Daily reminder that profit is immoral

Daily reminder that profit is immoral

>OP is upset that life isn't fair

>This is the kind of childish thinking that drives communists.
Grow up. The world isn't so simple and it will never be fair.

Daily reminder that high time preference is degenerate.

the only good commie is a dead commie

Except the product was made using the guy on the rights machines and resources

Why doesn't the plaid shirt man just not work for poopy head business man and make the value for himself

Oh right because the materials, tools, infrastructure, and logistic chain he used to make that isn't his

I mowed a marxist's lawn once and convinced him his grass was mine. lmao

Consumerism is immoral, but capitalism is fine since it allows anyone to decide how they want to live. If they choose not to live within their means, of course they get fucked. However if you want to live a minimal lifestyle and only work rarely just to get by, you can do that. Or you can start a business and make however much or little you want.

Dude just turned 8 hours of value into 9. I'd say he earns a cut.

then dont sell your labor so cheap ya dangus

>manlet always win

Lanklets, when will they learn?

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That's not an excuse for the world to be unfair though.

may your hearts be purified by his love, leave yourself behind to serve yourself

Praise Christ


There is no excuse, the world just IS unfair and you can't fix that. You have to deal with it like the rest of us and make the best with what you have. I've got small ass dick, manlet status, poor upbringing, etc. But I'm not trying to steal from people or promote communism to try and "level the playing field".

>Daily reminder that profit is immoral
Communist or Christcuck (is there a philosophical difference?) detected.

Profit is required to offset the losses risk brings.

It is though. Trying to force the world to be totally fair can cause more problems then it solves.

>That's not an excuse for the world to be unfair though.
Fact: The Universe is as it should be at this very moment [that you are reading in]. If that were not the case, then you imply that you know better the configuration the Universe should be rather than the configuration the Universe is in, that you are arguing against the natural laws themselves.

No, at all times the Universe is as it should be, as its current configuration is inescapable from the ordered sequence of all previous configurations.

The world has been unfair even before humans existed. IMO the system we have now is still pretty fair, there are just some issues to work out.

>da universe is as it shud be
What a fucking retard

Im not even commie scum but what you just said was insanely retarded

>Company makes money
>Owner robbing employees
>Company loses money
>Employees robbing owner
Why didn't the people complain about corporations stealing from people complain about GM employees when GM was going under?


Communists think things like morality and principles are spooks so they don't really care about them, they care about ends and that's it. They do however not hesitate to say they believe in them or use them against their enemies when it is convenient. Like when communists defend private property rights to kick out ebil nazis from certain spaces.

Thing that always pissed me off about that guy was that he was just a bourgeois larper who took money from his rich capitalist buddy and just riled up a bunch of desperte poor people and when they got fucked he left them high and dry and even bought stocks.

Why would anyone put capital up for risk if there’s no rights to future profit?

Innovation would completely dry up.

commies don't really care about innovation or improvement, they basically just want everyone to be able to survive.

>reality isn't how i think it should be
when you grow up, you'll see the foolishness and wastefulness of such thinking

For this stupid logic, whe should not even have developed medicine or laws.

The guy on the right is the government right?

>profit is immoral
>but taxation, yes goyim we do love that :^)

Capitalism kills the people physically and psychologically.

You're literally retarded if you think it works that way

you sound like a child

It's a side effect of it (worse when it becomes multicultural) but Communism does that also but it does it on purpose (re-writing history, famines, denile of nature, etc). And at least with Capitalism you can get private property that you can do your own thing on somewhat.

As opposed to what you faggot?

communism just replaces the guy on the right with a "planner" who takes ALL the value instead of just a portion.

the value excists only since the man in dress sell and create demand. so no he dosent take it, he creates value

>Im not even commie scum but what you just said was insanely retarded
>What a fucking retard

No it's not retarded, and no I'm not retarded. Your biases shield you from the realities of the Universe at its very moment. When you say "The Universe should not be that way," it's not because the Universe is incorrect, but because the Universe and your desires are incongruent.

>Capitalism you can get private property that you can do your own thing on somewhat.

>Capitalist Government can take your land at any point in time and not give an explanation why.

They did though. Remember all the hate unions got?

>taking profit is wrong
>let the state take your property

>implying government is capitalist

you're both retarded and should never propagate your genes, look again but actually count this time

This is bullshit logic. If nobody ever tried to make the world better or fairer, we'd still all be serfs working 12 hour days and paying tithe to feudal lords

Why are you capitalising "Universe" like it's an agent unto itself with free will and not more than a complex set of chaotic processes, totally and utterly controlled by the probabilistic and wholly unpredictable forces of quantum mechanics?

this is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever read. You are like that retard Pangloss from Voltaire's Candide.

Dude's lifting 6 hours worth of work up to 9 hours. He's creating wealth with his effort.


So just to be clear - if someone makes something, they're not allowed to profit from it?

Basically everyone should just sit still until they starve/thirst to death because 'profit is immoral'?

