Omise just officially announced additional information about staking

>Omise just officially announced additional information about staking
>Transaction fees on the lighting network are at .01%
>Staking nets you a mere 1$ per token per year

You have a source for your fud?



If that's true, that's not a bad number. Means the token is stable at $20 ish right off the bat assuming investors are looking for 5% ROI annually. And it can only go up from there as the network grows.

It is true.


kek OP's FUD isn't even bad news.

Although if you want an 85% annual ROI:

the fees are measured in sats or buterins not jewbux faggot you think any of these crypto prices will stay the same? Also you are not taking into account volume but you already knew that just kys.

No one cares. Also a they have a shitty name.

google it

I'm so pissed I now have 40k passive income.

It's over

But..but.. the skateboard! And Apple. And McDonalds.

Not like this.. not like this....

The burden of proof is on you, dipshit.

kek Stellar inflation gets you more currently

Uhhhh wait what’s going on?

I haven’t checked in on my crypto for 4 months and I just checked and it’s all tanking.

Should I sell this shit? It was way higher last time I checked


You absolute fuck knuckle. Don't listen to this cunt burger

So wait what’s going on? My entire portfolio is tanking.


Please no user please don't sell. It will be your biggest regret in a year. The market will recover and so will your loss. If you sell now it's crazy. Don't sell I benefit nothing by telling you this but don't do it. It's a crazy strong coin wit heaps coming up. It'll be reverse fomo! There are lots of assholes saying sell but if you sell it's a loss, If you have spare $ wait for at least a 20% uptrend and buy more. 2 weeks after buy more if you can afford it and the price is still low, you won't regret it. You will regret selling. Good luck man

Fake news

If you must, just sell 50% and hodl 50%. I guarantee you omg will be wayyyyyy higher in a year than now. Fud is cruel, don't listen


1$ per token is not too bad at all. Right now, it's a 8% ROI/year, literally at the top end.

absolutely terrible for such speculative asset you brainlet.

It beats the shit out of it's competitors though NEO/KCSNAV/KMD.

that's actually pretty good. it's more than twice what any bank would give you

assuming you bought in at $16. alot better if you bought in lower

Nope. 1$ per token is actually fantastic and way more than what I have imagined. I'm comfy as fuck. You probably do not posses more than 1000 OMG. Too bad user, but it was your choice to not buy more.

And it gets better the lower the price gets, which should create an actual bottom for this coin. OMG at 1$ would net a 100% ROI/yr

where the fuck are you guys seeing this news?

They are pulling it from their asses.

Yes it's fud! Hold on to ya omg dickheads. Fud is cancer, they just post for negative reasons? Just to benefit you they say. Meh

Definitely top buying burger

So you’re telling me Omise is only going to limit their yearly revenue to 30M a year?

can comfirm horse to the moon

gay if true

FUCKING WHOA MATE. You mean I can make $1 a year per token for the rest of my life? All in Omisego.

$1 per token numbnuts. If you have 1000 tokens that's free $1000 per year.

It's lame. People were saying that would be the absolute minimum per month, and expected more.

Stocks don't even give out that much in dividends in comparison to their price. Like what did you expect?

FYI no info on google
but it wont be $1 it will be in crypto so if OMG is trading at $20 that is a 5%, um that is good, to get rates like that you have to offshore and have a good amount of cash in a bank account. if inflation is 3% its only 2% from the bank (just giving out rough #s) but OMG itself will be rising in value + the staking rewards. this is not bad in any way


Stocks don't even give that kind of return per year relative to price. Why OP thinks this is bad is beyond me.