25x leverage on Crypto Futures

New crypto futures market dapp called Pyrmex stike again tonight?
Continuation of last nights thread.

The site describes itself as:

>allowing people to predict what the balance of the EthPhoenix.io smart contract will be at a specific future time. This project is currently live on the Ethereum Main Network. Futures settle once daily, at 5:00am GMT. After much discussion, it was determined that 5am GMT maximizes the number of participants who can be awake and view settlement each day worldwide

Its a daily futures markets that has established a tidal ecosystem with another smart contract called ethphoenix. These two contracts help perpetuate each other and done totally separate and outside from any market other than eth, which its based on.
It is able to self sustain already and can handle any volume while remaining fundamentally sound.
Whales can drop huge numbers and the ethphoenix contract was designed to handle that. In the last 5 minutes last night, 17eth was dumped pulling the market all the way to infinity bull. Shit is off the wall and anyone guess.
>POT at 1.16 eth

Onto the second element

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Whats ethphoneix.io?
>Every time somebody buys or sells an EthPhoenix token, the price changes - 0.2% higher upon buy, 0.2% lower upon sell. If you keep your tokens where they are, you receive 10% from every buy OR sell transaction based upon your current share of tokens. You can convert your current token stash into Ether where it will sit in your dividends pool - your dividends are stored in ETH, not in tokens, so their value remains stable (as long as the ETH price itself remains stable.)

The more EPX one holds, the large amount of the dividends they receive. All tokens are valued equally, so you can have 100 coins across 100 wallets if you would like without sacrificing any value; allowing you to partial sell

>Then what happens?
Once the betting stops on pyrmex.com, the leverages(price multipliers) are locked. Leverage over 50x is common. After betting stops, there is an hour before settlement thus encouraging users to manipulate the ethphoenix market. People flock over to ethphoenix.io to buy/sell in order manipulate the market in their favor, all the while earning mad dividends for token holders and the number of transactions explodes.

This eth cow creates dividends out of volatility for token holders, and there is nothing more volatile than adaily futures market running 24/7.
5 eth in pot tonight.
WATCH pyrmex.com if you are nervous, by all means DYOR.
Its going to happen again tomorrow too, and the next night and the next.

>Pic related
The spikes are the closing manipulation the last last two night.

We back up in this bitch y'all ready to hand me your eth!?


obligatory THASSASCAM!

They’re all in on bull *again* lmfao

Sure, take it - I wasn't using it...

It's just free ETH I got for my EPX Dividends that I am betting with anyway - lol, too easy.

Bet ten finney on each of the bear pots yesterday.

Fool me once...

I’ll take that sweet 23x mult. All it takes is one weak handed lil’ bitch

Idk who ya’ll think is gonna come in with the deep pockets today boyz

yes it pays out.


I be dumpin tonite. Ya’ll been warned


You come in this thread every day and say that, and it's bulls every time. I'm all in on infinibull, yet again.

404 in 3... 2... 1...

if you're betting on infinibear you're literally retarded
everyone will just put it on infinibull and reinvest divs right after betting is closed

This is so fucking hilarious, you PnD groups get fuck outta luck with you're vapor ware meme coins and useless niche shit to a point where you're running these big, gay, dumbass advertisements for more dumb gay schemes.

do you even know what PnD groups are?

This is a gambling dApp. Tell me you wouldn't have bet on bitconnect collapsing.

What 23x?

They've leveled out, the highest multiplier is now 10x on mid-bear.... are we gonna see a dump???

I have won more than I've lost so sorry who ever gave me the free eth I guess.

Betting isn't closed yet, no telling at all user

Dang, shit's tightening up. I'm not sure what's gonna happen now.

Where are we volume wise compared to the last couple of nights? We're just shy of 2eth with about 3 hours to go?

This game is so intriguing, the psychology behind it is insane.

