Stockfag here. You guys laughed at me a month ago saying I was a brainlet for choosing 7% gains every year instead of stupid high risk crypto.


fucking lolling @ this entire board

>still 4000% up from my initial investment

stockfags btfo, how will they ever recover?

Most of us are still up 100% from a few months ago even after the crash.

>being this delusional

Funny, that looks like the standard shitcoin chart...

lol I bought bitcoin at $3, go fuck yourself

I'm up 900% since november

Haha I made 25 thousand dollars in the last 6 hours. Hard to do that in stocks.

STFU fags i'm mad as hell..... i started with $30K a year ago and i'm only left with a little over $100K after cashing out about $65 K .........

and you most likely sold at $2.50, you fudder

Damn I am only 250%

Bought BTC for 0.000000001$.
Also my dad is CEO of Bitcoin.
Also, I'm 12 btw.

delusional about what?

my gains shit all over your (((stocks)))

I started with literally nothing and I'm currently sitting on $800 so technically I'm up ∞%

I invested my life’s savings, $10,000, a year ago into cryptocurrency. I have cashed out $50,000 and still have $200,000 (and dropping lol) in crypto. I could not have easily done this with stocks in one year.

Bitcorn was a shit investment at any price, just because you lucked out doesn’t mean you invested wisely.

“Investing” in lotto tickets is just as much a brainlet move as “investing” in crypto. Both have made people rich in the past but it’s still dumb as fuck.

>not knowing the definition of delusional
Anyone who got into crypto before last August is still way up, which is the majority of this board. A lot of us got in well over a year ago.

Funny how when the market goes down, everyone is suddenly a big winner!

im only up 400%, started September.. it makes me feel so fucking stupid, missed out on so much. fucking 400%, pitiful, fuck

It's all about perspective.

Your graph starts at 1950 faggot.

Yeah sure but it's a one time thing for you. You guys haven't learned a skill, at least most haven't learned to trade or analyze markets. What are you gonna do after the hype? Chances of overnight millions are long gone. I as a curency trader do 50-100% a year RoI. Consistency is key for this sector and I can do my trick forever, bull or bear markets.

user, i consider myself new here. anyone who got in especially during april are way way up no matter what happens. just neo and eth which was shilled the most, up what, 100x for neo, 20x for eth. even if it halves, 50x for neo, 10x for eth. it halves again, 25x for neo, 5x for eth. halves again, 12.5x for neo, 2.5x for eth, and it still outpaces your 7% annual gains in 13 years. can you imagine that?

7%? In last year's market? You left around 14% on the table. If you're not doing 10% at minimum, why are you bothering?

>7% gains
>A whole fucking year
You can get 5%-15% gains at crypto in less than 1 hour if you follow buy the rumor sell the news and be greedy when the others are fearful meme

What stocks are you buying that you're making 7% a year? I made 7% in stocks in a week.

I have a PhD and a high paying job, trading was a one time thing for me. The million I made from crypto should help, I can put some in real estate or an index fund I guess.

good for you user, i hope that i can eventually learn enough trading that id translate it into forex in case crypto dies. i honestly doubt it though. even then, i currently have a job but have cashed out a year's worth of expenses (still up 400% as stated previously) to keep holding my decent stack of chainlink.

Not everyone holds 100% of all their money in BTC. Smart people sell high, buy back in low. I bet you buy "safe stocks" so you don't even have to check them and sell high buy low lmao you just put all in Amazon and Apple and jerk off "muh 7%" meanwhile I 3xd


>JPMorgan exec warns stock market could fall by 40%

heh hate to do it to ya kid

i know anons who post this are just falseflagging but some replies make me believe that there are people from r/buttcoin posting here unironically, esp with people blasting bitcoin. they all think that bitcoin is the only crypto. they won't even know neo and its roi. or nano, vechain, etc. highest gainers of late 2017. you can laugh at the dumbasses who bought at the peak, fuck, all of us here do too, but i assure you the faggots here who got in before a newfag like me (septemberfaggot here) are way way up that this shit wouldnt matter to them. and there are lots of them.

>I as a curency trader do 50-100% a year RoI.
Bullshit LARP.

id go as far as saying that most here on biz dont have any btc in their portfolio

That's definitely wrong, most of us have BTC. Usually the people who have none are the ones who have portfolios of less than $10k though some exceptions exist.

This. In 40 years I'll be comfy and retired. Enjoy your bags losers.

This shit isn't a big deal even if you got in in the middle of last summer.

>bitcoin goes to $1000
fucking tulips
>bitcoin goes to $2000
>fucking tulips
>bitcoin goes to $4000
fucking tulips
>bitcoin goes to $7000
>fucking tulips
>bitcoin goes to $10000
fucking tulips
>bitcoin goes to $20000
fucking tulips
>bitcoin goes to $8500
>but I bought way lower than this
>nope you're lying, its not like this board was active before December 2017 or anything

Go back to Deaddit Buttcoin Faggot. You obviously don't know the first thing about investing in Crypto and if your investing blindly it's still better odds than winning the lottery

stay poor

>stay poor

Did you suck a dick for a bitcoin back in 2008?

Im invested in both stocks and crypto, suck my bent cock.

The funny part is OP doesn't even have stocks.

This is a b8 thread

imagine being into crypto but having no idea what mining is.
You still mad I'm up 5000%+ since july? It's ok maybe your boss will give you a 50 cent raise.
>b-b-b-but bitcoin isn't up that much!!!
lol that's why I got in on alts idiot. Being an early adopter of NEO/Antshares sure is nice.

I'll live.