>This is bullshit logic. If nobody ever tried to make the world better or fairer, we'd still all be serfs working 12 hour days and paying tithe to feudal lords
Exactly. There is nothing wrong with workers wanting to advocate for getting a larger slice of the pie. That is what the workers did historically before and after World War II and what we witnessed was the largest explosion of the "middle-class" in history
ITT: A bunch of classcucks

I used to be a wagecuck before I was a petit bourgeoisie crypto trader. I felt motivated to escape wage cuck slavery because I knew it was terrible and that the system was rigged. If it wasn't for the fact that my parents allowed me to live at home while I wage cucked, I wouldn't have saved the capital I needed to day trade crypto for a living

if you are so asspained about it
start your own business where you, the worker, are the owner and you get 100% of profits that you earn yourself

once you get big enough and cant meet demand
I hope you're willing to give equal share to every single worker you "employ"
no matter that you fronted the capital, the hours to get the business up and running
that doesnt matter in the slightest!

fucking retard

Youre the type of moron that annoys me the fuck out. That style of writting and that self righteousness, while spewing absolute incorrect bullshit should have some sort of death penalty.

If everyone had that mindset, there would have been zero revolutionaries throughout history. You realize some of those revolutions had a highly significant impact on the way our society is built and how it functions right?

I can somewhat agree that the universe at present is the way it should be, but that present was built on the actions of revolutionaries that were not ok with how their respective present time was going, and wanted change moving on to the future (which is our present fucktard)

Anyways kys cringe brainlet wannabe intellectual

Also I decided to continue living with my dad during the bitcoin bull market in 2017. Which meant I didn't have to sell much of my crypto in order to pay for expenses since I was living rent-free. Which means I ended up making even more money off the bull market.

Privilege gives me you more advantages in life. Being born into a financially secure middle-class family that can support your NEET ass gives you a competitive advantage over other people when it comes to entrepreneurship.

The world doesn't owe you anything. It was here first.

>I am okay with being cucked out of my share, because that's life brah
Why not work for free then?

>muh determinism

Then start your own business, faggot. create a good and / or service people actually give a fuck about, market it, fund it or find investors, then you can bitch about the "work" (((you))) did.

Can you guys imagine growing up so sheltered and pampered that you never learned the duality of life?

take it to /pol/, faggot

>take a discussion about business practices and structure to /pol/ because we're not commies

Start a business if you think it's so easy. Oh wait, you can't because the government you love so much imposed so many regulations that you'd have to be a millionaire to start said business. Also, your boss slipped the president some money and if you try to compete he'll just make new laws that will shut you down.

At least you can work for you boss, while you can make him some profit over the imposed minimum wage. If you cant, you're just condemned to roll up and die. That's where socialism got you.

Statists belong in an open grave.

>I am okay with being cucked out of my share, because that's life brah
Why not work for free then?
Exactly. lol.

The determinismfag is probably some NEET who was born into a privileged financially secure suburban middle-class family, which allowed him to get into crypto trading full-time. Like I was. The difference is that I'm willing to acknowledge my privilege. I'm just not willing to forfeit my privilege. Yeah I have it made more than most people on the planet. Why should I advocate against my own self-interests in the interest of fairness? At least I'm transparent about my motivations. I can't stand right-wing fags who get defensive whenever you point out that not everyone starts at 0 in the world and privilege exists.

And there is nothing wrong with pushing back against this if you are the one being cucked by society. If I was born to a poor family that kicked me out at 18 or started charging me rent at 18 because they couldn't afford to keep me around rent-free anymore, I probably would still be on /leftypol/ right now. When you don't have capital to begin with, it is harder to fight and claw your way up.

I'm largely content with my place in society now. I'd like to see the government cut taxes for people in my tax bracket (~$100,000) and below and to reform the capital gains tax laws. It's retarded that each trade is a taxable event. This means that I owe a lot more tax than I bothered to actually cash out.


Reality is unfair. 80-20/pareto distributions are seem everywhere from insects to plants to the market. Saying it's a symptom of "da ebil capitalists" is just fucking wrong. It's double wrong when you also consider the fact that income inequality is at best uneffected by the government's political leaning, or at worst (for you) lowest in free market countries. If you think income inequality is bad in the West look at fucking Africa, where a few are fairly rich by US standards while the people at the bottom live in literal mud huts.

>some people
>woman in a suit and glasses

>muh ruh publuhcuns
The corporate circlejerk crosses party lines how the fuck do people not realize this?


Grow the fuck up bitch

yes we should idiot

I think it's debatable whether Ancapistan-esque anything-goes capitalism would actually make it easier for small business. The nature of capitalism is such that capital tends to accumulate into fewer and fewer hands.

But yes government regulations in their current state are stifling small businesses. As a crypto day trader, I'll buy crypto and then flip it on the same day for a profit. I keep most of my profit in crypto. I only cash out my profit when I need to pay for shit. And I live a frugal lifestyle. So I don't cash out much of my profit. Yet the government wants to tax me for the 2017 capital gain whether its in crypto or fiat. Even if the value of my crypto holdings went down considerably in January-February 2018. Government regulation at its current form is fucked as hell. How the fuck can the government tax me on profits that no longer exist? lmao. The government is a fucking parasite. If you re-invest your profits into crypto, which is essentially a lot of what day trading is, then you shouldn't have to pay tax on that shit. If I cash out my crypto to my bank account and keep it there or go buy goods and services with it or if I buy goods and services with my crypto gains, then sure I'll pay tax on that. But right now the system is fucked. Too much regulation. Don't get me started on Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering regulation as well.

