The start of my crypto journey doesnt look too well

The start of my crypto journey doesnt look too well

My coins

I lost more in the last 10 minute than this portfolio

Sell link as soon as possible and buy xmr for the fork in april

>starts a week ago

Poor fag here only getting poorer

Serves you well OP. I hope you die. Crypto is a plague and you are the carrier.

public service announcement from someone who isn't inside of an Indian sweatshop:
Don't buy link.

My coins. Just bought 200$ of ETH.

Should I buy more stacks of alts?

Please advise.

What was your ATH?

700 was ATH.


who falling off a cliff here?

How dare he support something that takes power from government and international bankings hands and places it in the common mans! We should all be STATEKEKS and BANKKEKS and grovel at the 'stability' and 'peace' they afford!

Very mean

initial investment - 13k
Peak total - 36k
Current - 6.5k

Thinking of just necking myself.
Went from ICON to LUX to BTCP

At around 4k i'll consider actually ending it since i invested more than i could afford to lose. There goes a year of my lifes hard work down the gutter.

> 13k in a year
It's called rent, food, and other payments. This was everything i could manage to save in about 15 months

Everyone must go through the crashes be thankful you're experiencing it with a trivial amount of money


U never do that dude, why the fuck did u do that for.

>buying link

Rate my Portfolio Biz

Toss link and OMG (this is coming from someone who has been holding OMG for nearly a year). BTC, ETH, XMR is all you need. Learn from my mistakes.