Fakeout confirmed: Boogaloo #2

Failed to break through the ascending triangle in an upward movement. This is now following the last wave all the way down to $3-4k. Have fun gentlemen.

My shorts also by the way since I opened them since yesterday. Life is good. To God be the glory gentlemen.




I remember you from yesterday OP. I'm expecting an influx of angry HODL'ers and butthurt cuckcoiners soon.

Life is indeed good bros.


>trying to TA a whale-driven bear channel

We are around a strong support tho so we might see more sideways actions and a possible up move.

>coiner cope
Stay salty user. If it works, it works.

that's ugly, bitmex really does have the best interface

>strong support at 11k
>strong support at 10k
>strong support at 9.5k
>strong support at 9.4k
>strong support at 9.3k
Why do coiners keep moving their supports?

I dare you to short now, so close to this support, don't come back crying when you get liquidated

He probably can't hear you over his 122% gains user.

Shut up you stupid nigger, now we know that all the dumps were caused by Mt gox dumping not your stupid TA. As long as that faggot trustee doesn't dump anymore we're going to the moon now, enough with your dumb meme lines

lol their was supposed to be unbreakable support at 15k

That's nothing depending on the leverage used, he definitely catched the end of the previous down move, it's literally FOMO

>being this mad I made mad gains with "meme lines"
If it works, it works. Stay salty my friend.


that's literally not much considering the risk involved in using that much leverage

>hurr durr I guessed correctly
Have fun getting liquidated, better close that short now faggot

>mad permabulls itt
Kek. You're just rubbing it in their faces now aren't you? Whatever the case, if it makes this delusional retards angry the more I'm happier.

>hurr durr HODL forever
What's that? Can't hear you over my 100%+ gains.

Yep, case in point

lol @ the mad permabulls itt
stick to reddit, kids

>this will never go below 9.4k again

So did 9.2k Support hold? Cause I see we briefly touched low 9000..?

>bitcoin will never go below 9.2k

Wtf I hate coiners now.

Wow I didn't even notice that needle.

never said that it won't go below, just that it's wont go below without a bounce

>this will bounce up above 9.4k

TA isn't effective at predicting prices that far into the future, nor would we crash that quickly. A more likely target for the bottom is $5k since it is a round number + the 100 week EMA is there

a dead cat bounce to retest the 10k area is quite likely
hell, it's unlikely but possible that we make it to 15k before crashing to 5k

>t's unlikely but possible that we make it to 15k before crashing to 5k
>Mt. Gox trustee has been dumping around with an average of 10k per transaction
Imagine being this delusional.

What's with you people and your delusional fantasies of moon missions? It's pretty clear that the sentiment has shifted to being bearish.

>using the 5 MA

whats the point? its literally just the price

I use 5 MA for the monthly, weekly and daily for possible reversal if it pierces it, 20 MA for long term trends if the two cross and then 100 MA if there is now a boom or bust cycle especially in the monthly charts if the 20 and 100 MA cross. You don't have to believe me. I'm just going to let my gains talk.


Press S to spit on grave.

This is the comfiest short I've held in my life.

Why didn't I short when I had the chance? I should've trusted my instincts more. FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

We are below all support except 6k.

Am I going to make it guys?

no, because btc will be worth $20 before you can cash it out

Bitcoin will never be exactly 9000.0 again.

That fucking sell wall

Here we go, people are drawing trapezoids and making up numbers again, we should start going back up soon.

If it works, it works. Stay salty. Better HODL user, it's gonna be a bumpy ride all the way to the bottom.