Coins that make a Passive Income?

I know there are certain coins that you can setup nodes or some shit and make income - and i know coins like Neo are hella expensive to generate gas. Just wondering if there are any coins that are still reasonably cheap to get on that maybe havent released their shit yet.....i think I read ADA will do something like this making cents?

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Fornix (FIX) is a new masternode coin. If you have 10,000 FIX in your wallet, you can run a masternode. At the prices right now it’s generating a few hundred bucks per day.

Dash masternode

VEN and ONT will soon

xlm staking, gas from neo, kcs on kucoin, coss exchange, cefs on cryptopia


Coss is a good candidate for you.
Volume lineary increases your gains and the price od the coin to some extend.

Safest bet is NEO

I’m quite happy with the dividends from ASTRO.

Don't fall for this shit. 10k on coss gives you 5 dollars.

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As of now with absolutely jack shit volume.

TPOS merchant staking is going to 'be a thing' soon
>Check out XSN
Great quarterly dividends paid quarterly in ETH
>Check out TAAS

the dividends between dec and now are dead thanks to the market.

I'd recommend you sell real quick after the snapshot before the other shareholders find out how little they got.

Jesus h christ. Just buy NEO already. You fuckers are always overthinking this shit.

make money off volume.
paid weekly.
coss is boss

POSW rebrand to XSN
-Ledger coin sub 20M
- Cold staking....first of its kind

You welcome bros


Right now you don't get shit.
If the project succeeds, you will get loads.

Coss dividends.
Fiat gateway coming next month

Check out XSN. Newly rebranded and you can stake from your ledger. Once it catches on it's gonna be big. get in or stay poor faggot

there is an answer but nobody here knows. I'm disappointed I thought this forum had more knowledge and savvy than reddit, guess not.

I like that it's on Ledger but what do you mean cold staking? Staking like masternodes?

Fiat is coming this month.
It's almost time boys.

XSN has masternodes too but that is different from cold staking. You can stake your coins while your coins are safe on your nano s, basically your wallet is never hot while you stake, no other coin has this tech out right now.

ARK, and you can stake from Ledger too.

Wrong. Lurk moar about ARK.


COSS is on sale right before a pump happening this month, obvious buy

Curious how many tokens is required?

can you retards post some stats i am not wasting my time going to some shitty website only to find no information and start searching through twitter and forum posts

Nobody is fucking mentioning PowH3D, which literally pays you in ethereum to hold the token and is releasing a brand new site and exchange along with it.

Literally all developer fees, and 10% of the coin's volume is instead given as dividends/passive income for people who hold the token.

No joke, really a damn good thing to get into right now.

Sorry, quick rundown

10% Of volume is taken as fees and split to all owners of the token as dividends

You can refer people to it, and get instant ethereum rewards, and it's an actual tradable ERC20 cryptocurrency token.

It's an improvement of all those pyramid contracts into an actual tradable tangible kind of social security passive income madness.

It's made by new devs too, so it's like that old POWH coin thing but built from the ground up and better.

and you'd need like $500,000 to set one up today

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Where is the best place to buy coss?

>daily interest on lockin
>cheap as fuck

Uhhh...Do I need to spell it out?

>I know there are certain coins that you can setup nodes or some shit and make income

Just buy stocks that return dividends retard

This seems too good to be true. $4000 masternode that makes $250 per day?

the best you're gonna get is around 5% per year
not worth it when you can make much more just trading

PFR. 10k or more. You’ve been warned.

FIX is promising a 2x RoI every 2.5 weeks

COSS is around 6% annual ROI with current volume and price

ODN is 10-15% but riskier


That's what I'm looking at desu. It's income from investing in an exchange essentially, with what are essentially dividends.

The easiest, most straightforward, most likely to moon coin in this regard is Ark. You can buy some and start passively staking it in less than ten minutes. 9-10% gain per year. You're dumb if you think any coin is better than this for passive income.

feel free to read more about it here, this is a pretty good writeup:

It definitely is a pyramid scheme but I don't see the house of cards falling down before you can get a return on your investment in what you need for the masternode.

Absolute horseshit. You can get about ten percent per year with Ark. Look here:

Solaris (XLR). 11.3m marketcap. 1m circ supply. 1.2m total supply. Privacy coin with instant wallet to wallet transactions and 60s confirmation time.

based on actual data over the past 24 hours

ROI (annual): 72.95% / 500 days
Paid rewards for masternodes: 1,373.0000 XLR
AVG masternode reward frequency: 12h 31s
Active masternodes: 687
Supply: 1,071,400 XLR
Coins locked: 687,000 XLR (64.12%)
Required coins for masternode: 1,000 XLR
Masternode worth: $10,658.70 / 1.18284 BTC

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