Why is everything going down?


thats a dude, isnt it

I sure hope so

You're a faggot if looking at that you think "is there a penis"

Pink wojack indicator 10 pink wojacks in the catalog means that everything is going to go up from now on.


Welcome to the internet, Pajeet!

everything isn't going down.
I'm not going down on that roast beef and generously applying some mustard on it before having a feast if you know what I'm saying do you know what I'm saying get off my fucking blue board with your slutposting fuck you you fucking piece of shit post relevant memes board relevant humor you fucking leech cancer piece of shit fucking die mods dropped the ball

no faggot
welcome to Veeky Forums post /lgbt/ invasion during the bullrun of 2017
you absolute brainlet newfag
you probably bought in decemeber
if you even bought at all
or maybe you're just another queer jumping on the bandwagon
either way
you are and always will be
a homosexual

I would go down and have a jolly good sniff of that crotch. Also buy LINK.

imagine being THIS mad

wew laddy

buy the pink wojaks, sell the smug pepes

buy the fud, sell the fomo

cant lose really

New to Veeky Forums, eh? Get the FUCK back to where you came from, faggot.

Who got?

t. reddit

friendly reminder that thots trigger literal homosexual newfags that came to Veeky Forums late last year along with the normie rush

friendly reminder that traps are gay and so are you

I am beyond asspain user
Enjoy the thot for your troubles though

reminder that thotposting is for brainlets who can't post funny or informative or even remotely board relevant things.
at least post things like slutty vertcoin girls or ripio credit network lesbian anime girls or monero porn actors or something.

or genuine biz memes like pic related
the enthusiastically sweaty ass jew of infinite gains



that's not humor

case in point, you're a newfag

You are being naive for not considering that possibility.

Either way, would tap.


>tfw this meme died within a month after it started

kinda miss it t b h

thats because you're a faggot

For weak hands to drop bags.

it was longer than a month surely
it died out because there was too many high quality non asian thots being posted

yeah run away like a little bitch now you're exposed as a newfag, queer

gox fud

i prefer to sniff posters t b h, the butthurt that is has caused has been satisfying

brap/sniff existed originally to combat "nigger aesthetics" ie large assed women becoming the ideal

it got a boost of nitrous GAS with the waves of normies and queers getting triggered by thots in general
its all good, seeing them chimp out is quite entertaining yes


I love sucking dicks

if you're a male
my condolences to both you and your father