I have 100k to invest

I have 100k to invest

How do I become a millionaire?

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gain 900k


Quick rundown?

all in btc now
sell at 4k

Buy chainlink sir.

throw that money in the toilet and get a job

Put everything on BTC right now.

Decred staking till it 10x

Is there a consensus that BTC will in fact increase over the next couple of years?

If you are looking at the crypto market and have 100k to invest, but you aren't already a millionaire....should reconsider how much you really have to invest. Don't be stupid user.

Gox sell-off is over, and shareholders who are entitled to the rest won't be getting their BTC in at least 6 months.

Now is the time. Now or never.

Buy PFR, AMB and LINK, $1MM portfolio EOY

I literally have never invested anything in my life

This 100k is from my earnings

Buy AMRS stock
It's gonna moon after the earnings release

wait for the dip, load 100k on bitmex, long the dip with 10x leverage (very low) enter 6k close 12k

honestly op i would wait until this whole mt gox shit settles down and that could be a long time

the gook has the power to crash the whole market and the recovery will take awhile.

What I'm trying to tell you is that it would be foolish to put more that 10% of your net worth into crypto.

If you're looking for more general investment advice outside of crypto, I'm afraid biz won't be of much help to you.

Send me 10 btc, I'll send you 100

60% equity index fund
20% bond fund
10% cash
10% gold
rebalance quarterly

I would tell you to wait a month but you won't listen so just put it all into DOGE and TRX

OP, you're more likely to lose it all than actually profit. You absolute best bet in crypto is legit probably 80% bitcoin and the rest in VERY hyped ICOs, as and when they arise.

You will almost certainly lose your money.

I wouldn't go 20% bonds if you are under 35, probably 0-10% at most. I'd also stay clear off gold but to each his own. I also assume the cash is in a savings account.

t. boomer

I wouldn't invest it stocks right now, because you're getting all of the volatility, but none of the gains. Why the FUCK would you want to put it in now? Wait for things to settle.

I wouldn't put things into bonds either, because interest rates are on the rise. Cash is maybe okay, but only because holding cash in a CD and then buying bonds later when they yield more could be more profitable.

Gold is a horrible idea. It's a boomer way to hedge against inflation.

None of the shit you suggested is very appetizing at all.

Honestly, BTC right now could be a decent bet, it's FAIRLY valued and the network is less congested, exchanges are using SegWit to cram more transactions into the block.

Then, some TIPS might be a good idea. They will still get JUST'd by interest rates but at least if there's (unexpected) inflation you get that money back.

Then... Canadian weed stocks?

Buy vechain x node before the deadline is MARCH 20 2018

i have a million dollars and you dont. i dont need your shit advice

bitcoin is the biggest scam and least stable coin of all stay away from it as an investment, you would be better off in Bitcoin Cash as it will see 10-20x this year.

I have 1.5 million dollars, you unlifting faggot

if bitcoin drops, your shitty bitcoin cash drops also along with the rest of the market u fag

Bitcoin Cash is a bullish bet - it's a bet on BTC transactions not being enough in the future even with LN because it's too popular

those transactions will spill over to BCH and Nano, so if you are VERY bullish on crypto, buy Nano and BCH

I don't think he was implying to buy stocks RIGHT now and at once. Large stock purchases are made in smaller chunks over time. Also, over a longer time frame, current volatility is insignificant.

who would be bullish right now

suck 900k dicks

Your best bet would be investing in bitcoin then waiting a few years.

Anything else Veeky Forums tries to shill you will be much riskier - it could make more, but you'll likely make less or even lose the bulk of your investment.

buying all at once historically outperforms dollar cost averaging

this is because most of the time you're in a bull market, so you will miss more up days by staggering your buys than down days

value-minded investors might be since nothing about BTC changed in the recent months, only the price

we learned of a giga whale that can crash the market

If anything, that makes the recent crash more understandable

so if he dumps in the future less than he dumped so far, it's actually a positive to find out about it

Real estate

Buying in chunks is a method to manage risk. There is not a single wealth manager who is going to suggest buying in all at once. Rushing in during the height of the bull market is just as bad as trying to shop the prices and timing the entry. A compromise is best.

LINK and GVT 50/50


> There is not a single wealth manager who is going to suggest buying in all at once.

Except for this firm:


not everyone needs to DCA

I'll check that out, thanks.

you're serious aren't you

it's just another ICO platform, don't go for it

>10% cash
>10% gold

one day when you have more than 5 figure account, you'll understand

All in BNTY

All In ADA not even memeing.


Just launched their token (NTP1) and web wallet (Orion) which allows for creation of tokens using Neblio blockchain.

Allows for ICOs to now launch on Neblio. NTP1 tokens can include metadata. Better tech than ERC20.

RestAPI suite is due out by end of March which provides capability to interact with blockchain using 8 programming languages. Orion web wallet utilises the API and was developed internally.

Can stake Neblio in desktop wallet to secure the network with 10% per year staking rewards.

Fraction of the market cap of NEO and ETH and has US based developers who are well ahead of their roadmap.

Hey Op, I also have about your level of moeny - here's my split

- 110k index
- 6.6k liquid
- 23k crypto

I think LTC is a solid buy and hold for a year or two. Also BTC will be big again with America's stock market recovery and regulators making the big (((protections)))

XRP is okay, historically its btc/xrp price loses 90% and then 10x's but it's too risky to do more than 10k on.

Pic related is my fiat money for gravitas. Some of the money is shared or put aside for wedding

Oh Ethereum is also really useful, I'm making a DAPP and the microsoft partnership means you can go to portal.azure.com and set up a blockchain in under 10 minutes


go to vegas

>110k index
>literally about to bag hold boomer money, lose half his money
>literally knows about crypto, not all in


go back in time