Locked in

I feel so sorry for you cucks that didn't lock the price of Bitcoin into their ledger nano s. Here I am, sitting comfortably whilst you retards are pink wojaking.

I actually aild Half around ATH. Locked in aboht 25% and left 25% for fuck around money for vegas. And im still stressed I might have to sell 25% at such a shitty low.

lmao i locked in since december and havent looked back. step up faggot


What the fuck are you on about?

I sold all my coins. What do I do with thing now?

fags who bought hardware wallets but don't know how to use them could have preserved their gains if they just locked in the price when they deposited

This meme was funny for like a day. Now it's just annoying as fuck.

What the fuck are you guys talking about?
You can’t fucking lock in a price. God damn are people this stupid or something?

Thank god I locked in at $11,000 on this recent rise

You can lock in your coins with the Trezor.


how much have you lost so far?

uhh i'm sorry user, did you not lock your btc at 20k?

Is this a real thing?

Literally can not tell if everyones being srs or not


lol dude?

Yes. It is.

>being this retarded
This user has genuinely failed to ever lock in his trezor BTC's. Let that sink in boys.

where the fuck do you live lmao

These posts always remind me of the humor on the Yahoo Finance boards.

> stock gets bad news, gaps down on open 40%
> poster says "i'm smart, I had a stop loss at -10%, look at me, I'm smart"
> (isn't really smart, stop loss won't get filled when it gaps)
> poster is larping kek, most of the replies don't get the joke.


This is 99% of the reason people buy a Trezor. Price locking during crashes is essential.

dubs of truth

Can someone explain how price locking works for a noob?

that's phenomenal... buying a few for myself and family thanks bros

Lmao this is stale pasta new fag

you lock it in

I locked in at 8k last year. Come back full circle haven't we?

quit lying to newfriends

yes but then somehow you have to sell ur bitcoins or give up the private key.

What’s the point of “lock your coins” at a certain value?

Why does that value mean anything if you can’t sell it?

I locked mine in December. Comfy.

I got scared and pajeeted myself and locked in at 3800 btc.....fuuuuuuuuuck! I forget to unlock when norms bought!

Everyone is fucking with you lol

ITT stupid chimps who believe you can actually lock the price of your investment without any buyer, or giving up the private key.

I've heard that there are people who will, for $2000, hack the wallet and change the lock in price to $12K

Quick way to make a $1000 profit.

Sitting comfy at 16.9k. I hate myself for not locking it at 19k+ but atleast I’m not locking it now.

I'm not kidding I locked in at a loss! Pfff...face palm..............hez baut da dip....Korean FUD!

Imagine being this retarded

everyone makes mistakes bud live and learn amirite

The worst thing about this shit, unfunny meme is the retards falling for it

I know a guy who will do it remotely for 500 in xmr!

Holy fuck we just found out how to spot the newfags

Damn, the guy charging $2000 was ripping me off.

like you

Dude, are you retarded? Of course you can’t lock in a price. Unless the wallet buys it from you, who the hell is going to buy BTC at a higher price than what the market average is? Use your brain.

>Not knowing how hardware wallet works
Fuck off back to plebddit

Nice larp faggot

>You buy bitcoin when it's $20k
>You put it in your hardware wallet
>You lock it in
That BTC is now locked at $20k. If the market crashes and exchanges are selling it for $10k, you haven't lost a cent.

However this can also be disadvantageous.
>You buy bitcoin when it's $20k
>You put it in your hardware wallet
>You lock it in
>BTC soars to $40k
Your locked in BTC is now worth half of what the open (unlocked) market is trading it at.

He probably just wants us to sell our wallets with our locked in prices.

You can't trust anyone on Veeky Forums these days.


>tfw remembered to lock my btc in at 11k

It's hard to believe there are retards here who will fall for this, but there are, even with people like me pointing out that it's a meme.

larping is mean

Imagine being autistic enough to lock the price every single time it goes up a little more just so you could keep posting this meme

Maybe that's how Billion Coin is doing it.

i don t know if serious or retarded

This much better than LINK posting. Continue.

BTW, you guys know you can margin lock right? I hope you're profiting right now like I am

thanks, just did this.

Thanks, just locked 100k

That is some serious 4-d chess