ORacle 34 - Market DEcision- Enter bear

Enter short term bear

long term bull

short term opportunit

for swing trade

this heavily

if not want small swing trade opportunity


if want

try short term gain

swing trade

swing not for amatuer trader

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my buy order is at 6k. I think we'll be making a double bottom around there at this rate

Short term (1 day) long on btc, stop at 9400-9500
Mid term short, going back to 8k, lower is a possibility
Long term long, from 6k average, w shape bottom then bullrun (april / may)

Orcle I think your right. I'm convince it's big money driving price down to buy even more for even less. And once they buy back in it's on for young and old

Oh bringer of wisdom

Tell us your buy and sell points and how did you find them so a many may learn your gentle ways of profit


I sold at 9.3 support and put buy order at 6.1k. Did I do good?

Thank you for your astute observations Oracle. I know it is hard to predict, but do you have ideas for future support as we drop below 9k?

I am just wondering where this massive dumping is coming from. The Mt. Gox trustee isn't supposed to be selling anymore for a while. But it does seem like someone, or a few people with massive amounts of BTC are causing these high volume crashes

Z you stay for biz in darkest times and guide us through.

Nope, it wont drop below 7k. Market swings too fast for that.

ETH look

v weak

v weak if break

under support

SMALL usd/eth short

for non amatuer trader

may serve as

insurance for fall market

think of as


not for return

money willing to lose

to cover in case fall

Z has been wrong for a week straight now.


z chart 100% right?

caress major res

fail break

z last post say

near bear

now we bear

skimpletong not listen

this not investment

this insurance policy

y? omega has made repeated super bad calls and got his ass liquidated recently, and wasn't there some kind of zcash thing, and he acts belligerent and sour and overmemes the Veeky Forums stuff like he's fresh outta reddit
i mean, we all choose our heroes i guess

Butt out friend, we like oracles advice, not yours

100% right. Surely. Me throwing a coin to decide whether to short or long would yield better results.

see OP image

zdrop mic

ja ja

zata's a cool guy, hopefully he doesn't mind you greasing him up for your own benefit
take it easy user

what entry/exit are you for on the BTC swing trade?

z greetings

vix fix


bottom finder

this bottom

long wick



thanks just shorted 100k

Z not have btc

z not swing trade

z 75% all hold

z short small amount eth

not as invest

as insurance

willing to lose if btc rise

protect some short term loss

if btc fall

>he makes 1 right call that wasn't even a correct bounce off his trendline

moron. a broken clock is right twice a day

not z

say do that

but GL

ja ja

What happened to z never margin?

Z right on

IHS from 7995

wedge from 8500

res at 11.5k

fall now


skimpletongs ^.^

Z not margin for profit

Z only occasional margin short

for insurance

v different

v few know

how safe use margin

Z, I learn the most from you when times are bad.
Ty for the words and hanging out with us
Feels pretty bad. I no have way to short. Kraken no approve. I can 'set up a vpn' easily. what do you think? how to short if USA?

>short term opportunity for swing trade
>if want try short term gain swing trade
in regards to your OP, what entry/exit would you look for if you were making this trade?

Thanks for talking about ETH. Should I move my ETH since it hit 666?

at support now

not exit point yet

if under

look bearish

You rock man thanks

z still evaluate

8350 seem possible


again 3 month now

z not think

this dip not matter

most conservative

just hold

Since you've been wrong 5 times in a row, you've started hedging your bets by saying "If it's not going down, it's going up", no matter what happens you'll claim to be correct in hindsight.


If this doesnt start going up by april the whole year is doomed. Stop acting like you are never wrong, if you overlook this fact you are just deluded with your own bullshit

Orkle right 70.5 times out of 71

checked. i agree, i just wanted to know your thoughts since i'm still learning. thanks bro


- Gox Trustee has BILLIONS in USD in BTC to sell
- He's sold 20% of it, maybe 25% after today
- At least another 25% is going to be MARKET SOLD

- Hackers phishing accounts and holding them open
- Selling alts to buy single alt coins coordinated pumping them into their sky high sell walls
- Swapping said alt for BTC and coordinated DUMPING with 100x shorts on bitmexicano

- ALSO ->>>> Asia banhammer


***** END NEWSFLASH *****

show when z wrong

herstory bread all there

z say not 100%

because as z say

market indecision

and heavy maniptitate


how will the market ever recover

it wills


Sell NULS and tether up, or keep holding no matter what?

I will shhh. Thanks z

Z keep nuls EOY

no matter hwat

Yes shh and buy my coins goyim, thanks for taking these heavy bags off me
wrong. read the report, it came out today
resumed: they are done selling, they already have paid their shareholders and have no liability to sell more but it doesnt mean they cant though


so new ATH then a dump again, got it


now ETH/usd

insurance short begin

to cover loss

on reversal

reallocate to bottomed small alt


go tether?

Time to stop with these threads retard, you were way fucking off. Get a new schtick and a new tripcode, this gibberish speaking one is done for. Faggot queer.

Chart update


-short term bear/2018 v bullish

if non leave computar now

return 3 months this not matter

if want swing trade

this z chart

how Z off?

literal chart said 11.5k major res

last bread say going bearish

now bearish?

z way right

again skimpletong

herstory bread proof

or keep move

new shhrule

z not address skimpskomps

talk with no herstory proof

relax z we're still here. still following.

