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Alright guys, just got back from this event where Ari Paul was speaking. Someone asked about oracles and his favorite project. Said he needed to do more research, but spilled some sauce that there is only one that really catches his eye at the moment. Guess which one that was?
Also mentioned that he got a phone call from the CEO of link after his tweet. Not sure the details on what will be in the works, but something is definitely happening behind the scenes here as well.
Buy the dip and thank me later

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Proof ?

unfortunately did not expect that kind of answer to come out of him, so no video proof

Proof that you were there. Ticket?

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

protip it's not link it's witnet LOL

Did you see this?

here ya go. blacked out private info


see above

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Ok let me explain why people here need proof dear reddit larper.
Yesterday I was with sergay. He told me mainnet was almost released and approx 22 institutional banks will buy 1.000.000 chainlank each.
Do you believe me ?
Do I believe you ?
Now proof or get out with your stupid apes meme

Thanks broseph. Just to be clear, he literally said "chainlink"?
he didn't just wink at you and chew a bigmac?


He already posted proof you stupid faggot

He said "chainlink" bros. just became a Colonel in link ranking. We gon' make it


so he actually said chainedlinks caught his eyeballs, or implied it did or was as vague as you're being or am i supposed to continue guessing or ???

>implying I know what an oracle is

Thanks just bought 100k

Fake news.

“It is a strategic priority for Swift to work with new technologies like DLT and incorporate them into key solutions like gpi”, says Stephen Gilderdale, chief platform officer, Swift. “We are already working on new PoCs and will continue our R&D efforts to ensure that Swift customers will be able to leverage their existing Swift infrastructure and connectivity to benefit from blockchain services, whether offered by Swift or by third parties, on a secure and trusted platform.”

But I was really with sergay too, at a special event
He even hold my hand and whispered me some dirty words

Don't want to overplay it because all he did was mention that oracles could play a big part in the space and that he still needs to do more research, but he mentioned that chainlink was what caught his eye

2. While the DLT application could provide a
platform to share the information, there is
significant work and investment required
by all banks to upgrade their back office
applications to feed the platform with
real-time updates. The success of any
solution will be dependent upon deep
integration with back office systems
using APIs. These implementation costs
could be significantly lowered should ISO
20022 standards be adopted first for the
payments themselves. This would ease
integration as a common data model
providing the required level of granularity
for Nostro.


Thx for the info OP, makes sense since we all shilled it to him on Twitter.


Haha that made me chuckle.

np, just supporting the link community :)





Neck yourself you mouth breather. Learn to read before you're so quick to hit post fucking ledditor

Thanks. The people who matter in crypto space are talking about Chainlink.


Thanks just bought 100k



Like who?




who is Ari Paul?

good job btw :)


Ari Paul (from this post), vitalik (from a tweet he deleted), people at req, enigma and airswap. Santa klaus (not a crypto player but World economic forum is something)

Appreciate it bro

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vitalik tweet? howd i miss that. what did he say?

He said Link is one of the most promising projects but he wasn't sure it's worth32mil but he's techie not a business man he thinks eth is overpriced too

What tweet did vitalik delete? This is one bit of link lore that I don’t know.


Fakest pos on this planet.

Tell us more OP. Describe every detail

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was this event recorded somewhere?

Seriously, is link a meme?
I know about the oracle problem and have read LINK whitepaper, but you guys seem to know a lot of shit happening behind the scenes.
I don't want to be the FOMO tard one year from now.

>7 attendees
Time to play the guessing game

It's a meme dude have you seen the shit posting???


its a meme

What does a private, trusted blockchain need an oracle for?

pic related is his most recent post... hmm.. does this look familar to anyone else?

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Ari has been following Sergey on Twitter for some time already. New followings usually appear close to the top of the list right? Sergey is way down the mix....... Connecting the dots.

dont forget neo

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It's a meme that will be memed into reality.

what did neo say

Pretty much this
First we elect president
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I also thought this was a bit suspicious. Wtf

someone about 2 months ago posted proof about going to an event where neo was speaking and they were doing a meet and greet at a table. He asked the founders about chainlink and they basicly said that chainlink's whitepaper is one of the most professional ones they've seen and that its a project they are taking seriously and that oracles are going to be very important.

The enigma devs (MIT tier jews who know what they're talking about) told him that the cl whitepaper is legit.

yes this is the main idea

we are literally going to fucking make it LOL

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Fucking nu/biz/ . It was the NEO developer's conference where the ENG devs commented on the LINK whitepaper being one of the best

It's blockchain you retards not chainlink

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Holding in satoshis while the entire market takes a massive dump is a pretty good sign famalam.