Piece of Shit

>Buy Coinbase rumors
>Buy in at 98cents
>No Coinbase
>No pump
>Price falls
>Price falls even more
>Literally two broken legs now
>Literally crippled

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>coinbase rumors

Are you retarded

this is why crypto needs to be centralized

the price was still in the high .80's even after they squelched the rumor publicly

Who cares. Just buy more.

get out before we hit 0.80

you could have made money with the coinbase rumors if you sold before people realized it was an obvious larp.

selling the news isnt just a meme

this is literally the only coin that will survive for the next 5 or even 100 years. +99% of the coins now will die. it has the best fundamentals and a well funded world class team of businessmen behind it.


How the fuck does that make any sense?
Do you not want to fucking make money??

*team of developers and businessmen

I'm still bullish on XRP. It's already going back up

btw, bitcoin might survive but only if it changes, a lot, which is highly unlikely.

XRP and a privacy coin (could be Monero or something superior) will be the top #2.

No one will trust basement coders with their hard earned money. They want a company, they want someone to blame if things go wrong, they want the validators to be reputable. Hashpower can be monopolized by anonymous rich people who can fuck the network and you wouldn't be able to remove them without a hardfork.

tell me that when Ripple hits $1000

top 2.

Yes. Ripples marketcap will be $400 trillion

Are you joking or do you suck at math?

XRP hasn't even 100x-ed yet

eoy 100$

2020 1000$


It was never a rumor you stupid piece of shit. It was merely speculation.

If you worry about your Ripple investment.. You truly do not understand Ripple. Feel free to sell at a loss at any time, user.

>$40 T marketcap.

Go back to /b/

The market cap of all central bank paper and electronic is at least $90 Trillion. This is just what they've admitted to creating, and there may be $Trillions more.

The market cap of all stock markets in the world is about $70 Trillion.

The market cap of all bond markets in the world is about $215 Trillion.

The market cap of all real estate markets in the world is about $215 Trillion.

Therefore YES. $40 Trillion market cap for XRP is completely logical and realistic if it is serving as an international reserve currency, which is exactly the purpose it was created for. $1000 XRP -- LOAD YOUR FUCKING BAGS.


that's why I don't invest in tech I don't believe in

>ripplenipples are this delusional

>being this new

I can’t tell if you’re this retarded or you’re really comparing xrp to the dollar . I almost feel bad for you

>no-ripplers are this bad at macroeconomics.

Yes I am comparing it to the US Dollar and all central bank fiat currencies. They are obsolete and have become a threat to the Western financial system. The people who own and operate the Western central banks are transitioning to a digital currency, and all evidence indicates that XRP is their choice. If you knew a single thing about macroeconomics you could bring some facts and logical reasoning to the table, but here you are "almost feeling bad" for people on the internet. Cash out some of your Chainlink and take a macroeconomics class at your local community college. It could save your life.

>XRP hasn't 100-times-ed yet
uhhhhhhhh what in the absolute fuck

shit's been around for years, literally go the fuck back to plebbit, you retardfaggots holy fuck