The most important thread so far this year

Alts are bleeding. HARD. Shit is getting fucked. But this is also an opportunity. Some shit is getting fucked so hard its going back to ICO or even BELOW ICO price

We need to capitalize on this. If you want 100-1000% gains this year this is your chance.

What are some coins that are getting slaughtered close to ICO price? Bonus points if they're low marketcap or on shit exchanges

ICX and QASH are getting there. MAN is under and is on a shit exchange, really low marketcap. What else is there?

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Come on guys I know its not a meme thread but this mindset will seriously make us all money.



researched it and like what I see. Is it really going below ico?

Cryptos trade on a 3-4 year hype cycle.

Prove me wrong.

Protip: you can’t.

I expect it to dump hard soon because it just keeps bleeding without end and the holders are getting impatient, also the volume is shit so it's easy to wipe out those thin buy walls

maybe, but put it this way - you can worry about it costing a few cents more or less in price now or fomo in later this year at $20. get in now or regret it forever.

A lot of anons here have massive AMB bags, careful.

I second ICX. That shit is legit. Even at its current low its still in the billions though - and that makes me dubious if it acutally gone moon

ADA might legit be the next BTC/ETH, gettin some good vibes from dis shit

I'm not buying this because sandniggers are involved and you faggots shit it 24/7, too many red flags, but it probably still will 10x this year anyway

Normie investors will dump, smart will just buy more

kek, ICX is not even close to ico price, it was something like 0.15c and wih the mainnet live the advisors and the employees got their free coins ( 200M) so they are the one dumping this shit straight to hell
you can average buy on the way down but i think we are not even close to the bottom

We're not at the bottom.
Sure, buy Alts if you believe in an uptrend from now on but they will tank more and more.

AMB, at its current market cap, is the clear best choice for a high-potential investment on team and fundamentals and development updates in next 2 months and partnership potential and more

iota dude
its not ada
its iota


Iot Chain (ITC) has been hit pretty hard , it’s around $1 atm, which is quite a good price. Can't say how much lower it will go though..

its pretty close to its ICO in ETH price

I don't think we're at the bottom. I won't be buying until I see a true reversal and BTC breaks through 12-15k. But I want to get a list going now of good shit to buy when the market picks back up

buy a rip off of iota...sure seems like a good idea to meeeeeee

anyone have the un-pepe'd version of this pic?

I am also holding Iota
The IoT is gonna be a huge market, and the Chinese often do their own thing. Also it has a low MCAP compared to Iota
As long as one of them takes of I'm happy

17 and 18 march the ministers of finance of all relevant nations will talk about crypto on the G20.

I'm fairly sure investors are simply waiting for what happens there.

I might have gotten the date wrong though.

true true
just if you actually do A LOT of research into who's in the iota foundation you'd have to be a retard not to be throwing all of your money at it

Iota was the first coin I bought and I saw nice gains with it. I have been holding since then. Yet had I reinvested once it hit $4-5 in December, I would be much better of right now.
What I am trying to say is, that Iota is really promising but the market doesn't give a fuck about it atm



Waiting for durka durka family to drop money in there still :^)

>I won't be buying until everything has already mooned so I can FOMO

stop bumping your own thread and just KYS

no need to be rude, but do you really think any alt is going to LE MOON before BTC breaks 12K? Like I have a strategy here and you're just shitting on me for no reason

unironically DBC

definitely considering this one, isn't it down over 90 fucking percent now?

Still above ico tho

BLZ not joking. Definitely ADA too.

Watch this and then stay away from DBC:

Tau looks tasty, im also looking for a quick BTC buy in at 8k, grabbing xrb before the bounce and mabye, just mabye doubling my stack.

holy shit that was awful. But I'm not really looking for fundamentals anyway, just looking for oversold shit

BLZ seems promising

"Well Deepbrain Chain is emerged as time requiring"
I giggle everytime I watch this, thanks DBC.

Bloom under ico but high risk

Team claims to not give a shit about exchanges but I feel they will cave soon.

(TNC) Trinity Network Credit

IBM will own the supply chain.

STORJ all-time high ~ 3 USD
Now at 0.94 USD
ICO price was 0.50 USD

Coss has been bleeding out pretty hard. Has moon potential this month though

Gameflip (FLP) on livecoin and hitbtc. Way below ICO price, not on coinmarketcap.

LiveEdu (LEDU) is below ICO price and listed only on, IDEX and bibox

>DeepBrain Chain helps you all enterprises!
holy shit what did I just watch

My favorite is:
>During the passed five years there are more than 5 thousand AI entrepreneurial firms were borned.

oh em gee