Last rites


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I jerked it to that pepe with the red dress and devil horns.

I lost $150k. Such a fucking greedy dumbass i am.

This has been a big mistake. I should never have opened this board.

best confession I've read in one of those threads

I jerked it real gud to some wierd shit

>promised myself i would sell everything at $100k and get a condo.
>didnt sell.
>sitting at $25k and dropping lower everyday
i die.

I still might hire her.


I know how you feel bro. Promised my self to sell at 100k. Stayed until i had 200k. Now down to 70k and i can't sell for another 6 hours since i trade with certificates. How could i have been so greedy...


He's here

I went all in cardano @ 0.11. Didn't cash out at 1.30

I'm fucking scared to death I'll see 0.11 tomorrow.

what's a certificate?

I hodl when I should have sodl

You're playing with fire user

Extreme greed lmao

I didn't sell my ICX at $12 and I'm still holding



In 2013 I told everyone in a Bitcoin thread on a forum I used to go to, to buy Quark. I had no reasoning other than that Max Keiser said he liked it.

I don't go on that forum anymore.


ath 1.5 mill...muhh didnt cashed out
now 100k. thinking let it become 250 k to cash out

im the guy that bought 13 eth worth of coss on ED the other day without realising that it was the old token that is now useless

someone bought my bags at half the price though, so not all was lost

You fucking idiot... fuck

In 2013 I went all in Quark.
Just because some idiot has shilled it in a forum. If I see this guy again I'm going to break his neck!!!

>lost 150k

kek...i lost 1 eth on this shit coss shit , idex though

wtf over 1m I'm out for sure.

I put $1500 into Bitconnect in November 2017. As a white man I should have known better. Forgive me my sins.

thats what i thought when i started but after 1 mill..thats lets target 2 mill before cash out..

party is over fellas..wont be back til mid summer

I don't have anything to report Mr. IRS. Some days you win, some days you lose, ya know?



I put $20K on my credit cards to buy crypto


Literally made me laugh out loud user I needed that


I did the same user

Wouldnt worry about it, this is a once in a life time chance to get in something early and we tried to take it, its not over just keep holding and ride this out.

I'm shitposting here instead of trading to save my "investments".

In which way?

Same bro I'm not too worried, I paid off like $4K the other day and the 1-2% interest a month is fucking nothing. I'll have it paid off regardless, just would have been nice to buy in at the floor, of course how the fuck are we supposed to know though.

What did you buy in at?

I put in $2K originally, made my way to $6K then got JUST'd a bunch.

Dollar cost averaged like ~$16K-17K more into NANO at about $11 (bought at $15 and $7)

So NANO is 95% of my portfolio, I have HST, KNC, REQ, MOD, PRL as well, which all used to be around $1K each and now they're like $2-300 haha.

What about you?

I fell for the HODL meme

>NANO is 95% of my portfolio

>NANO is 95% of my portfolio

All of the sudden I don't feel so bad about Bitconnect.

I've been jacking it to cuckold stories for the last three days. Completely out of nowhere. Today is my first day free of that shit.

I put 3k in when btc was around 3k

Got carried away with these RISE shills so put most of it into that and dBet, both 10x'ed, I also had 1k profit from KCS and another 1K from NEO gains, plus some other shit I cant remember. Was sat with about $20k in December and didnt cash out...

I used my credit card when BTC was about 12k thinking it was near enough the bottom.

Now im in Dent, PFR, QASH, PRL, OMG still, HPB, VEN, AMB, ICX and fucking TEL.

Im glad I didnt buy at ATH but im down enough that I cant sell or swing trade anything, im kind of floating around in the middle.

I went through a phase of jacking it to peoples 'first time' stories.

I put my life savings in BTC for quite some time, but haven't ever sold because I don't know how taxes work.


The only thing about it that gets me off is the bitch's recollections of being a filthy whore slut.

COSS at $2.76. Only $100 worth but still it was retarded.

I’m HODL till 2020

I am probably 2-3 days away from killing myself, im 29 and its been 29 years of misery, I got into crypto the day before the crash in january. trying 2 find the easiest way 2 do it, cut into my arm but it hurt way 2 much.

its not the cuck part of it user, its being turned on by a female just irresistabley throwing herself on dick, consequences and societal norms be damned.

you probably will find public fucking and random casual sex between friends hot too

I have a miserable life aswell, not bad just boring af, everything I try fails and literally nothing Id like ever happens, always the opposite.

Keep going, it doesnt get any better but theres still that hope haha.

Yo is this the amPorn story from earlier today?

Fuck. I spend way to much time on Veeky Forums if I'm getting the meta shit


I made it, 1.4M - but I didn't cash out enough. Blew a good chunk holding ICX all the way down. Now I only have a lousy 600k.

You pay tax on the amount you got when you sold. That's all. Everything else is fud

Even if you sell at a loss?

I had about $8,500 in Phore that I was going to cash out to wipe out my credit card debt in January.

It was and still is on Coinsmarkets. It's currently worth about $2,900.

I've made over $25,000 in the last week playing CLAMs dice using the Martingale betting strategy. I'll probably keep playing until I lose it all back

Bought 31 BTC in 2014. Panicked in the 2015 crash when my $750 BTC became $250 BTCs, but decided to keep 15. Figured it would be a pretty dank thing to do. By the time 2017 rolled around I had 14 left.

Bought IOTA, XRP and BCO in autumn of last year, I believe around November. I think I about doubled the initial amount of money I made from BTC. My all-time high was about $500,000 USD, for an investment of approximately $25,000 CAD. I managed to cash out enough of it that I'm happy though, most of which was in late Dec 2017/early January of this year.

My only major loss was playing XVG, which I had done well with in the past. I lost about 3 BTC worth.

I no longer have any crypto. Everything is now in fiat form. Since February I've held everything in BTC because the market has been too shakey for my liking. I converted my remaining BTC to fiat a few days ago when they were at $10,600 USD, and I'm very glad I did.

My secret is that I wasn't greedy. I have a friend who got into crypto even before I did, and he basically has nothing at this point, because he had too much pride to sell at a loss. Now he's stuck living in his parents' basement smoking weed all day and living in a fantasy world while I have a six digit bank account.


I had 50k profits from last year's bullrun
Now I'm breaking even.

I’ll never sell. I really like KCS after I found out you can sell dust into BTC. I bought a lot of KCS in the sub $4 range

>he had too much pride to sell at a loss
Ahhh the sunk cost fallacy, a sure way to ensure more losses.

It's true. The jerk doesn't even want to be friends with me anymore because of jealousy.

I gained money, but I lost my best friend. Although if money was enough to make him hate me, it makes me wonder if he ever was my friend at all.

put in 16,000 in Dec/Jan... currently down 9,000

I bought XLM at the all time high

height of portfolio was
coins now worth 17k