The solution is not having wild, wild west capitalism or having excessive regulation that kills entrepreneurship but a common sense medium somewhere in between.

There is absolutely nothing natural about our society. In natural law, a low-inhibition muscular ripped BBC would beat the shit out of you, fuck your girl right in front of your eyes and make you give him all your crypto at gun-point

Workers make wages.
Owners make profits.
This is the way of things.

Ok. That's not an argument though.

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>The nature of capitalism is such that capital tends to accumulate into fewer and fewer hands.
The monopoly theory doesn't really hold water, since they only really maintain control when hijacking state power. The very "robber barons" that anti-trust laws were made to control were losing market share before the laws were even enacted.

In a highly fluid and dynamic economy where innovation is king, the notion that one or few groups could stay leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors indefinitely is complete nonsense.

Fuck off soiboy. Take your emotional and feeling shits anyother place but here.

fucking commies.

>A communist tells user to grow the fuck up because he says life isnt fair
are you deluded or what

stay poor faggot

What do you mean that's not an argument. You use natural law to justify "the way it is". Well if a low-inhibition nigger decided to just kill you and steal your shit, that's natural law. Your dead in a natural law world. What now faggot?

>You use natural law to justify "the way it is"
I'm not making a moral judgement about inequality. I'm saying that it's a problem that's rooted much deeper than the economic system currently in place, and alternative economic systems made specifically to counter inequality (i.e. communism) either have little effect or make the problem worse.

You also seem a bit fixated on being abused by niggers, do you want to talk more about that?

>implying that big business will want less regulation
They want more regulation as long as it kills competition. Also, democrats do this too. If there was no politician involved in this, there would be no one there for the billionaire to bribe and he would have to compete through regular market laws.

Trust me, I'm not an americlap. I'm from a country that has so many shitty regulations that some markets are limited to 3-4 corporations and whenever a competitor appears there's some new regulation to fuck them over.

My point exactly. Commies such as cant name ONE monopoly case in which there was no government meddling to support it.

>I’ve got overhead
>t. Rick Harrison

Well at least you're not a natural law-fag then.

The core problem with the way things are now stems from the fact that we have political representatives and political representatives are prone to corruption. Why do people even get into politics in the first place? To make the world a better place? No. To increase the amount of personal power they have for themselves and also their family and friends in their inner circle. Money can buy power to a great extent. So naturally politicians are going to accept bribes from the people with money - the corporations.

The only way to get around this is to elect people who can't be corrupted. Or to put votes on a blockchain and do direct democracy. So that the people vote directly on the issues. You don't have to entrust anything to a corruptible representative.

If we had direct democracy, American politics would be far more sane. Because no longer would you have to pick between two clusterfuck sides (there are things I hate about both the Democrat and Republican parties). You could just vote on an issue by issue basis. So if I'm pro-abortion but I also want a tax cut, that can be accomplished with two separate votes. Instead of having to choose between the "lesser evil".

In a natural law world this nigger would try it some times and get shot, most likely. More niggers gangbanging = more niggers dead = less niggers making babies = smaller problem overall

>People "stealing" labor/wealth from others by free market means is immoral.
>Government should setup unconstitutional law and regulation to in effect socially engineer and redistribute wealth.
You really can't be any more fucking retarded than a filthy pajeet or a Commie, in your case, faggot.

>elect people who can't be corrupted

There is no such thing, though. Even the communist theory of "people can't be corrupted if there is no money" got busted, people will just want more power.
They will only stop being corrupt if they have no power to use as a trading chip

Riddle me this, OP.
>there is no company
>worker gets 10$/day doing whatever, he has no means of production
>future boss gets 100$/day doing whatever, he's qualified

>boss opens up a company and produces more
>worker gets $50/day
>boss gets $200/day now

Income inequality has increased by a lot. Who is at a loss here?

That's why anarcho-capitalism is the only form of society that deserves to breathe.

Your share is exactly what you agreed upon with your employer.

Correct. Not only because of that, but it's the only form of society without undue aggression (or at least without aggression that you can't defend yourself from).
Can't defend yourself from aggression if it comes from the government (i.e. prison if you don't pay taxes).

Your example is bs. Wages have not been keeping up with inflation since the 1970s. lmao.

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What a coincidence. Kind of alligns with the same time period the US went off the last vestiges of the gold stanrdard to fund its socialist programs. hmmmmm

If you include the Military-Industrial complex and the Prison-Industrial Complex as "socialist" programs, then sure

Capital is riskier than labour.. Capitalists provide capital, workers get paid regardless of whether profit is created.

productivity brought about by automation?


Doesn't stop a person from trying.
>boy is polio unfair, guess I'll do nothing
>flying is just a shitty bird thing
Every day we get closer to god.