. See you at 1 fucking cent within this week

so many REQ FUD threads out of a sudden,gee I wonder why :)

Maybe because it’s been going sideways and then dropping into nothingness regardless of news

I have a bunch of REQ but now that they're outsourcing to India I am very, very, very skeptical about the project.
Will likely set a sell for somewhere on the rebound line and get out to tech that isn't developed by third world outsourced developers.

proof for this shit
is there an update tomorrow btw?

I believe they said in their last update that the next update could come at any time.

1ct would be lovely, I would so buy the whole market.

Please sell, OP.

thanks just bought 100k

>mainnet coming out this month
>fud threads
Too fucking obvious

this is verbatim FUD that gets posted all the time. I literally don't know why people pay to post this shit on Veeky Forums, like it has some dramatic impact on the market. It's pathetic

Mainnet release means a huge dump in this bear market. Hodlers are expecting a pump to get out and they will all sell at the same time. Below 10 cents EOM for sure.Not even fudding. Hodling 67k Reqs since ICO

The market sucks, and this coin is taking a shit, there is no whale. We're going to suffer for months as long as we hold. I'm sure in a year this coin will be top contender but without tech it's nothing. Just ride it out or buy back when everyone fomos in a year

pajeets posting this shit for 5 rupees an hour. how big of a subhuman has someone to be, to bash his own kind and himself? its almost as bad as being a chainlink shill

Req sucks. Market sell Nao.
Buy chainlink. Much riches sirs.

(5 rupees have been added to this poster)

500k req here, im gonna dump on you so hard faggot

As I've been saying. .05 by summer. It'll go back up in a week or so, but it will only be dragging out the inevitable.

.01 by SEPT 29 2018.

ill would gib every chainlink shitposter double the rupees for a week just to stfu and keep my board clean

kek why you invest in scam user?


>.01 by SEPT 29 2018.
.001 is more likely after theyre forced to pay for their copyright infringement

It gets worse the longer I think about req

I wonder what's the point of posting those over-the-top FUD posts really is. It should be pretty clear that no one in their right minds believes in $0.01.

If anything, it creates a Streisand-effect. So, why?

The reason is anger

Right, the FUD gets worse. You guys are not even trying anymore...

If you wanted a shit FUD Photoshopped up you only had to ask; I'd have done a better job of it than the 14 year-old kid with a copy of MS Paint who you obviously used.

how is this fud

People think a mainnet launch in a bear market will save this shitcoin?

This for two fucking months. Even fucking link has had one or two pumps

>$0.005 EOW
>holding 59million REQ btw guise
kys fucking nigger

It’s fake and was posted for months.

Why this coin is a thing is still beyond me. The big feature is notification that says 'pls send ___'. Am I missing something?

yes, DYOR

>stinky pajeets FUDing REQ
>brainlets fall for it


But mainnet release in 3 weeks?

Thats what it says on the website. If you have to deep dive to understand it then I guess thats why consumers wont buy it

sir, indian programmers are one of the most respected engineers in the world. this move can only benefit req.

The FUD is intense. $5 EOY.


inb4. my id is brown. i know. haha. poo in loo. haha. very funny. racist

The angry are the stupid who bought in late. I bought millions at $0.04. You don’t make life changing money selling and dumping sh-tcoins. You become wealthy by getting in at ground zero for huge projects. Compare eth’s early price chart with req’s.

One can only hope, I'd love to buy more cheap req.

this is legit and the real reason why the lead dev left and forced them to outsource everything

Top kek guys

Once the bullrun starts it will reach $1. Once REQ is universally adopted it's not unreasonable to expect 1 REQ to be worth $100k. The only problem I have is the name. "I'll send you the money on wrek" sounds pretty bad when you say it out loud.

Thanks for showing that they look nothing alike idiot. Also you can't claim a trademark when your trademark is a obviously don't know much about law. Not to mention that REQ is based in French and is being "sued" by a Australian company. Lol

Also, developers aren't outsourced, REQ is a PLATFORM similarly to the Ethereum Network. This means that it will be even bigger.

Chill out

Robinson is from my hometown and there was a short article on this in the newspaper a few weeks ago. I don’t think people care here but it sounded serious

So you base the value of the coin as the only driving force behind the porject? None of these teams care if the price of their token goes up or down, but that people are infatuated with their tech and potentially using their product in their lives.

That is what will drive crypto to be used.


you're so bad at this.

Link the source then, idiot. DO ITTTT

Stay for the prophecy

This is not even close man, a capital R without the stem is not a ground breaking concept

>logos look nothing alike
>real estate & a decentralized crypto currency service, the two are so different that it is very unlikely to cause confusion

seriously there is no case

They're not even close, ETH was worth ten bucks within months of its creation, REQ is barely over its ICO price right now. Fucking Norman.

So fucking tired of FUD rats. My coin is better than yours. Your coin is shit... buy this coin..your a cock stain for buying this coin. Your coin has seen more nigger cum than Mandy Monroe's clit ring..blah blah. We need to be increasing the marketcap of all coins and in so doing all of us get fucking rich. Paid shill/fud teams I hope your children die horrible painful deaths.

But how would they accumulate without competition if it werent for FUD?

>ETH was worth $10 within months of it's creation

What? ETH went below ICO for months, and didn't reach $10 until over 1.5 years from creation.

Fucking Norman McDonald.

imagine req ever reaching 10$

>someone is all in on Req

I relate to this

the big thing will be when fiat is implemented
Q2 will see the start of this thing's moon mission
or not cause BUTTCORN LAWL

>1 fucking cent
if it goes that low I'm going all in.