I don't want to make a thread about it but why is Ripple crashing I thought it was sound as a pound

You fucks have to be larping, right?
Please tell me you are?
The market goes up eight squillion % in like a month for no reason and you're wondering why it's coming back down?

>everything crashing 10-15%
>ripple down 5%
>why is ripple crashing

but Ripple is different from the rest

cripple crash hasn't even begun boyo. expect -20% by monday

Yeah it's a bank token that's not being used by any banks. Great.

ripple is shittle
No one is buying your kike coin here friend, you should check reddit

holy shit. ..

fucking kill me

Ripple is a (((banker))) coin. Fuck off with your jew e-gold

99% of the price in crypto is driven by speculation, 1% is driven by actual utility. The only people who give a shit about Monero are darknet market guys, money launderers, tax evaders and terrorists. The speculators don't think Monero is worth more than 3% of a bitcoin. That's why it is worth what it is.

Price was inflated by the retarded monerov fork hype. Now that the fork is delayed all that fake hype is working against XMR


this board is starting to look fun again :)
I am very excited for 2018... lelelelel, burgers gonna learn to cook for themselves finally.

Also, checked.

Ai shinozaki bruh


Recovering downwards?

Price was inflated because yesterday it didn't crash because everybody was in because everybody thought it would pump because the hackers might launder everything through monero. Binance put a stop to them and now today you get your crash

you also holding REQ?
and LINK
and IOST
me too man

those are some top tier milkers if only she was white and blonde

in the long term maybe, like on a 1 year time frame. but any time period before 12 months and price probably gonna be lower

Monero, like every other altcoin, tracks BTC to a very large degree. BTC is what normies buy on Coinbase to covert to Monero via shapeshifter.io or some other service. What matters in the short term is the XMR to BTC ratio.

Many thanks sir, Vishnu will surely bless you.