Will money matter after automation?

10-20 years from now when machines can do everything for free will you still chase money?

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i think you mean 5 years from now

Not until an AI culls half the human population and then decides everything for us, will we ever have anything but our current system.

The machines will chase you for your money.

fucking commie losers just kys already

Not even close. It depreses me as fuck. I chase money like a dog but deep down know i should just enjoy life.

Sure, who do you think will own the machines.

So you will sell to people with no jobs?

If automation was a real threat, why do these same economists claim we need unskilled immigrants?

Money will still matter to some extent because there is a limitation of natural resources, like land, some minerals, etc.

It's either money or demand/supply price adaptable ration credits of some sort. Oh wait, that's money.


yes. unironically.
not because they're stupid, but because they're lying.
well, some of them are stupid.

In soviet controlled area you could not own land or house or flat. You were given some by government.

You should stop believing in utopia and fairytails especially one where you rely on machines as slaves. People with your school of thought were the causes that lead to a machine rebellion in the second renaissance from the matrix.



Do you know people were asking that question when your father was drunkenly trying to undo your mother's bra the night you were conceived? It's not going to happen.

Technically incorrect. You could own personal property (house + garden land / flat / vehicle) and even sell it on a market of sorts.

Maybe in a Star Trek society 200 years from now.

nothing is free you stupid fucking underage commie

I am from Poland, no you could not own land.

I am against it you mongols

Weird. My grandma in Ukraine could (year ~1950 onward)

Even in Star Trek (that is a post-scarcity society), an elite still wields power at the top as their society is hierarchical. Those elite have found loopholes that can be exploited and will act like a mafia. Just like today's elite. Of course poverty may be eradicated as basic needs will always be catered as a civilisation progresses.

True, the elites always earn their place. In Star Trek it is by apparent meritocracy (even getting into the academy to start on your way to the top is difficult), in real life - there is a some randomness in who gets to the top, but its still smart people who can think for themselves and execute properly. I'd wager most 4chinners would not do too well in a Star Treck society either.

basic needs are less and less basic, soon traveling and seeing the world will be a basic need.

to OP, money is necessary for allocation of resources, so yeah, even if machines can do everything for free, there will always be a difference between productive investments and mindless consumption.

Equality is impossible. Check

Because machines still can't collect like 50% of farm crops, basic landscaping, etc work and your fat ass doesn't want to do the job

>still can't

They CAN, but they are expensive, pajeets do it for $50 monthly and a slice of bread, machines will do it for 12k yearly on oil alone.

resources are still limited and even if robots do the heavy lifting, there are jobs robots can't do unless they become as smart as humans and in the case the complications are hard to predict.

I expect the quality of life to be about the same as it is now in developed countries, except people won't have to work as much and will worry about more superficial things compared to now. We won't all live in mansions and drive lambos

I didn't ask about equality you demented retard. Read op.