KYS. You have no idea what's going to happen, as evident by your increasingly frantic posts.

what do you think the chances are that PASC will take off someday? it doesn't really have anything going for it atm, even the community for it seems dead. i know it's high risk to invest in it but what would you say the chances of it not totally dying and being worthless are?

update eth

short insurance



Z love pasc 2018

marketing soon

Pasc ~$17m mark cap

compete with nano/iota


Where is the bottom for BTC? I hear a lot of people talking about 6k, 4k, 1k. If this happens, especially dropping below 6k, would this mean multi-year bear market again? I'm still hear breathing and shhing at these threads, also I have some shorts open and idk where to close. Especially if this bear market does turn out to be a long term thing, I'd still just be earning worthless bitcorns. ETH short still open

Z dont follow ltc?

two important support

8300 test v expected

if fail

7700 last major support

below 7700

v bearish

test $5800

z plan

- set eth/usd insurance
- exit eth only
- reenter pasc/itc at confirm reversal

alright Z, thanks. I tethered 70%, holding rest till all the dip i can see.
guess time was not right for me. 16k -> 10k in 3 months.

checked again
I see, thank you. Now i see it, 7700 makes a lot of sense! Another thing is, if it does go below 5800 you say z holds 75% of portfolio long term, would you still not sell it even then? Seems silly to know you will lose money only because of principle if that makes sense

think market down 60%

non not do bad

every trader

feel loss

2018 v bright

stay shh

trade smart

will make it

once you sell, you will never know when to get back in as you will try to time the market (which will happen rarely)

Not principal

Z not need moneys

right now

trade all out

just trade all back

take much time

much effort

z take eth out

rest z hold

make small difference EOY
2 year

5 year

yes Z, i know i am smart, i spend time before putting money. in all my investments till date, i have been winning and this loss does belittle me which i cannot fathom. i'll wait on sidelines and get back again to get my money and more

z youre so chill, hope you make it

shhucks thank non

z want non make it more E>

ill buy some pasc soon. do you think that since BTC is bearish i should wait to buy PASC, right? might give it a little bit



bitcoins maniptitated

v hard rn

fall knife now

wait for knife


thud stop

on ground

then wait





now see confirm

back up

now not fall knife

now fly knife

now buy knife

i guess we all know he will make it.

theres no reason for him to share his thoughts and spend time on this anonymous board but he does without expecting anything. people in here uttering shit, they are happy with pink wojaks and brap posts but if somebody is doing something; they feel entitled that he be accurate as fuck when posting something

user i would wait a bit, you would be catching the falling knife. market too manipulated right now. low volume, could go elsewhere

Z, how do you predict market reversal? just trend doesnt mean much, it should include volume too?

yea they probably trying to paint a double bottom. may wait until ~$6000 or so. don't want to buy into a trap bulltrap or whatever

even if i dont follow your calls i still appreciate the TA so i hope you keep posting. maybe your manner of posting might put off some people but i read it anyways. r/bitcoinmarkets are full of people who are more receptive to TA if youre interested.

Z track net vol

vol relative to time frame

ie if btc see low vol month

high v low vol for month

is relative

ok got it. relative to timeframe we are looking at. thanks z
wish you were in my city and we could talk in person over some beer, dont worry i would buy you some :p

Thank non E>

Z may meet greet


Yes and net vol

Net vol important

Often overlook

Fucking nigger, I fell for your inverse head and shoulders bullshit

The crash is so bad oracle is talking English

>make small difference EOY
>2 year
>5 year

could you leave more details on this? you want to say in macro terms we're okay and will continue to grow as we did before? in macro

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love you Z, we are not worthy

IHS was 7950

Went to 11.5k

Still over v


Biz is z z is Oracle Oracle is z z is biz


mm.. do you have any concerns about where this will bring us? I mean in this case we will be so rich we will not need any money till end of our life, but what will be global scale effect of this?

honestly I'm in crypto because I want "wealth transfer" which will bring me to "fuck the money" class so I could finally drop out from society for a year or so, then go back and start building art classes and other stuff to let new people not live such a terrible life as I did

my only concerns that there are way too much greedy people, in very bad way. as social media and smartphones corrupted society by exploiting their dopamine system, crypto could do the same by exploiting greed, and I'm sort of afraid of possible outcomes

p.s. I'm internet user since 1998, just for background

strap on boys.

2 days of bleeding red incoming.

Why talk like


not make sense

really annoying but not

caveman talk like nice

Fuck you tripfag

Non no hate type, shhh

>Internet user since 1998

Why would you add this? Do you think it makes you special or something? Serious question.

thank you based Oracle for based thread and analysis!

biz is link worship cult too, and link doesn't seem to be falling as much, why do you think this is?

jesus fuck will we hit 6000 for real dont we?

Z, are you taking in account the market manipulation that's happening?

mt.gox wallets. they have 2000 more BTC's to dump. if you look at the graph, 3 huge dips. 3 wallets have been dumped. every dump drops the price of btc by around $800... with the panic sell off that comes along with dumps, how accurate do you think TAing is for now?

Double bottom isnt a thing in crypto bro. Either we bounce before 6 or we will break 6 and shit on it


that is not gox. that is someone else dumping

ah, to my knowledge, it was one of the wallets that mt gox sends to, which then sells. do you have a link to the actual mt gox wallets?

Damn japs fuck bitcoin and raped Cardano, whale killing buggers