Life is tragic

>10 year old eats snail as a dare
>paralyzed for life because snail has rare disease

>pregnant women walking home
>stabbed and paralyzed
>lost baby
>attacker never found

>gorgeous girl paralyzed in car accident

>girl gets pushed into pool by friend
>paralyzed and friend abandons her out of guilt

>athlete develops rare tissue disease
>loses leg

>school teacher developd rare face tumor
>tries to carry on her life
>kids mock her
>she kills herself

this happens hundreds of times a day. its all heartbreak after heartbreak. how can you possibly cope.

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Ffs with this morbid red pill shit. Fine I'll give you another red pill user. Millions of people also fall in love everyday, a new life is born everyday and this is probably the best time to be alive in the western world.

Stop being a faggot and enjoy the world. Make money, fuck women, be happy and make others happy.

Godspeed, user.
No shit it is. Lost both legs. Won 4 paralimpic golds after. And 4 wtcc races. If a cRipple made it you can as well.

What does this have to do with business or finance dipshit?

Chinese girl jacked me off with her feet today after I rubbed them down with coconut oil what do I have to complain about

The kid was a 19 y.o rugby playing brainlet who ate a snail as a dare. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

>I buy bitcoin
>Bitcoin goes down

buy chainlink, soon to be occupied with own problem, simply as that

>An user on Veeky Forums tries to make it
>fails and loses all of his shitcoins
Feels bad man

Fuck off to Reddit or some shit you weak beta cunt

i don't care, I have yuru camp

>load up 15 tabs
>pull down pants
>internet cuts out


This is the saddest story in this thread.

We are all chained to our links


You guys will like this story, found it on Veeky Forums. Try to read to at least page 11 where the story ends, and check out the dudes book. Some morbid shit right here boys. The story is 12 years old so there's some formatting issues, just work around them.

Thanks friend. I needed this.

>page 11
nah, thanks, i'm good

When would rather live? 1200s England where you’d die in the mud before you even hit adulthood? Yeah you listed some unlucky people, that’s life, sure it blows. But things get better every century because people don’t fucking cry about it, they make things better for themselves, their families, for society. Life’s not perfect but it’s less shit as time marches on, but there’s no guarantee that will hold so do your fucking part.

lol for every happy life, there are 10 miserable ones,

My sister was the slug guy's nurse for a year and a half

A chick in a court case i was involved in got her hair caught in a conveyor belt and it ripped her face off.

How do i cope? I smoke weed and take phenibut, and i try to not be such a little bitch about minor problems and realise its no big deal.

Oh yeah if you want some real suffering this chicks blog is something else this is fucking heartbreaking what she had to go through.

Or just commit suicide and skip the bullshit. We were all forced into this life, and we should have the right to leave.

Was I talking to you, faggot? Its a forum, it takes 10 minutes to read through the posts. Its just a fucked up story worth reading, about how your life can go from perfect to really fucked up in an instant.

Yeah user tell yourself this tragic shit when you're unhappy about your own stupid life. Now Think about this user how many loads have you shot into a sock? How many sperm in a load? Now calculate those odds and realize it's a fucking miracle that you even exist. Yeah I'm bummed I didn't make it with meme money too but try and be grateful for what you do have.

We're not just here to make money, we're here for winning. Conquering the hardship of the life is very related to the business.

legit lol'd at the school teacher

she deserved it, teachers are such pieces of shits

you die inside or alternatively become a hedonistic jaded pos
or just distract yourself with bread and circus and accept that it's not worth being stressed

>nothing happens to you
>you are still unhappy
you dont deserve to live you shit spreading cunt