Why REQ will be huge (proven with basic algebra)

It only takes basic, 6th grade algebra to prove that REQ is THE coin to hold in 2018 and beyond. Let's get into the math:

x = marketcap
y = circulating supply
z = price per REQ token

We know, by definition that

x = yz

Now, let's say that all of a sudden, a MASSIVE transaction takes place through the Request platform, and a token needs to be burnt. The market cap of REQ HAS to stay the same, but the circulating supply of REQ will go down, so let's say that REQ's supply goes down by 1% (obviously an over exaggeration, but I'm just proving a point).

x = (.99y)(1.01z)

As you can see, as the supply of REQ goes down, the price per REQ MUST go up. It's literally childlike math. So that means if you're holding REQ and people are using the Network, the price of your tokens, and therefore your wealth, is MATHEMATICALLY GUARANTEED to go up.

Now watch the brainlets come in and try and disprove what I've said here, as if it's not basic, basic algebra and logic that even the smallest child could understand. Go ahead dweebs, give it a shot. I fucking DARE you to try.

why does the MC have to be const.?

are they planning a token supply burn?

Shhhh. Buy during this dip, it's a blessing. They'll see soon.

When a transaction happens the market cap stays constant

REQ will be burnt in the background and this will be how fees are paid for on the network. Each transaction has a fee associated with it, the fee is then burnt REQ.

Delete this. We're trying to FUD here before mainnet.

Is this a larp or full mong? Marketcap will not remain constant. Why do you think it will?

Interesting. I'll take a better look at it thank you for info.

REQ is the only coin that I'm comfortable being all in on, accumulate fellow marines

are you responsible for the 10k REQ threads today that were all high quality FUD?

Market cap is a meme in crypto anyways. Is not a pool of money somewhere. Just a way to represent value made by one single website.

I own REQ - but this is moronic. Have you ever had a job? Do they let you vote?

Marketcap being constant is a larp, but what isn't is that the Request Network customers will be issuing constant buy pressure on the REQ token. This should amount to a constant uphill trend on the price.

You're not helping. Non of you fucks are. And the fudrusters are just beating a dead horse and I don't understand why? There's no benefit to fuding something so bottomed out.

To the fellow req holders still holding through this shit: good luck and hope you stay sane.

Everyone in this thread is deluded. Fuck I'm glad I jumped the ship early enough.

> x = Marketcap = constant

Ah yes the famous "Conservation of Marketcap" theorem proved by Gauss in the 1700's.

it's not the bottom. Not even close. We will see sub 5c my man.

why will people need to use REQ when myetherwallet is free?

how are validators paid? ethereum?


Get smited by the prophecy

plz no.

I doubt it will even stay above 5c for longer than 2 weeks to come. Seriosuly, there ain't no bottom yet.

You're keeping z (price per REQ token) constant. But you're ignoring the fact that price is based off supply and demand.

Even if supply were to go down, if demand goes down more, then the value of the coin will still go down.

This coin is probably 10-100x overvalued as it is, so it'll probably go down regardless of what you do with the supply.

REQ token has no use and isnt needed

fair value for REQ is around $.005

Lmao, you must be new to cryptos. I can show you literally hundreds of coins that have lost 98%+ of their value from ATHs.

There is no potential "bottom". The bottom is when there's almost no liquidity left, the coin gets delisted from every exchange, and the value of the coin basically goes to zero.

when no one use this stacy app, y the fuck supply go down

This doesn't factor in the norman-continuum theory.
Basically, if my calculations are correct, each token should be worth approx:
>let n be equal the normie constant (see my white power paper for values of n)

paypal doesnt need "tokens" to operate

really makes you think

>The market cap of REQ HAS to stay the same

No, it doesn't. Also, market cap is meaningless.
Read up on money velocity.

thats because paypal survives on tons and tons of fees. Especially for large Transactions