Mt. Gox permanently destroyed BTC

There’s no incentive to buy now if you know that guy can shock the whole market and dump on you. You’re just handing him free money. 5heres not really an incentive to hold if you know there’s no incentive for anyone to buy, because the price of your asset is going to go down. If news of what is happening with that dude gets widespread, Bitcoin could have some serious problems for a while here.

It’s over, with no incentive to buy and no incentive to hold, there’s no reason Bitcoin shouldn’t have a price of zero dollars and zero cents. We could see an alt bull run out of this as money moves out of bitcoin into them, or everything could permanently die. More likely still is someone puts a hit out on the turbowhale and keeps him from dumping his BTC.

Threadly reminder Mt. Gox has only sold 400 million thus far and has another 1.9 billion to liquidate.

If you buy and drive the price back up, you are giving money to the Mt. Gox liquidators.

You are retarded if you haven't sold already.

But i wanna hold bitcoin cause its the future currency not to convert it into fiat.

the incentive to buy now is guessing how much this gook will sell and putting bids that far down in the book
easy money

It's going to be way worse when the Bitfinex/Tether shit hits the fan.

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oh look another episode of op doesn't understand what's happening.

yeah assassination of the turbowhale yeah op yeah

What is happening then?

I don’t know why people are complaining about cheap btc

I have 5k waiting for this dip ima buy when btc reaches 4K

mt gox trust sold off btc to pay back victims of mt gox hack. they have a shit load more they can potentially sell, but we don't know until 6months down the track at the next court case.
If you buy now you're just raising the price for them to dump in 6months

imagine unironically believing this
holy shit

he liquidated btc to pay off creditors

now guess what happens when 1.9 billion is seized by the government and is no longer available for sale?

Why can’t you guys just say what is really happening, why be so cryptic?

So he’s done selling? Won’t the government sell them? Isn’t that what the FBI did with the Bitcoin from Silk Road?

care to explain it then?

we don't know what is happening to the remaining until the next time it goes to court in 6months. meanwhile people can apply for damages who missed out on the first round. they'll end up selling more, or all of them

He's selling again much later in the year, kys

Either the flipening from btc to ether happens or crypto is dead. If btc holders don't wake up to this they are going to kill crypto

Veeky Forums, explain to me how this guy hasn't been found yet? Why is he allowed to get away with stealing all our coins years ago? Why aren't there some PMC types finding this guy and torturing him?

The market has cried wolf so many times already. Good chance many tools will sit HODLing as the market gets gox'ed again; day after day of red bars erasing all final trust. Prepare for many more incoming sob stories of HODL'ers who sat for days watching their assets dissolve.

If they did sell them it would be in an auction not on an exchange. A government would be stupid to sell them though when such a big piece of the crypto pie just fell into their lap.

it's just 1 guy selling
everyone else is buying
once he runs out of btc to sell it will leave the orbit!
look at the bull run before sell off, once he sells all btc, the bull run you've never seen before will appear

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Cant btc core fork and make current btc worth nothing?

Or you know just maybe Bitcoin could be used for it's original purpose instead of being used for speculation.