She disabled all the comments on her videos

She disabled all the comments on her videos

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Veeky Forums finally doing something good
it's been a long time since it has

Who the fuck are you talking about

I think is is one of the promoters for something called "The Billion Coin". Definition of a pyramid/ponzi.

Basically it is suppose to increase 1-% a day with no financial reason, just because that's what the creators say it is worth.


its suppose to be worth $1billion dollars a coin later this year. They aren't traded on any exchange, it is all P2P. No one wants this shit.

From that pepe i can tell she looks like one of those fat amway slobs

It's really sad actually. It's a huge scam, but it seems like they target the poor and shame them if they ever try to sell.

damnn, i know someone who has made a start up for investments and they put 40% of their investments into Billion coin

holy shit. they put other peoples money into TBC? thats insane

If they really put other people's money in kringles, fuckers need to go to jail.

link to any Veeky Forums comments? i cant believe they actually did somethign good for once

whats her youtube again

Are you serious? Who the fuck would be dumb enough to do that?

i think they're doing it with the best of intent, but still that must suck.
Doesn't surprise me desu, the advice they've given in the past isn't particularly the of quality.

dunno man, they seem like nice people, never spoken to them proplerly enough to be able to gauge that

We reported her fat ass to the SEC. But there are more of them. All under related channels on her page.

does Veeky Forums change certain nouns to desu? granted im a loser, but still, i can make eye contact with girls

well, he has a huge problem. How is he going to fund any payouts if 40% of his funds are completely illiquid? As soon as a few people want their money back, he is super fucked. He is like a retarded Madoff.

ahou da kouhai

wtf is this shit, i took a gander at it back in November but never though much about it

can you guys catch me up with what this Kringlea and Cookie reward is please.

from what i've gathered, it's full of the kind of middle aged/ older people who work menial jobs regurgitating a bunch of pasta

Who knows senpai.

How to scam my dick into Meaghan?

hiroshima gozaimas chan

Who makes all this dank pepes I want to meet him

I think she's kinda cute.

>You'll never invite he out for cheesecake.

thanks, takes me several hours to make each of these, dunno about OP's one though, couldn't have taken too long, it doesn't have anywhere near as much detail as these bad boys

Kringles = Satoshis
Cookies, I have no idea. I think it's just some extra bullshit they made up to lure more money out of their victims.

The main leader is the one in OP's pic. She has her husband and other women in her group that also have people under them. I think they're used to these types of schemes, similar to Mary Kay, Amway, Herbalife, etc.

They're basically scamming old people who don't know any better.

lol @ buying a coin with fucking santa claus on it

Its a scam coin retarded or non-savvy people fall for. It's especially targeted towards third worlders in Africa.
>Coin basically has rules that it will go up 1% to 5% per day
>It's supposed to eventually be worth around $1 billion per coin. It's "worth" $3.6mill right now
>People see this and put money in
>Then they realize they cannot take their money out because there is literally no exchange to trade it on. They keep on saying they are working on the exchange.
>The only way to trade it is to find another patsy and sell them some or all of your TBC
>also, you have to create gushing promo videos in order to be able to sell to other people, till then your Send button is disabled lol that's why there are 2700 pages of yoputube testimonials from poor looking people:

Also, a bunch of people take advantage of dumbasses and make a shitload of YT videos making it sound like its a great way to get rich, and they use this to sell off their TBC in small amounts to these poor saps.

The mysterious founders make money by selling access to a wallet for $20, which you need if you want to offload your TBC bags I think

thanks my guy.

by the looks of the people themselves, their presentation and terminology it generally looks like they a bunch of OAP's who met us at their local library and created a ponzi scheme, using the facilities there.

they could make a film out of this kinda plot

Spot the difference Veeky Forums

wow, this is actually genuinley fucked up. I laughed my dick off with Bitconnect but seeing these testimonials fucked me up a bit.

The first video on the first page, 'a precious gift' reminds me of my mum. If i saw her post some shit like this i dunno what i'd do. granted i'd swing her out first, but after that it's anybodies guess

>posting their phone numbers
Holy shit

That would be I

i'm so bullish on kringles right now you wouldn't even believe

Keep up the good work my man

i wish karma was real
the creator of this will probably never face consequences

t b h = desu
f a m = senpai
pretty annoying desu

thanks, i appreciate it senpai

looks like tyrone knocked out all her teeth and she used her TBC funds to hire a blind dentist to put fake ones in

What if the lady is your mom

What's the next step here? I'm trying to convert her followers on youtube but they're all so stupid :( I am unable to save them from the shackles of this wisconsin witch

who's your TBC scamfu?
i claim this one

I'm good.

