Can we talk about the tarriffs that Trump implemented

Can we talk about the tarriffs that Trump implemented.

Everyone on /pol/ is a literal slack jaw retard when it comes to this and basically defending this retard. I was hoping we would have a good discussion on this.

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Every other country in the world has heavy trade tariffs on the US for every single good. Sometimes a flat rate but usually 10-20% at least.

The US has gotten used to outsourcing everything that can be shipped on a barge to another country because of this.

All these tariffs do is bring us in line with other countries. Raw materials are only the start, we need to have these carry over to manufactured goods also.

Get outside of your bubble and try to import shit to other countries outside of you carry on bag while you are on vacation. You will notice how far behind the US is on this.

im just hoping trade wars wont become hot wars. not going to become fodder for the bankster oligarchs.

In line with what the rest of the world charges.

They actually pale in comparison to China’s tariffs.

another Chaos move by the Chaos Master notice I use a capital C this is because we are seeing leadership from the first real Alpha president since Teddy Roosevelt you are wringing your little yellow hands over this "oh my neoliberal economics professor at Vassar told me this is bad" it's not bad at all it's going to help everyone on the planet

every other country on the planet is using trade tariffs you brainlet. the chinks wont even let western companies into their country they simply steal all the tech and create their chink knockoffs. also look into what the EU is doing in terms of protectionism you utter moron

>inb4 hurr durr muh drump is stoopid muh pol nahzees

chinese just basically implemented a ruler for life, which means he'll wage war at some point (all dictators do)

We need to be able to make steel and aluminum to feed the army, pretty simple but most people are retarded. Domestic steel is vital for national security

"Negotiable" tariffs.

>I got BTFO on pol and now hope that you bizfags can just agree with me even though Im an idiot and have no clue wtf Im talking about


I came here from /pol/ because that place is full of retards and expected people here to be SMART and AGREE with ME


I am a metal worker, we recently received an order of pipe that we buy almost weekly, and it was $1 more per foot. This specifically is galvanized pipe which is not very expensive compared to stainless and aluminum which we also order, and comes from Korea, usually averaging 5 or 6$ dollars per foot. Luckily we have relatively large contracts, so we can bill the customer for it. But that is a significant cost increase

tariffs hurt only domestic people as items become more expensive. if usa dont have tariffs and others do that is good for murican purchasing power

trump looks only trade deficits he does not look investments which are surpluss for usa. trade is super small compared to investment money

Good thing your company can use the tax break that they received to offset the increased cost of materials.

fuck up faggot.

You dont really get the whole idea behind a teade war do you brainlet?
Free trade agreements over the whole world means less tariffs for governement which promotes local industry unless there is someone undercutting (cue China)
USA imposes tariff on steel to Europe. Europe retaliates by increasing tariff on exported meat from USA. USA retaliates by introducing tariff on cars from Europe. Europe retaliates by introducing tariff on grain.
Do you understand now simple jack?
Nobody wins especially local industry.
What have you imported? The USA gets fucked over by every state having their own GST that varies wildly from state to state. Your brainlet republic is to blame not imagined up tariffs from other countries.

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Go back to your soy latte soy boy.

Veeky Forums knows the US is way over due for a legitmate tariff schedule


Free trade allows us to get access to goods at the lowest prices. The only way tariffs might be necessary is if the American economy were too reliant on foreign companies, but that's not really the case. Most foreign companies that do well in America (Toyotas, Mercedes) are companies that provide some value to Americans and so are better off being allowed to do business with us.

Tariffs are fine. But they have to be negotiated. You don't do that shit when you feel like it.
Trump's tariffs hurt America because America relies a lot on exports. It's bad for a country so used to exploiting free trade agreements.

that dude is not OP and is being sarcastic you literal brainlet

Steel tariff to be set at 25%, aluminum at 10%

Beyond that, proclamations almost identical
To take effect in 15 days
Official says may have to raise tariffs modestly on everyone else if Canada, Mexico excluded long-term; adds document flexible enough to allow that
On exclusions:

Canada, Mexico will be specifically exempted from both tariffs initially
Trump has linked the exemptions to Nafta talks ongoing; exemption isn’t open-ended, official says
For other countries, will have ability to modify order owing to national security
European countries and others could be able to request exclusion
On economic impact:

White House official says there will be no significant downstream price effects, and thus no significant downstream job effects
Expectation counters multiple statements and prognostications from several companies and industry groups that use steel and aluminum, as well as lawmakers representing them, who have warned the tariffs will harm their businesses or industries
Only job effects White House sees are positive ones in U.S. steel, aluminum industries: official
Says process extremely, carefully well vetted
* * *

During Trump's address, the president discussed specific countries, noting that the US is open to modifying tariffs for "friendly" nations countries.

