Not selling

Not selling.

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Bet you can't sell just one.

It's funny watching the charts; whales dump and wash trade, trying to increase their stacks at our expense, but nobody is really selling. The slightest bit of buying pressure really cranks the price up, and it stays there until the whale games begin their risky maneuvers.

Literally the best hodl


25k+ linkies in cold storage. whales can pnd my balls

You sit there in your street shit waiting on some beautiful boy to save you from your poor ways.



It can't get any worse than this, r-right?

Not selling .. if you open the link below be sure to read that last paragraph closely.

Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
One moment
Would you buy Link or just let it slip?

Can we climb this mountain i dont know
Heavier bags than ever before!

If this whore is named Link, then I'm buying.

Then how am I supposed to get more??? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>“It is a strategic priority for Swift to work with new technologies like DLT and incorporate them into key solutions like gpi”, says Stephen Gilderdale, chief platform officer, Swift. “We are already working on new PoCs and will continue our R&D efforts to ensure that Swift customers will be able to leverage their existing Swift infrastructure and connectivity to benefit from blockchain services, whether offered by Swift or by third parties, on a secure and trusted platform.”
>third parties
I hope they mean LINK

I only have 1000 LINK, but I bought at 47 cents.

I'm literally in the green right now lmao

what fucking else could they mean

buy LINK

You forgot the most important part, brainlet marine.

>Swift customers will be able to leverage their existing Swift infrastructure

That's exactly what ChainLink does. Allows existing financial tech to link up with the blockchain. Where do you think the name ChainLink comes from?

Anyone who doesn't take advantage of this dip to buy at least 1000 LINK is a certified brainlet.

Exactly. Like the odds of that being the case considering at last conference Sergey is posting powerpoints showing flowcharts with Swift in the logo.

Knees weak bags are heavy

Keep in mind ... that article is dated TODAY. This is current info that points directly at LINK.

Chang Link is her name - Go Long!

it's funny how everything everywhere points towards link but never explicitly mentions it

When it rains it will pour. Got nothing but time - and 15K Link I am not selling.

All link will be bought and sold by the big players off the counter. The exchange price won't be affected and is unlikely to change much ever. You haven't been lied to or duped. Just circumvented.

None of these companies want to top off the normies and drive the price sky high before they even start using it.

Every single coin Veeky Forums has mass shilled has gone to shit. Every. Single. Time.

Quality coins don't need people to mass shill it. That's the signs of a scam pump and dump.
-84.98% sats from ATH

Nope. Assuming LINK stays at 50c forever even at the height of its usage means a lot of the token would have to be paid to node operators, which means the corporations' stacks would deplete faster.
It's in their best interest to announce to the world that they're using it so that their LINK is valued as highly as possible.

>go to biz
>see this
>top 10 coin, $1000 eoy

>thinking big players using LINK won't effect the exchange price
>the absolute state of LINK FUD

this is true for almost any coin that exists though

S-someone debunk this guy!

every coin is down
alt fiat value is based on what bitcoin is

Not buying

Those -%'s are based off bitcoin price. There are plenty of alts that aren't down that much compared to their ATH's in satoshi.

What other third parties are SWIFT working with??

You'd have to be a brainlet not to dump in even a measley 100$.
200 Link, at 1000$ EOY
(200 LINK) x (1000$/LINK) = 200000$

Yes this article is probably referencing that PSD2 open standard initiative in EU.

What if I'm a poorfag student who has only $400 to last until May, I can't buy more, I only have 415

Then you don't invest more than you can afford to lose. Once you put that money in, consider it tied up, don't assume you can take some out at a profit to pay bills that pop up, because they will pop up at a time that you will have to sell at a loss.
Find a way to make more money if you can, leave what you already have in, but you might have to just miss out a bit on this sure thing and use the profits to put into the next sure thing.

I don't have bills, at Uni so I payed everything up front. Don't have to pay electricity (I'm mining with my desktop & laptop), food, housing, anything. But the second semester payment wiped me.

the $400 is my emergency fund basically.

Well maybe put some of that in tether and see how the next couple of days play out. Little tip: when bitcoin dumps and abruptly stops like it's hit the floor, it's going to dump again. Look for when it makes a long slow transition to the bottom.

Shocked this article from today with Swift isn't getting more attention and comment.

never selling my linkies, but I got a tiny bit of POE (miniing profits on them) and some EOS. just sell those and tether up there?

i fucking sold, i've been liquidated twice this week i cant afford anymore losses

only thing that could ruin my now is if tether imploded but what are the odds of that r-right? haha

Oh definitely don't sell your Link, it's stable against bitcoin anyway at this point. I meant buy tether if you are putting FIAT in, but then again $400 isn't much of an emergency fund so you're gonna have to make that decision on your own. If you have some Poe, I'd convert that to tether and then but link when bitcoin finds it's bottom, full disclaimer though, I am a Chainlink maximalist, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.
Maybe start mining on all the school computers too? Just kidding, you'll get kicked out! Don't even let anyone know about you mining on your personal computer, you could catch some shit for that even.

idk but need to find out.

