>Nano under $10
>Roadmap imminent

Don't be stupid Veeky Forums


What else is there to map out? It already does everything it can.

Buckle up kiddo!

Implying technicals matter in bear market

waiting to scoop up a shitload at 10000 sats

support too strong no ones letting it get that low, rebounding already double bottom

>strong support
keep this thread going. the order should hit in a few hours

If we hit $7 two weeks ago, we can hit $7 again.

that being said btc is looking shit right now so you may be right lol

Will this reach 130k sats again?
I just want to unload my bag at 10% loss


Actually hope they hold off till a btc correction

I'll buy under $2.00 in a few weeks.

btc still holding
this is why i think it'll go lower for a while

Minimum: Mobile wallet release dates.

Maximum: Initiatives to increase adoption.

RIP nano

It's not dead, just sleeping until alt-season. Fundamentals are too good for it to just go away.

it's a fucking fad coin, you retard
no one will care about nano in 6 months or less

i'll create a smart contract, and if NANO goes below $5 on binance winner takes all. the stakes are 5 BTC. tired of you pussies talking shit, put your money where your mouth is faggot.