China - the US is negotiating but Trump says that while he has "great respect" for President Xi, he says "I don't know if anything is going to come" of talks with China.
Canada and Mexico - the tariffs won't apply to these countries if a Nafta deal can be made. Therefore, they won't go into effect while negotiations are still going. The AP reports that Trump is also not going to apply tariffs even if Nafta is terminated but this was less clear in his press conference remarks.

>tell me why this is bad
That’s what you’re asking right? This

If you knew a thing about the US economy you would realize it’s a one way street... IN!!

We export almost nothing, hence our ridiculous billion dollar trade defecits

Fuck off back to Redddit u soyboy cuck

>muh free trade
there is no free trade if other countries have tariffs you moron

>imagined up tariffs from other countries

I cant even...
to think that retards like you are allowed to participate in the political process

If you couldn't tell he was joking you seriously need to go back to r*ddit

I mean you need to accept reality my dude. In the real world corporate greed and outsourcing has been taking a massive shit on the American worker for decades now, and the income inequality reflects this.

I do not agree with his approach of implementation , you will shock the markets with this move. You need a gradual plan that increases over a decade or so, that way American businesses do not get sticker shock on shit they used to source cheap and companies can be built up to fill the void.

All politics aside this is a step in the right direction, he just lept instead of taking baby steps.

I wouldn't trust the lying White House for any legitimate analysis on the matter, like their shitty tax plan assessment.

Because US is mostly a service economy rather than relying solely on manufacturing like other countries

Tariffs and trade wars never end in a good result, it always leads to a worse situation than it was before.

This unironically. Sorry OP.

Yeah dude NWO for life, I am sure we will be a global society any day now. When the rest of the world stops taxing our exports I will completely agree with you. But meanwhile all this does is motivate corporate entities to use essentially slave labor in developing countries to source goods and raw materials.

This reduces our overall economic velocity as there are a lot of undereducated people in the US. Not everyone can do highly technical work, you need to keep the monkeys busy doing something.

Until we are a post capitalistic society, it makes zero sense to allow every country in the world to provide a product cheaper than you can on your own soil. This will take levels of automation we have never seen before coupled with a new paradigm on how we treat non participating members of society.

In summary take you minor in Econ you got from community college and shove it up your ass.

>Tariffs... never end in a good result
Tell that to the rest of the world?

Currency wars, trade wars, shooting wars.

I like how retards replied to this like it wasn't sarcasm


Thank you Ben Shapiro, so wise omg the economy is a grocery store! I had no idea it could be so simple!

>I think I understand macroeconomics and game theory: the post.

You are such a huge brainlet that even imagine your stupidity would cause my brain to collapse into a black hole.

What the fuck does this have to do with economic velocity and motivating US companies to buy US sourced goods and services?

BTW this dude is like every other entrenched brainlet against Trump, the main theme is Trump can do nothing right and every decision he makes is automatically bad.

Take a real unbiased look at every political decision and make up your own mind, don't be a sheep and stand on the shoulders of other peoples degrees and achievements to assume correctness.

You're on Veeky Forums, it's been the focus of a heavy astroturfing campaign, the actual opinions are being drowned out by noise

We'll see how it works out

>In the real world corporate greed and outsourcing has been taking a massive shit on the American worker for decades now,
No, it hasn't.
> and the income inequality reflects this.
No, it doesn't.
> Tell that to the rest of the world?
I tried, but they are too stupid and want to remain shitholes.

Tariffs incentivize domestic production of whatever good is being taxed. Tariffs on things like steel & aluminum means that the USA will actually have a chance at supplying our own needs when SHTF.

It seems like the wages/purchasing power/quality of life in America has been arbitraged with all of the citizens living in our trade partners' country working the same jobs. The net increase in wealth is going to shareholders and businesses and isnt really making life better for average joe who is now competing with labor in china/mexico.

Thats just my intuition, feel free to teach me.

Great counterpoints, this shit is not hard to look up:

That's because America voted for a corporate dicksucker like Trump. they should have voted for the man who actually wants the to put Wall Street into line, like Sanders.

>Great counterpoints
Glad you agree.

To be honest I regret spending my time defending this fucker in 2016.
Still better than Killary, though

jesus fucking christ.........................

Yeah, keep getting cucked by your jewish corporate cock sucking president then.

