Can we please get a separate board for cryptofags...

Can we please get a separate board for cryptofags? Every time their meme coins tank we get flooded with new threads every 10 fucking seconds. I come here to discuss actual stocks, portfolios, investment opportunities, etc.

For fucks sake, get these stupid NEET faggots out of here already.

Veeky Forums is already the separate board for cryptofags. It was created because cryptards kept shitting up /g/. It was only in its first few months that it had actual business threads about investing, real estate, etc. it's been nothing but cryptoshit ever since.

I think we need a containment board for boomers

Look at OP, bringing back the good old 2016 memes!

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cryptards are now shitting up this board. same reason Veeky Forums was created. either we need a crypto general or these faggots have to go

what a waste of digits, please go away

this is worse than s4s stealing boards digits

would be a lot easier to just limit one thread per coin.
would get rid most of the shills as well.


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Thats not why Veeky Forums was created you newfag

a brown mommy and a brown daddy loved each other VERY much and one day ordered a baby on Amazon™. They were very happy with the speed delivery and loved their new child.

Currency is business

Ignore the haters. A get is a get is a get. Well done brah.

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only it was, retard
Veeky Forums was created because crypto threads were triggering queers on /pol/ and /g/, not so much /b/ because thats nothing but shitposts to begin with

before some queer comes in and says "not /pol/ huurrr"
yes, there was many bitcoin threads on /pol/
actual threads full of discussion
queers couldnt handle the fact that people rejecting far left insanity were also looking to make money
that and r/buttcoin are huge faggots

you should all kys

>come here for stocks and blah blah blah
so you haven't been here since april? there's been all of two stock threads since then

except it's not. the literal definition of currency is a system of tangible goods used to trade for. if i made a thread about trading rocks and seashells, it wouldn't be allowed here.

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your portfolio is ruined lmao

/Cry/ legit

>people rejecting far left insanity were also looking to make money

All in linkies, simply buying more :^)

desu as much as I love my stinky linky, I want some of the old threads back. I was just learning how to invest in annuals before crypto ruled the board. It's so much easier when another user breaks it down to smooth brain terms. I should have saved all those threads.

im a nocoiner faggot, read the OP. you guys really are retarded

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why are cryptofags so angsty? acne? no gf?

maybe we should take these thread to /r9k/ so these fags can dream about their lambos and roasties there

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> Complains now about crypto when this board has been about crypto for years.

how about skycoin ? it's very smart build i like it , see about it ...


>I come here to discuss actual stocks, portfolios, investment opportunities

The same thing bothers me senpai, I'm only here to discuss the future of ChainLink and the reason why is it the greatest investment of our lifetime.


agreed. We need a /cyp/ for these ponzi victims to hang out in

Veeky Forums is the containment board for all you scammers with your get rich quick schemes. it just so happens that crypto is the biggest get rich quick scheme right now so that's why it's discussed here 24/7.

if you want to learn about running a traditional or online business just go fucking do it. buy X amount of product at Y wholesale cost and sell it at retail price. i've done it before, and i'm actually retarded but still managed to turn a profit. wtf business do you want to start. what do you want to discuss. just keep making those threads and you'll attract some people. you faggots whine about crypto every so often but nothing will change. the modss and owners of Veeky Forums don't give a fuck about their users. if they did, they would have simple functions like flags on all boards. fucking gayass site. i keep trying to get banned forever but it doesn't happen and i lack the willpower to stay away from this garbage heap. visiting Veeky Forums is like stumbling upon someone who jumped off the roof of a 20 story building and his mangled blood splattered body is crushed on the sidewalk, but you can't look away because you know that gruesome sight is somehow part of the human experience.