>tfw you find out you're prejudiced because you initially thought she looked smart

checked. on my way to swing my mum out now, will post results from jail

kinda hurts to realise that literally half of the world is below average intelligence

This is kind of terrifying

How the fuck haven't these people been arrested yet?
You have been assigned a scamfu
>meet marsha
>she will be a millionaire soon

I bet the TBC Police had a talk with her.....

>half of the world is below average intelligence
And think about how stupid the average human is

They're like helpless retarded animals. Almost feel bad for them.

damnnnn, to think how far we've come as a species piggy backing off of the brains of a relative few.

makes me wonder what life would be like if everyone was as smart as the top 20%


Him? It's coming.
Her? She scamming people in Africa.

Ah, you must be a Brit. This is how teeth should look like, not what abomination you have in chavland

I like the other picture that's on that page.

Yeah, it sucks. They prey on poor people who think this is a legit crypto currency (not that crypto isn't 95% scams itself), sure there is the element of greed involved by both scammer and scammed, but it's like stealing money from retarded children.

nice pepe :^)

>Just watched the TBC presentation to see what Veeky Forums is talking about
>The billion coin can only go up
>this is because everyone who holds it will say so
>scarcity isn't real every resource is unlimited
>TBC solves wealth inequality by making everyone a billionaire
>buy in now to be a super duper billionaire
>super duper billionaires will create infinite jobs ending unemployment forever
I don't have a brainlet image good enough to convey just how fucking stupid anyone would be to buy into this.

Enough with the FUD



Apparently they have 2.5 million members, but only 111 of them have their Send buttons enabled. So only the top 111 can actually sell their TBC to other people. The rest are stuck with it until their magical exchange comes online, which i'm sure will never happen.

If you wanna get depressed and/or angry, watch this video from Randy, The Voice of TBC:

It's long but you can skip around and see how he is manipulating people and lying like a mad cunt. He is basically saying the global elites are have a plan to enslave the world population and take their money (probably true) and TBC is their only hope (very false).

>only 111 of them have their Send buttons enabled
So the pajeets behind this have only brought in $10?

Not sure how they are making money but I'm sure they are making money somehow. I don't think it's pajeets, it's some guy called Dan Lutz who is behind it. I think the 111 are essentially a pyramid, where the guy on top sells TBC to the next lower tier, and they resell it at a higher price to lower tiers etc.

Skipped to a part where he is telling people to shill on social media and in particular YouTube because you can shut off the comments on the videos. This guy is the definition of punchable.

Here's Dan Lutz and Randy in a Q and A. Fwd to 57:00 to hear them talk about the upcoming TBC debit card which lets you take out $2k per month lol yeah I'm sure they have enough funds to allow 2.5 million people to take out $2,000 each per month:

I'm pretty sure Lutz is the mysterious 'TBC Admin', who is essentially their version of Satoshi Nakamoto


We're on fucking Veeky Forums why aren't we raiding them yet?

where's the DDoSing, the black faxes, the multiple reports to the FBI?

It ain’t the Wild West anymore, kiddo. Those days are long gone.

not your personal army faggot

Why would you do that? The meltdown would be amazing, probably more than bitconnect is

Last time we raided a Nigerian TBC Telegram group. One of the "legit" sellers got banned because user kept calling him a scammer. They closed the group to the public now, though.

Fuck off nigger this isn't my fight. lurk more before you open your dumb newfag mouth again

Because, look at the second half of this page and see who it is who protects them.

Top 6 Countries
>Nigeria: 1,315,988
>Philippines: 386,243
>Bangladesh: 101,554
>Ghana: 97,009
>United States: 60,533
>Papua New Guinea: 60,471

All literally third world shitholes, plus the USA ahahahaha wtf

Somehow I don't think all of these are legit.

>creaturas are dumber than poos
Ahahahaha top kek

Someone in last weeks thread pointed out that in 1 in 4 people in Andorra have TBC

holy fuck it's like 22% but that is insane...


Remember when that one user posted about his dad buying Kringles? Isn't he the one that introduced this ponzi to biz?

That's where I heard it first too

yeah thats where i first heard of it, thought he was larping till i saw the testimonials page

Keep it up man.

hes implying that list is fake as fuck

Why does Don King look like a Kinkcuck

she knows its a scam and is trying to scam others but said she goes to church on sunday in same sentence correct? if true she is a piece of shit. if she is just dumb then whatever she can not help it i guess

she's not dumb, she has now moved on to some other TBC-like coins scam with some other people and is shilling that, I think it;s called MTC or something, but its super vague and shady like TBC

yes poor people are generally uneducated and desperate.

joke's on you, I already filed reports with the FBI and SEC and let Cyndie know about it on every channel that was available (her Twitters, Youtubes and mail). Didn't even want anything to not file these reports. I just want to watch the world kek from afar.