Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we are back!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we are back!

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fuck off, Marius.

Well he's right about one thing. There will be a breakout soon. Just in the opposite direction.


But a breakout means higher highs. How can you have highs any way but up?

Who is this ugly guy?

Even a stopped clock is right two times a day

>muh meme lines
if everything really follows this shit then it's just a self fulfilling prophecy


Broken clock you autist

It's not even the real Marius Landman. It's some conman who bought Trump's paid shill twitter (who himself also stole the identity of a random aussie engineer) so he'd get free 30k+ gullible boomer followers.

>biggest whale dumps in BTC history are looming ahead
>fear setting in whales and normies alike

>we’re headed for a reversal boys
>this is bullish


Erm dude he is posting videos of himself hes probably alive

That fucking retard was predicting the godly bull run EXACTLY on the 8th, now that it's crashing it's the tenth.
Fucking hack fraud. Pretending to be as nice as billy herrington wont make his astrology cons legit.

Yeah, that video that shows him standing around pointing at some barely visible chart?
That's what he does in Australia as a part of his job. While this prick is registered in USA

>astrology cons
it's all insider decisions. do you think they didn't know hiroshima has been dumping?

If you google that name, nothing but scammy shit pops up.

But these retards still fall for it.

If I was just slightly less ethical, I'd jump into this too, it's easy money.

>doesn't get that the variation is a clever play on the OP's words
>is overly focused on what the literal saying is rather than the context of the variation
Who's the REAL autist here?

In all fairness, his site is basically dead so clearly it's not that many buying his bullshit. Clif probably makes more on reports.

dude he looks 10 years younger here lmao maybe just maybe thats what he did before

Here's an interesting read on the entire account before it started shilling "reports"