>Trade wars are good

there are many more corporations that consume/utilize steel than producers. the tariff is intended to help local producers, not all corporations as it impacts their costs. the other guy is right, you are retarded.

nothing is implemented yet, they will in 15 days. until that time, countries are free to negotiate.
and it doesn't affect Canada, Mexico or Australia.
it's a negotiating tactic at this point. in 15 days we'll know more.

How are those consumers of steel going to get supplies when SHTF?

Tariffs may be less efficient than free trade now, but it's better to have a robust domestic economy that can weather disruptions of the global trade network.


>not a jewish cocksucker

I literally don't have a wojak that looks dumb enough for this statement

other countries DO have tariffs on U.S. goods
you dippy, condescending prick

obviously tariffs are not good for the free market, and obviously they suck fucking cocks in that sense—but, another thing that's not good for the free market in the long run is having one country discourage the purchasing of your goods by those under their governance—and doing absolutely nothing in return, allowing them to run a fucking monopoly on global physical resource growth that's fuelled by what amounts to work-to-the-bone slavery while you and everyone else that has a government that at least somewhat cares about your citizens' lives and health sits in place and feeds money to them to fund their communist plantations, and then they inevitably take over the world because the world's production facilities for everything have been totally centralized in their land and they own all the intellectual property and they own your politicians and your media and—despite having the technology to never need to have people work in miserable conditions ever again—they're communists, and like all communists, they have to fucking explode people with artillery guns in public executions and make you work 14 hours every day for the promise of freedom and they police your thoughts and torture you severely while beating you and then raping, impregnating, and forcing gut-punch abortions on your wife if you dissent, etcetera etcetera

you have to remember
*all* communism leads to human suffering
*all* communism is led by delusion, and is—by its nature—authoritarian
chinese people can be great people, like anyone else
but their government
is *communist*
and they think that people have to hurt, and that they should be the ones to inflict the pain
they are comfortable with some of the worst torture imaginable, *in modern times,* for christ's sake
remember that, when you think of all the money that's pouring into their government
trump is, evidently, saving everyone's ass

Nobody on Biz understands economics let alone trade. Like not even the basic toddler tier Ricardian model. I dont bother anymore because nobody wants to learn they just want to shout.

Well, I don't see him making tax plans that pander to the jews (muh reaganomics), going to jerusalem to pander to the jews, relaxing rules for banks and wall street for the corporate jews like he did. In fact, Sanders called him out on all of these.

Well, at least this is all historical. Just the never ending cycle of "Republicans fuck over the economy, Democrats fix the economy" cycle

trump is literally doing what he campaigned on and what america voted him in for
and yet butthurt leftards are sperging out over it. get a job you commie POS and let the man do his job.


You're on Veeky Forums for christ sake, have you never heard of fucking leverage?

i don't disagree with anything you said. it's a national security policy more than a trade policy.

Its reliant on imports to.
You are shooting yourself in the foot then negotiating to make sure they only shoot you in the other foot.

Then why was Trump so stupid that his statements and actions are starting a trade war? He had to be convinced like the manchild that he is that it should be negotiated.

mate if you think china is communist, you are a bit out of touch

He's not making any tax plans because
1.He's a virtue signalling kike
2.He didn't get elected

>hurr durr muh drump is stoopid
>muh trade war muh nuclear codes

you fags should really switch off CNN and get some fresh air
youre embarrassing yourself. also you got 7 more years of trump so you better get used to it faggot.

>virtue signalling kike
Yeah, "muh subjective signalling" matters more than policy for you drumpftards, that's why you're considered brainlets by the rest of the world.

Well, this thread proves how stupid you people are. Trump idiots from /pol/ defending everything he does.

What trump is planning is a lot worse.

The point is to put a squeeze on countries that we have unfair trade relationships with, in order to either even the scales, or force them to renegotiate their own tariffs.

Along with the reduction in corporate taxes, it will also incentivize american manufacturing as other alternatives dry up

Literally, America first, the platform he's been running on this entire time. No one is surprised by this move but absolute morons and jews

Some human suffering is ok for the benefit of the whole.
Welfare countries can't compete with countries that don't give a shit unless they declare war or whatever.

literally a whos who trying to stir shit up again. Why is everyone obedient and letting him do all this?

>No one is surprised by this move but absolute morons and jews

people are shocked that he actually does what he promised.

Can you actually illustrate which tariffs you are trying to recipricate? Like worst case scenario you are trading at WTO prices.

Reduction in corporate taxes IS a good move. I think everybody agrees on that. The problem is that Trump is reducing rules on the corrupt jewish wall street elite while reducing taxes on them.

It’s /pol/ they spend about 80% of their time falling for and being enraged by satire.

