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(first off im cis/hetero pls so pardon my obvious ignorance to most things here)

I hear a lot of about this feeling of "so depressed it was either transition or kill myself" I often see people talking about living a life that is pure hell, everything sucks, work, school, eating, sleeping, nothing makes you happy etc. And I dont doubt this is embellished in the slightest.

Btw im speaking on MTF transitions here. From the accounts I have read, it seems it goes like this: major depression --> finally getting on HRT --> struggle with hormones working for few months ---> finally in the end, either pass/dont pass. ---> depending on whether or not can pass is happy/not happy.

Which leads me to an observation, more of a question really.. If the entire issue for these boys/men is that they feel like they are "living a lie" and "stuck in the wrong body".. why should it matter if you pass or not? It seems like both of these problems are solved no matter what as you are now living life as a woman, doing it for yourself, and no longer lying.

Or is it something else... is it that in this day and age, womens rights have come about, yet women still receive all of the extras they had before they gained their rights. women these days live life with cheat codes. same jobs as men, no issues finding a partner (if you are a real woman/pass). can do no wrong in society. beta orbiters galore.

Do many of these young men seeking transition really have issues with dimorphism? (sp?) or are they just lonely, have little friends, bad self esteem, and feel like the world doesnt love them enough?


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putting aside the circus freak surgery: trannies as a rule are extremely bitter and manic-depressive, prone to self-harm and overall social calamity. you wouldn't want any one of those traits in a friend or co-worker, let alone all four.

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I think you should be asking proffessional psychologists and research scientists these questions, not Veeky Forums denizens.

But I'm a bad goy who trusts regular ppl to give wisdom and not (((professionals))) all the time

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I'm glad you've misposted this here. I've been thinking the same.
The west is very stone cold towards straight males these days. The standards are high, the emotional support is minimum, and the sexual liberation of women (which is fair, i guess) made for a harsh environment for young men due to biology. I'm inclined to think a lot of them are unconsciously being bullied into turning gay/trans.

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I'm not sure it's obvious, but it does seem like leadership and high status positions are more easily granted to straight men, but as i said, the standards are high. The thing is, wherever there are lots of women (schools, universities, some workplaces) the most adequate men attract all females (which aren't as daunted by competition as men are), while the less adequate ones are definitely left feeling like second-rate human beings. Their attempts at sexual advances might be seen as creepy, their sad vibes may be seen as weakness, it really is a hole rarely anyone helps them climb out of. There sure feels like there's less pressure involved in being gay and trans, despite other issues these groups run into

yes, I quite agree. I think it really just comes down to if you "pass"or not. these days, as we have clearly seen, the most butt-nasty, repulsive, glutonous females are able to have sex within 2 hours notice, simply open an app on their phone. this goes to show just how much easier it is to satify their base needs (and stay sane) than men. They may not get brad pitt to come over. but i guarantee you they will get someone that is more attractive than them (if you can some how compare attractiveness on a scale between the two sexes.

Even if you believe women 'life live with cheat codes', transitioning puts you in a different category to cis-women for most purposes. Trans people have it really shit. I don't think people transition in order to gain more rights.

yes, youre right about that i would say, they probably would have it hard, but i think that would depend on anything else in life - how attractive you are. and then after that, it would just boil down to if they were attacked for being trans, because in my opinion... if you are not passable, but still attractive (in a man way)you will still be fine, as in todays society trans ppl are given extra leway due to PC stuff. but thats just non-passable people.

however, if they pass, that means people dont know they are trans, they are just another women, so in this case - i would have to disagree with your opinion.