Rather than making myself sick by constantly refreshing Delta , i've decided not to touch Crypto until Christmas...

Rather than making myself sick by constantly refreshing Delta , i've decided not to touch Crypto until Christmas, at which point I plan to cash out half of my portfolio and hope to have made enough to buy my son a decent car. I'm asking for your serious opinion of my portfolio. No shilling (I won't touch crypto until Christmas anyway)

enjoy the next 2 year bear market.

>to buy my son a decent car
>my son
worst HODL ever drop that bag now

You're too diversified in my opinion. But if you're just looking to turn that into ~15k, then you'll be fine probably. Nobody really knows what is going to happen over the course the year.

you'll have literally nothing left at christmas how can anyone be this retarded lol

why the fuck do you have 30 cryptos with under 3,000$ investment

scenario one: all goes as planned and now your wife's son has a car
scenario two: you lose 2.6k

I don't get it

I'll be completely honest. You are over diversified for your portfolio value. you should be in 5 coins max. IMO I would pick 3-4 from ada, polymath, ven, omg, nano. And then 20% in eth or btc

> ada,omg,nano,ven overvalued shits. with 3k u should find below 200 mill projects

>he didn't go all-in on LINK

Man buy VEN and LINK. Stop diversifying like you have a million $ portfolio. Research VEN and see the potential yourself. Research LINK as well. This is as "safe" as it can get without sacrifising a lot of profit potential. 10x if the bear market stops.

Sorry for working hard to make ends meet... douchebag

He said no shilling pajeet

Yes that's exactly the reason why you should take some risk or you will keep on doing that. Stop overdiversifying. Get into or two coins that you REALLY researched well. A x10 on a coin you invested $50 in won't help you in any way.
Good luck user

When you over diversify, your portfolio net-worth will begin to mimic the market's movements. The end goal of the game is to beat the market's gains (BTC).

It's a very nice thing for you to do for your son, but I'd strongly suggest to have 3-5 coins MAX, that way it gets much easier to swing trade.

When you see one of your few coins moon, sell it and buy back cheaper. It's the only way to beat the game.

Massively over diversified .
With such a small amount of money you should go:

No more than 3 coins anyway.

You could go all in JNT.
Low market cap, finance token ( that’s what blockchain is good for), hasn’t mooned, solid professional team .

By the way, I’m a father too, not a teenager. Do not listen to the retarded children, meaning Link and Vechain are are no go.

>shills JNT over LINK

thanks for that /comfy/ feel :^)



Opponent used Bear Market.

Was thinking the same thing. You won't be able to sell before the dips or buy the bottoms when there are 30 bottoms.

Stop responding to a reddit post, idiots.