This is why every single country has much higher general consumer prices you absolute dumbfuck

As a Leaf I find them fucking great. We will keep our exception for the length of the charade, and in the mean time We get to overcharge yanks for our Steel exports. Find better markets for American good receiving reciprocal tariffs we export and get a good price importing them.
Anyone know what the RoO are? Wouldn't be surprised if Trump made it easily exploitable.

What's the problem? He's a really nice and intelligent guy, and besides, let's give him a chance.

fuck drumpf and fuck white people

You don't do that by signing the bill immediately you stupid fuck. You do it in the negotiating table first.

But as expected of Trump, he acts first, thinks later

>Can we talk about the tarriffs that Trump implemented
>no actual talk about the tariffs just butthurt anti-Trump faggots crying

the US has been sold inferior steel for some time now. (reasoning behind the twin towers falling and trump hinting on telling the american public the exact reasoning "maybe we will find out the true reasons why they fell") NIST was a cover for what? im not a conspiracy theorist i just know a steel building has never collapsed because of fire (jet fuel has nothing to do with it, doesnt make it any hotter) not to mention 3 buildings in the same day. i tell you what this is more than just tariffs, that i know for a fact.

But it's literally the opposite. Itt.
Made me chuckle.

This. Regardless of what you think about this specific move, Trump is an absolute retard and a huge national embarrassment. The only reason he won is that Clinton was somehow a perfect storm of being overconfident, incompetent and unrelatable. At least Trump’s retardation is occasionally entertaining.

>mfw trump will guarantee a 7-year supply of liberal tears

>tfw you trash your own economy to own the libs
haha gottem Liberal tears XD!

I honestly don't know specifics on which tariffs are held against us, or which ones he is going after. this user summarized the positions wellYou can never beat the jews at wall street. But the truth is, our corporate taxes are more of an entry barrier to smaller corporations, as economies of scale are harder with a smaller market cap. Lower taxing brings back jobs from overseas because the US has had historically the highest corporate tax rate in the world. If we raise taxes on corporations this would in effect push out market competition because those at the top would be unaffected.

Its not about redistributing wealth - you'd have to be an absolute fool to think raising taxes would somehow address income inequality, or that this is actually a thing we have to worry about.

Can you name a single time in our history where increased corporate regulations had the intended affect on the market? Do you think the elites don't thrive from regulations by pushing out the little guys and lining the pockets of politicians to push "consumer protections" and "regulations"?

The whole system is built to benefit those at the top and place barriers to entry for everyone else. I mean just look at the US "Certified investor" laws. It's fucking ridiculous
>can't make money unless your a rich jew regulations.

And you'd put in a guy like Bernie who would RAISE taxes across the board and give free handouts to all minorities, just so we could all be fucking poor, and the jews at the top would still have massive (albeit smaller) profits? Are you fucking insane?

tariffs make things more expensive for normal people. they wont bring jobs back. low taxes bring jobs and and more money in

im not even american bucko
i still enjoy seeing you retards sperging out.

>>tfw you trash your own economy

Read up retards, it has been tried before

Look at the results

>lets just lower taxes to a point that US workers can compete with chink slave labour

>US is mostly a service economy

US is a service economy BECAUSE of tarriff-free imports, user. Manufacturing left the US because cheaper labour was available overseas.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc but it's actually true in this instance.

The reason I ask is americans seem to falsely believe they are getting screwed on trade (whatever that means.) But there is never any evidence to back it up, usually they result to flawed understanding of trade deficits (imports =bad exports =good) or more recently naming terrible tariffs without actually citing any.
>money printing
Lmao at your life.

kek. Why is Trump purposely trying to make America look bad? He's following in the same steps as Bush but instead of taking 1 or 2 steps hes taking fucking giant leaps forward

I don't think you brainlets get it do you?
When the metal working something majigger mabob sells for 1.20$ at 5% each doober dongers the price of it is taxed by state and land with the amendment right of the Caroline index webpage organization, flibber flabber jig jaw doze doe jagged magger maggot flim flam patty whack give a dog a bone.

cheap labor outside = higher quality of life. if somebody produces things with super low cost it's much better than producing on your own. usa and eu are very happy if they can produce things in asia. people overlook this completely. low taxes then attract capital and give more purchasing power for median people

>implying I'm not /pol/
Fuck banks fuck Jews, an ethnostate for every race

>Bernie who would RAISE taxes across the board
Progressive income taxes, and more so on the rich? Sure, I'm totally up for that.
Lower corporate taxes, up for that as well.

But what I really support is putting the wall street cucks in line, unlike Trump who was bound to suck their assholes like the good billionare he is. The top 1% is literally fucking over you and you let them. It's pretty sad.