Worthless piece of shit

Worthless piece of shit.

Don't be upset that OMG is down. The entire market is down right now, not just OMG. I hold OMG and its got a future unless some devastating news came out recently to shit on it.


Salty AF. Presumably a LINK faggot.

It is barely holding $13. Shit hit $20 a few days ago.

fucking worthless piece of shit and worst decision of my fucking life
>muh plasma
>muh sdk
>muh vitalik
>muh third worlders dont know how to use banks
fucking piece of fuck

Please sell I want your coins

I hold 9,400 OMG right now. I will either be a multimillionaire come Q3 or a broke bum

Completely accurate statement

OMG FUD and shill threads are at an all time high. No idea how to feel about this.

Look at the Satoshi/Wei
It’s down in fiat because BTC and ETH are down in fiat. But the price has not dipped significantly.

You should assume that the morons who are fudding it are morons. Easy.

Exactly. But it fails on idiots so, its almost a waste of energy to explain. Maybe they will get it though.

If you have trouble reading, the road map is also in picture form, we are still Q1 you fucktard, grab some crayons and go back to your bedroom kiddo

been holding since August. it's just such a fucking shame the market took a huge dump on this token. probably won't recover until May. hopefully then it can be alt season.

Are you American?

lol i cant believe i actually owned this coin. feels like fucking taking a fat ass NEET off of my shoulders after selling.
free at last.

BTC was swinging between $950 - $1300 a year ago. Then in April it pumped to $3000. If you've been in crypto for more than a year then you should know by now to just quit looking at charts, hold your bags and be patient.

Please dump to me

What is the problem with this coin? Is it that you don't have the patience or understanding that it will eventually go up but right now there isn't a ton going on to generate price action?

7200 reporting in I did pretty fucking well shorting it a few days ago when it went crazy..

Might try and get to 10k or call it a day and move on to other projects haven't decided. 10k sounds nice though.

10k does sound nice. And goddamn that's a large stack. Slightly jealous :P Good job user!