I only have 2.6k and can only afford to buy 150 a week should I just kill myself at this point?

Good..good....let the fear and the pain flow through you. There is no hope in your life only far and pain. Bring that to hate...strong hate...let it flow through you. Sell more. Ahhhhhhhhhh, now kneel down, turn around....good....ass I come

idk if youre still here, but makes sense. I sold most of my crypto to pay for a few unexpected expenses. Saved Link. Put the rest into EOS. I'm just gonna hold and try to trade (bi)weekly with the rest of my stack and hope for the best.

Also mining here isn't really an issue. one RA has a 12 GPU rig running all the time. I did think about sneaking small mining software into things but decided against it. I wish I did when my high school gave me Admin privileges for a club I started. Mostly, I wish I started mining ETH when I first heard about it.

better than nuttin', friend

down from when?
>past 3 months chain link is up 220% while btc is down 40%

Killing yourself with $2.6 million+ In 2020

I know we can make it if we take it slow
Let's take it easy
Easy now, watch it go



holy fuck

>folio used to be 70% LINK, 30% other alts
>liquidated all alts, except LINK yesterday
>all of that went to bmex to short BTC
>shorted with 25x leverage at $9.3k

LINK isn't even doing that bad relative to other alts. Even with the loss I have on LINK my total folio is still up $34k. Thinking about closing short position now though. Looked like solid support at $8550 for BTC.



ARK and LINK are the only /bizcoins/.

Everything else was either people looking to dump on newfags, or just 95% newfags clumping together in threads without realizing it. Perfect examples of newfags-only-coins would be Aelf and VeChain.

>ARK and LINK are the only /bizcoins/.

On that list**
















Gahtdamn. /nuLINK/ is just so fucking bad at fud. What kind of shit fud is this??? at least put some thought into it you retard

It's just a newfag who learned what OTC was after it was explained to dozens of them when we talked about why the Mt. Gox trustee was a retarded faggot for market dumping the BTC rather than just going OTC.

/nubiz/ is fucking shit.

Buy every dip and never sell.

congrats, you are immune from whales fucking you

LINK $1000 EOY

LINK $1000 EOY

You are a MANIAC!

70k checking in, bought at 47 cents today
Am I gonna make it?

Yes user, you will.
I am waiting for my 5k loan to clear myself, and then finally getting a 10k stack of LINK and then the rest of it into AMB.

Currently holding 3k AMB and 2,6k LINK.

Wish me luck.

Good luck bro, we're gonna make it
All memes aside I'll be relieved just to see this hit 3-5 bucks this year, not too much to ask

Me too, and I am certain that we will before EOY.

There was a very interesting thread about LINK earlier this morning that's archived now, someone posted proof that he was attending some sort of conference which proved that SWIFT has strong ties to LINK. Can anyone please find this thread again?


Seconding this. If that's true I'll sleep easier amidst all this bullshit going on lol. Hodling for the long haul regardless

LINK mainnet launch will unironically spark the next bullrun on smartcontract coins. when the mainstreak media starts talking about how useful smart contracts now are thanks to chainlink and

here ye here ye, I'm trying to buy your bags on LINK/ETH. 54k LINK left at 66402. Unload on me

You're also not banging a super hot chick
You're also not driving a lambo
etc, etc.

i put all my l8nkies on a safe wallet....i dont even bother putting them on an exchange to ((sell)) ...if the price drops i just inject more fiat and buy more

Are you sure, OP?
Maybe you should
>think deeply about it

I wont sell shit, cant shrink the link

will Link end up like DGB?

are you gloating how a whale is fucking your investments by driving the prices down and you're proud of your steady hands?

The price was only ever that high because of those whales, so as they exit it will return to the proper price, and you'll be left holding bags

You guys are getting played into buying useless bags.

thanks bro you are the hero we need in dark times
praise kek

Nice, just read the whitepaper 100k

What will the big trends of this year be? Oracles. Duh.

Also stable coins need oracles, and useful dApps will need oracles, decentralised exchanges need oracles (already Airswap wants to use LINK...)... Basically all the upcoming big things listed in this article could be use cases for LINK.

LINK is such an easy hold!

Bull run coming soon!

>yfw $1 end of week, and $10 end of month

Shit is about to go off the hook

In current "kill all alts market". No way. I see it at 0,4$. Good to accumelate.

woah really? fuckk man thanks

praise the kek

No, you retard. I'm happy to see that the market dynamics of Chainlink are currently like a coiled spring. Whales are throwing up huge sell walls and accumulating, they are trying (ineffectively) to shake weak hands by wash trading the price down, and there is barely even any selling when bitcoin dumps. So what if they managed to get the price down a bit? Anyone who cares about more than just Twitter hype is trying desperately to get a fat stack of Link for cheap. Even you probably, with your weak, emotion based FUD.



Appteciate your effort but could you not save the thumbnail next time ? Makes you look retarded .

God bless $1k eoy