Played two times already, almost won once. Today I can feel it being my turn!

and the lowest odds tonight are 3.33:1 right now better than last night!

check the history of the current contract here
And compare it to the old pyrmex contract here

LINK fags will never get access to gains like this. Your multiplyer is - 100x

Dude, nobody knows how to bet tonight.

Make this thread when the pot starts going above 5 ETH.

What happened to the angry PoWH guy? Haven't seen him around lately. Maybe he learned his lesson?

Bet he was banned

Banned? Why?

The guy posted personal information

No he didn't? What personal information did he post?

Bro posted all about himself, something about driving a sports car and how rich his daddy was

That's personal information? Shit I gotta be more careful around here -- wait, he was user. Who the fuck is gonna figure out who he was?

I’m just telling you man, he broke the rules. But honestly, he was too much of a whiney b not to be back one of these days

Especially now the PoWH's about to go to Saturn with what the new devs are planning

Da fuck? PoWH’s a POS man. Best get out of that now

Pot's small tonight, maybe folks are losing interest?

>you have a little bit in both so you shill and fud both at the same time
what should i do? inb4 kys
>btc shits itself
>gee i wonder why nobody cares for meme imaginary money build on meme money today

He became the mayor of Chicago

The last hour is always when people start making their moves. They pay the ~14.2% vig as a tax for the privilege of market sentiment, though.

You'd think folks would see that the needle basically stays in the same place all day -- not much point in waiting until the last hour i don't think

It's why we introduced the progressive vigorish - do benefit bettors who place their stake before significant action happens. Also makes the pot more appealing for that last hour.



I know, it’s shocking. Dumb enough to buy into pyramid scheme, smart enough to build kind of cool gambling game — unclear how this works

>not smart enough to profit of being in a pyramid through dividens while cucks shed cash at dev manipulated gambling table at his own will

Wait, do the Devs manipulate the game? That's BS

They should let people play for themselves without intentionally moving it.

We don't. We proposed that whilst we could place bets, we won't play the meta (the manipulation). Thus far we've kept our word.

I'm the heaviest holder of the devs and I hold about 10 Ether worth. If I drop it all, my word becomes worth nothing - so I won't be doing that. :)

wow great argument!
>wahh i dont like it

unless you have any real criticism, cram it. its sounds like you are just crapping out you opinion.

You'd be amazed what the power of weaponised autism can come up with in a fever dream. You think there's a PLAN behind all of this? ;)


uhhhh guys? did anyone see this change to the pyrmex blurb on the main page?

>Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.



2.47 ETH pot, 20 minutes until bets close Veeky Forums!


infinity bear looking like juicy bet. dump it bois

I’m gonna just shoot for the highest multiplier tonight. 10x is just too good to pass up



Plus I think it’s priced to dump tonight. It’s gonna mega bull 2x in 2 days. There just ain’t enough new money to pump it again, can’t be

Dude, all these guys climbing over each other to bet bull. Being contrarian though is how you make real gainz

Gotta be greedy when others are fearful, thas true

Pot @ 2.5 eth
10 minutes until bets close

Suppose it still pays double to go mega bull, maybe I just should

Should prolly make up your mind soon boy! Betting’a About to C-L-O-S-E



Ok, fuck it, i’m A Bill at heart anyway. Fuck fuck fuck c’mon bulls baby

what the fuck is this


oh fuck I get it, this is part of their conspiracy treasure-hunt for their new release

$500 for the biggest autist in the room, lol



>2.7 ETH

What a pathetically small pot.


MFW Pyrmex alone has had more daily volume than 3D

hammer don't hurt 'em

LOL, what are you comparing it to user?

Or just salty cause you don't have the balls to place a bet?


keep em coming

1.35 ETH already pumped, more than 30 minutes before bog hour ends


30 minutes to go. pump incoming

2.7 ETH pushing into uberbull ... 8 minutes left... will he secure? will someone dump?? I'm gonna lose my mid bull bet fuck

what a fucking show. look at all that eth.
Another amazing show and so many sweet divs

chalk up another for the infinibulls

and another for my DIVIDENDS


for playing

whalebro PLEASE