Just sold all my crypto. This crap has cost me half of my life savings and gave me PTSD from all the anxiety...

Just sold all my crypto. This crap has cost me half of my life savings and gave me PTSD from all the anxiety. I don't even know wtf I was thinking. This crap will never go mainstream. It's a gigantic bubble ponzi thats completely unusable and will probably be made illegal.

I'm done reading boring news and market shit every day. I'm going back to porn and video games.

>didn't hodl
thanks for your FOMO money later

Thanks for your contribution user

this isn't an airport, no need to announce your departure back to wagecuckery

this. but i appreciate the solid roastie

you sound like a huge pussy

good job another one gone

That is reserved for those who witnessed horrific acts of violence you maggot

You dumb shits are going to lose all your money. I'll be back to laugh at you beta cucks when it happens.

ill laugh when you kys in a year

fomo is real

90% down from ATH it's pretty traumatic

Salty latefag is salty.

This has to be a troll but if you did sell then buy back in. If this is money you cannot afford to lose then buy projects that are safe. Go for something like:
25% BTC
25% ETH
15% NEO
10% EOS
5% XMR
5% QTUM or ICX (I prefer QTUM)
1% in: NAS, KMD, ARK, SALT and REQ
You can replace XMR for more cheap coins like PBL, HST, SUMO, etc.)
I don't know how you diversified but if you had a similar portfolio and sold regardless then you have no grasp of how big crypto will be in a few years.

Yeah, but it's not as bad as combat

no HPB, no OMG
Stay Poor

>buy high sell low
never change biz

You don't understand it. Good that you sold the bottom. Blue board babeposters are normie brainlets anyway.
You don't deserve to get gains from "investing" in something you don't even understand. You were the just banking on greater fool theory and it turned out you were a great fool.

>you can replace XMR for more cheap coins
Why don't you go sit in the corner timmmy.

says the guy who lost half his life savings.

>thinking combat is a prerequisite for ptsd

you brainwashed ameritard.

>lost money in crypto
sorry big guy theres always the lottery

we /tumblr/ now boys

Thank you..now one less cryptobasher in Veeky Forums biz, a couple thousand to go

Sauce? I don't have social media.

I imagine you'd have to have the testosterone of a black man to get a girl like this.

> he fomo'd in at 19k