Just ""HODL"

Just ""HODL"...

Obviously if anyone knew exactly what the market would do they would be insta rich. HODL just prevents you from losing everything to fomo

Sell now. I dare you.

HODL meme works while the bull market, not while bear market


my personal investment was 5k, l will go down with the ship

What are your holdings? I'm surprised your portfolio held pretty well during the crash.

Hold means 5 years not 5 months you worthless Veeky Forums entitled millennial piece of garbage

I don't get where the whole anti hold sentiment is coming from.

Try and trade, I guarantee you'll lose money more often than not.

maybe as a brainlet such as yourself

LMAO OP if your portfolio is worth $30 theres literally nothing you can do except hodl


Not OP but my graph is identical: 40% VEN, 15% XLM, 10% WTC, 10% JNT, 8% XRP, and the remainder split over REQ, ICX, MOD and ETH.

HODL works on coins with absolute long term value.

HODL does NOT work for coins at peak of altcoin hype that are 10-100x overvalued and with highly questionable long term value.

The former is how you stay in the game and become wealthy. The latter is how you slowly watch your stack crumble, as you keep clinging onto hope, while slowly drifting into despair.

neo 40%, btc, link, xmr, eth, req

Instead of HODLing try actively managing your portfolio.

I fell for the hodl meme when china banned crypto back last September and lost a ton. This bear market now has me sitting comfy.

Calm down Satan.
Also agree with you. Maybe 3 years is ok though.

>I sold at the bottom of the bear market because I didnt hodl
>it worked

Should I just kms?

Went from 110K to 20K.

I will kill myself tonight.

Probably for the best, you had a good run.

Nice portfolio bro ! add some skycoin there it's a good investment on the long term, just read about them.

why don't you faggots ever sell?
stop being greedy cunts.

Super similar to mine!

Doing pretty well against BTC too.

Kek do you just hold BTC and ETH?

Yes, with long term higlighted.
The reason why it worked in the past is the fact that people would have been off great if they just held during previous dips or ups.
But... I do think that at some point the ride ends.