XRP bagholder

t. 6.6K XRP bagholder bought at 95 cents
Not even worried though. 1-3 years from now XRP will be $10 and all you nonripple holding beta cucks will wish you had bought some

7.5k here from .20c
About to go all in an get to 10k xrp. This shit will be $5-10 in a couple months

i feel it mr. krabs. not sure if right now is the time to go all in. i bet XRP will probably fall below 70 cents.

>270 XRP

phew these bags are heavy

only 1k+ xrp bagholders allowed

What’s the easiest way to buy XRP?

27 XRP these bags are made of Steel

>tfw bought 6000 at $0.76 today

unironically think ripple will go to $15 this year.

FACT: XRP and XMR bagholders are the intellectually and emotionally strongest people on this board. We are logical, see the big picture, understand the technology, and we are steady under pressure. We ignore the ignorant and capitalize on opportunities. We are standing strong and proud as the weak and short-sighted are culled from this board. We're all gonna make it brahs.

>says increasingly nervous bagholder for the 20th time this week

60k bag here get on my level. got in @ 0.1$. not even gonna consider touching it until 2020. feels good

I buy LTC or ETH on Coinbase then transfer to bitstamp. Then liquidate and buy XRP. Then transfer to personal toastwallet. Bitter and kraken are also good.

>bought 6.6k at 95 cents
>in 1-3 XRP will be 10 dollars
>not even worried

Too bad Stellar is going to crush Ripple this year. I own both but not buying anymore xrp


Buy Eth on coinbase , send it to binance and 5 to 10 mins later itll show up. Go to XRP/ETH in the market and buy. Then send your XRP to the toast wallet and thats basically immediate.

youre not even a bagholder youre still up huge get out

you will make it user

100k bagholder here, since 0.01. Ride with me.

youre not a bagholder you bought at 1 fucking cent

Ride or die.