ETH at $6XX

>ETH at $6XX

Why is eth dumping so hard
I don get it

ICOs are dead

only the king will survive

>muh king dinosaur
Bitcoin will fall eventually, it's tech is to outdated and it's hated by anyone who knows even the littlest but out it.

fuck btc and fuck fiat

Kek I sold majority at $50


i bought at 0.1 did i fucked it up

>finally pull the trigger and buy my first NEO
>go to the store for some stuff for my cats
>NEO is plummeting

I make bad trades, ONLY bad trades

what will replace it?

XMR. Cryptocurrency without privacy is dumb.

just shorted 25x, daily charts look like its in for a huge tank

bitcoin cash



I can buy graphics cards at reasonable prices again, get fucked cryptofags hahahahahahahahaha

Stfu tripfag

In part there might be less ICOs since a lot of them were pointless cash grabs which work less now that the crypto hype has cooled down. That creates less demand for Eth.

There's also the fact that it has a lot of up and coming competitors which were hit a lot worse than it during the dip, so people not only thing that they might have more room to grow and might be more promising, but also that they're a better value right now.

Eth hasn't crashed that much. Most coins dipped 80%. Eth is at around 50%. It held up well before, it's catching up to it now.


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